National Geographic | Extraterrestrial Technology – Documentary 1080p

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  1. Anonymouse says:

    I think these max speed figures are entirely made up.

  2. ZAX DC says:

    ufo is a hoax made up by americans!!!!

  3. 28:26 forward quote: "warp bubble" source: Ibid 28:26 forward

  4. The Iguana says:

    You know. Aliens could just have thousand year life spans

  5. st3v3nss says:

    yeah, i remember when i was younger driving by Edwards Air Force Base about two or three in the morning. there was a light behind us and then in about ten minutes it appeared next to us on the road. id say about a few hundred feet. i could see the white pulses as it passed us. a few seconds later it was over the mountain side horizon . absolutely silent. so, yes we do have the "ufo" technology. i bet its part of a conspiracy type aircraft testing. alien life? i dont think so….

  6. Jean d'Arc says:

    Just keep the spaceship stationary and move the universe instead!

  7. vh9network says:

    No such thing as big bang.

  8. Ricky Bravo says:

    I literally live right next to fermi lab like 2 miles away from it …

  9. Gary Gurniak says:

    U Found Out IT'S DEMONIC

  10. These people are fools , Firstly they want you to believe the science of Humans (Earth) is realevent ,haha what a joke. Extraterrestrials would have a completely different science to us Human, technology from alien perceptive wouldn't be anything like what we understand hence their ability to travel the cosmos.You cant compare what we know to what they know.

  11. Naturestan says:

    Its looking as though evolutionary pre humans (think eons earlier) maybe even more than 1 type, may have evolved to the point where they had space faring capabilities, and left. Now they have returned or are returning.
    Perhaps this is why there are not any tools whether they be hand tools or machines, left for us to understand how all the fantastic stone and rock work in the world was accomplished…what was left behind disentagrated into the earth or was picked up, shuttled to another locatiion that has been reclaimed by the seas and whatnot.

  12. I believe in aliens but i do not believe the government is hiding anything because hiding it would not only be 100% impossible in every way bu, it would be a huge waste of money and time to hide something that doe snot need to be hide.

  13. once an UFO landed on my roof… the pilot was a she and she's my Wife now :)

  14. I laugh at all these so called experts who say that there could never be anyone out there that could travel between the stars. Basically these twits don't want to accept that maybe, just mabye there might be something out there that could be just a little smarter than us!!!!!. I can't prove it, But then again…….they can't disprove it. Yep,There could be nothing out there among the billions of galaxies……Why,Because WE say so. How stupid and vain is that.

  15. if they can travel to earth they definitely have all this technology

  16. Mark G says:

    I don't know what to do with my hands!

  17. overmind06 says:

    5:26 i spotted something

  18. Fuck you, and fuck your ad spamming

  19. What if instead of the crafts being manned by extraterrestrial, they are drones? No person.. What if they are like probes? I'm sure others thought this. Like our rovers o Mars.

  20. Wow. The thumbnail shows the Juggernaut from Prometheus, and didn't see it once during this. That's what you call false advertising.

  21. ₳M€RICO says:

    LOL change the f*cking name to all your videos! history channel, not natgeo :)

  22. Kay Bachman says:

    Since being taken over by Rupert Murdoch in 2015, National Geographic IS NO LONGER a TRUST-ABLE BRAND. This is the worst kind of hyped up pseudo-sciency crap to feed viewers a steady diet of sensationalized, fear-inducing fictions. Question everything, seek out verified sources. Don't fall for the Murdoch brand of dystruth.


  24. clearly there is inteligent life advance life in the universe so why are they silent they dont reguard use as life or of any pointed value or they fear something very dangerous amongst us 😱😲😨

  25. mark ploop says:

    sprite makes that food hotter

  26. so many one sided comparisons, so many ignorance about theoretical possibilities. please help a foreigner: what was the opposite of science fiction again?

  27. Bion Dave says:

    Do you ever see aliens refueling their aircraft??? LMAO

  28. Well done youtube, every 5 min you have an ad interrupting this video. Really? Really? Let me tell you what would be more reasonable: have 1 (ONE) ad per video. That would be enough no? Probably not by your standards. I guess your algorithm goes something like this: increase ad frequency (and hence video interruptions) based on video length, number of views and subscribers to channel. Pain in the a**!!

  29. ishac niz says:

    in the begning there was darkness? where the darkness come from ? how did the bang happend what caused that bang to happen?

  30. It is funny 16:59 min video the Earth – continents mirrored :)

  31. VeNuS2910 says:

    why do they talk about the Hiroshima bomb explosion as if it was just another school experiment? thousands of innocent people died there. if they have a little decency in their bones, they wont even bring up that incident again and again and again.

  32. bns413 says:

    That science chick 6:11 is hot, just saying.

  33. antonw194200 says:

    This is not a documentary, "some people believe" is the defining sentence in this film. No serious sicentist would agree to take part in this. It's just 40 minutes of random people guessing what might be if this and that. The only thing to take away from this is that there are an alarming amount of people working in robotics that don't seem to realize how much of a bad idea it is to create Machines that can Think for themselves.

  34. Aryan Altair says:

    I have a question about this documentary… IF this is really a National Geographic documentary, where is the logo that is present on the screen, specifically bottom left of the screen? ( Looks like a yellow rectangle).

  35. It would be cool if ALL countries signed a peace treaty for 10-20 years and use the money normally used for weaponry be used to build a experimental Orion drive unmanned space ship.If we put all our resources together including the smartest scientific minds from around the world. we could achieve space travel.

  36. Kevin Nania says:

    Go at the speed of light.
    Not go at the impact of explosions.

  37. Hoopie Frond says:

    Perhaps UFOs are unmanned drones. No squished organs.

  38. In a way our smartphones are already smarter than a human being as its connected to the internet which contains way more information than any human brain can hold.

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