MONSTERS & MYSTERIES: Paranormal Creatures / Flying Beasts / Werewolf / UFO’s…(Full Documentary)

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  1. These old stories have all been covered so much in the past that they have become almost legendary – nothing new here.

  2. Oh cummon that dog was probably scared of the storm or actually set on fire, stupid people. And I think shapeshifters are people in costume. Also thanks to hunters a lot of animals learn to walk upright such as dogs and bears,so. Also with destroying their habitat and spreading disease I'm not surprised they can look scaled or be bald,especially those who've been mutilated abused and abandoned by cruel owners . Silly people please open your eyes. I'm not saying all encounters are fake BUT most of them ARE lol . There are Even goat leg prosthetics you can use ect,and to stupid drunken hunters or uneducated people,they really believe they seen a monster.

  3. Duty James says:

    sasquatch is a sheep shagger 4 real

  4. Kim Mat says:

    I'm in Michigan. I always knew there was something wrong with this state besides Detroit and the water in Flint, and the legal system in Livingston County. Beware…. Michigan sucks, Insurance rates are the 3rd highest… It's scary here! Where are Sam and Dean!!!???

  5. R Lovell says:

    Why are they showing a gorilla when talking about the Fouke monster? And what do lions have to do with anything?

  6. These ARE DEMONS!!!! WHEN JESUS COMES IN THE RAPTURE TO GET HIS BRIDE, and I'm NOT talking about PPL that just said sinners prayer JOHN 3:16!!! BC ITS is. A LIE … ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED!!! If u keep
    Reading after that scripture it says to be HOLY AND TO GO AND SIN NO
    MORE!!! Same thing JESUS told everyone HE healed!! " YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN, NOW GO AND SIN NO MORE"!!!! We are human and are sinners that's why we need to pray EVERYDAY and ask FATHER FOR STRENGTH TO B HOLY AND NOT TO SIN!! We have got to have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS…. meaning we have to SPEND PERSONAL TIME WITH HIM so
    We KNOW HIM!! NOT KNOW OF HIM!!! That we hear HIS VOICE and we praise HIM and spend time with HIM like our best friend!! Pray pray pray for mercy on ur soul that JESUS AND FATHER WILL HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS and will write our names in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!!! There ARE CHRISTIANS IN HELL!! BC THEY kept unforgivness in their hearts !! IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS IF WE DONT FORGIVE OUR BROTHER then how can we expect GOD TO FORGIVE US??!! HE WONT!! ALL THESE CREATURES ARE REAL!!! And when JESUS COMES TO GET HIS WISE VIRGINS, NOT THE LUKEWARM CHURCH/ PPL one foot in world and one foot trying to live for GOD JESUS SAID HE WILL SPEW US OUT OF HIS MOUTH AND IT WOULD OF BEEN BETTER IF WE HAD NEVER KNOWN HIM BC WE WILL END UP IN HELL AND WILL B TORTURED WORSE THEN THEN THE PPL THAT NEVER KNEW HIM!! CERN is opening more and MORE GATEWAYS FOR DEMONS TO COME THRU TO THE EARTH!!! Satan knows his time is short that is why we are seeing so much more evil ramp up in the world!!! PPL and I myself have heard the SHOFARS/ TRUMPETS BLOWING IN THE SKY !! GOD IS TRYING TO WARN US TO GET OUR LIVES RIGHT BC HIS SON JESUS WILLLL B BREAKING THAT SKY TO GET HIS BRIDE. !! These creatures are scary but when JESUS COMES AND REMOVES THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM THIS EARTH ITS GOING TO B SOOOOOO SCARYBAND SOOOOOMBAD THAT IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE MENS HEARTS WILL STOP FROM FEAR!!! These r demons!!! When JESUS COMES and removes HIS BRIDE these horrible creatures AND WORSE WILL B RUNNING RAPID TORTURING