National Geographic | Liquids in The Universe – Documentary HD 1080p

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  1. Vivek Hegde says:

    fuck you myntra.. i will never buy anything from you, n i suggest the same to all the people i know

  2. Mike A says:

    So they state that Jupiter has a lot of liquid metallic (radiating blue light), that liquid metallic hydrogen is very magnetic, (so Jupiter has a huge magnetosphere), that it's like liquid iron, then they said neutron stars have a liquid bath of neutrinos. Next then field a text-in Q, "how do we know da center of da earth is an molten iron core if we haven't seen it?" And the guy is like, we know because we infer from the magnetic field that it is an iron core. Period. I'd like to ask if they have tested 2 see if it is the other 2 that they mention or any number of other possibilities?

  3. ashwadhwani says:

    Go to hell Natge shills with your mind control entertainment to keep people in a trance and waste time with eye candy and mind control tone of speech. Take 2 hours to explain what takes 2 minutes so viewers have no time to research truth that matters to their lives right now

    And stomach churning stupid comments and body language set a new low in education

  4. JediBhuddist says:

    Everything you need to get to sleep…
    ..from Sheep to 30 minutes explaining what liquid is.
    A real Snooze-Fest.!

  5. DefianceGal says:

    people on this.. pretend "Neutron Star and Jupiter Theories" are the truth. As usual.

  6. Mad-Cyantist says:

    i'm going to be stupid and ask this, but you know in science they are no stupid questions. lol

    To my understanding, every planet that rotates on its axes has a iron core, like a micro sun burning in the center in turn keeping the planet warm, much like earth to my knowledge.

    If my assumption is true and Titan is more like a planet and less like a moon.

    Methane gas flows on its surface and perhaps atmosphere.

    Fire needs oxygen. Methane and fire don't mix.

    My question is. does Titan have a core burning in the middle, much like ours and if so, are they volcanoes?

    I'm sure you all gathered what i'm trying to figure out here, lol

  7. first schroedinger's cat… now fillipenko's sheeps … 5:08 I vote for more great pet-analogies in science!

  8. Okay, seven minutes in and you are still describing the difference between a "solid," a "liquid," and a "gas." If I wanted elementary school science, I'd go back like Billy Madison. >>> Next!

  9. God's creation is perfect

  10. Water boils in a vacuum. How can Europa be covered with water if the moon has no atmosphere and is in the vacuum of space?

  11. antonio16853 says:


  12. Bobby H says:

    So, if a brown dwarf is a super sized Jupiter, and just doesn't have enough mass to cause the heat required to become a star; how is the liquid hydrogen on Jupiter hotter than the sun?

  13. The narrator just said liquid is magic. Terrible. What's happened to American science documentaries.

  14. Sheep and bumper cars. Possibly the most inane thing I've seen from National Geographic.

  15. You are don't know about kosmos you all just fuckers with 15IQ

  16. Lol science or for people who believe the cow jumped over the moon smh

  17. Falcy Chead says:

    Whoosh shwoosh rawwr kapow boom pew pew pew.

  18. American documentaries are always noisy and fancy today. Well, they even got a noisy and fancy president now , too
    A nation in decline…

  19. Why NG documentaries always so primitive, like for kids and retarded persons only? At first, the big bang theory isn't a common theory in the scientific world, someone thinks that our Universe is always exist, and all processes in it too. One star is blow up and new born, that is all. And at second, actors or "scientists" little bit overplayed, so emotional and pompous about a simple things, where did they learn?

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