National Geographic | | How the Solar System was Made – Documentary HD 1080p

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22 Responses

  1. you guys are mentally sick… waste of time …

  2. deet0109 says:

    RIP Theia. You will be remembered.
    Also, what about Pluto?

  3. No, cause in order to keep all those gases in them, there needs to be dense mass centrally located.

  4. clint drake says:

    Neat video.

    So, who were 12 members of Ken Hamm's cult disliked this video?

  5. Kevin Potts says:

    I think you could possibly squeeze in a couple of more commercials if you tried, then you would have the perfect 50/50 mix of time being spent watching the show you pirated and bullshit advertising that no one wants to see.

  6. James Prince says:

    Solar Systems are formed in Galaxies, and as yet scientist are unable to determine how galaxies are formed, so how solar systems are formed is nothing more than a guess.

  7. Cody Colvin says:

    Some nice animations coupled with a bunch of weak conjecture. Things don't just fall into perfect orbits, they are placed there by intelligent life. God created this solar system, this planet, and everything that inhabits it.

  8. Jason Ford says:

    Every single example of "scientists" in this video is from, where else, California. The most liberal state in the country. Coincidence?

  9. Thank you for making us dream.
    Reality even grander than myths..

  10. Divine Sound says:

    evolution: rubbich!….. Put on Jesus and live

  11. do something about about the class

  12. alamaniac says:

    22 ignorant dumbass religious fucks disliked this.

  13. GUNJIT TV says:

    i dnt knw weather i hve invested my time or wasted my time :3 !

  14. BTS ARMY says:

    thank you for the information:)

  15. Ezan Khurram says:

    this is all power of allah

  16. Ezan Khurram says:

    this is all power of allah

  17. Lo que hay que hacer

  18. I WANT COTTON CANDY 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙃🙃🙃🙃

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