PPL!! Yet we will b unable to die!! Only way is NOT TAKING THE RFID CHIP ( Mark of beast 666) and having our heads cut off by NOT DENYING JESUS!! They will NOT MAKE IT EASY . They will beat us, rape us , beat the hell out of us our children ANYTHING and everything to get us to take satans mark!! They know they have ALREADY BEEN JUDGED and will never ever go to heaven again!! That's why they hate us sooo much cuz JESUS SHED HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD BY BEING BEATEN SOOO BADLY HIS BONES LITERALLY SHOWED THRU THE SKIN RIPPED AND TORN FROM HIS BODY!!! Aliens r demons and WILL COME TO THIS EARTH pretending to b friendly and WILL ENC UP EATING US!!! THERE R PPL WALKING THE STREETS THAT ARE NOT HUMANS BUT DEMONS WITH HUMAN BODIEs!! Once JESUS LEAVES WITH HIS BRIDE AND THERE R SOOOOOO FEW THAT R GOING CUZ PPL THINK CUZ THEY GO TO CHURCH SAID SINNERS PRAYER THAT BOUGHT THEM A TICKET TO HEAVEN!!! NOTTTTTTT TRUE!!! Children of age that know right from wrong THAT aren't living for our heavenly FATHER WILL ALSO B LEFT BEHIND!! Ppl that are really demons will instantly turn into zombies and werewolves craving meat!!! They will Be sting humans alive and we won't be able to get away from them… it is sooooo soooooo AWFUL , WICKED, EVIL !! SO EVIL THAT ITS INDESCRIBABLE!!! I am terrified . Look on utube, for STILL SMALL VOICE, Susan Waldrop and just maybe ur eyes will b open to what's coming. ELVI ZAPATA, JACKIE PRICE, AND ANGELICA ZAMBRADO ( think tats how u spell it ) think she has four hideous. Found her in 2012. Unless u speak Spanish LOOK for the English interpretation . Also pull up MARY BAXTER. JESUS CAME TO HER AND TO WARN US THAT HELL EXISR AND NOBODY, NOBODY IS PARTYING IN HELL!! HE SHOWED HER AND ANGELICA CUZ HE SAID HIS CHILDREN ARENT READY AND THEY LAUGH AND SCOFF ABOUT JESUS EXISTING AND HELL AND Satan!!! It iS REAL AND IF U END UP THERE ITS FOR ETERNITY AND ALL OUR SENSES ARE INTENSIFIED!! Ur thirsty, tired, hungry but there is none!! Please please get right with GOD ask for forgiveness of ur sins and ask JESUS INTO UR HEART AND TO HELP U TO B READY WHEN HE COMES LIKE A THEIF IN THE NIGHT TO GET HIS BRIDE AND LEAVE EVERYONE THATS NOT READING THERE BIBLE , praising him a building a friendship with HIM!!
    Ppl have been seeing what they refer to as lizard men with scales , tail walking upright on two feet with face and teeth but wickeder in Canada!! Plz plz this is noooo joke it's sooooo. SCARY!! Pray pray pray REPENT REPENT nonstop ask JESUS IN UR LIFE WHILE U STILL HAVE BREATH AND ARE WALKING ON THIS EARTH!! WE NEVER know when r last day will b , or when JESUS WILL CRACK THAT SKY . Then IT WILL B TOOOOO LATD TO REPENT!! The DOOR OF THE ARK ( JESUS) is closing!!!

  7. oh shit, I'm IN south Carolina! MUM GET THE CAMERA IM GOING OUT!

  8. okay, OBVIOUSLY the lizard man is an argonion. no need to make a big fuss about it. (rolls eyes)

  9. Since spring this year, i have been seeing dragons serpents demons angels every day. I have documented alot of wierd sightings, and i have come to this conclusion, that aliens are already here, Anunnaki and shapeshifting serpent-goods or what to call em, are 100% dominating our sky, and if you would like to see them yourself, just look to the "clouds" when the "contrail" planes have done there work painting the sky. The particles they spray stick to the cryptides and make these amazing energetic creatures from world wide history visable. :)

  10. how did i get here from a hillary clenton vs donald trump video?

  11. With all the experiments the scientists are doing, nothing surprises me anymore.

  12. colly beans says:

    man leave ugly people alone. im sure they feel bad enough already.

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