Middle East Documentary 2015 _ Mind Blow Manipulative & Betrayals History 720 HD

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  2. hbk711x says:

    :45 british empire makes conflicting promises to Arabs and Jews. britian russia and france try to steal Ottomon land. Britain scattered promises duplicitly for their own benefit. Britain wanted to use deals for there interest and use M. East, Suez Canal as a flank over india by king edward 8 and be only european power their. Britain annexed Egypt in 1882.. They wanted imperial forces as Ottomons had deals with Germany who has dealings with austrai hungary as teh central powers in 1914.  Germany was halted by France and Britain in teh westa dn russia in teh east and the warlasting longer then many monthas as aniticpated. Britain PM Astawith with foerign secretary Gray, Minister of War Kitchen, admiralty Churchill they tried to undermin or attack the underbelly of the Axis indirectly, diplomatically against Turkey. Russia wanted constantinipole and access to the mediteranean but UK and France don't want them to have that. Britain, Russia and France try to bribe to ITaly with territory. Italy decalred war and beetrayed central powers and joins war in 1915. Britiain wanted subversion and wanted to use nationalism to destroy it from the inside. The young turks took power in a cou wanted to impose their langauge and culture on some Arabs adn this only reawakened an interest in their own heritage.
    10:00 Thousand ywars agao arabs conencted eastern adn western ideas and spread it over Africa Europe and Asia. So called Arab nationalism was teh breakthrough UK wanted and Sharif Hussein wanted to custodial over holy lands and was a hashemite tribe of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, and undermined Ottomons Sultan Muhammad V. sharif Hussein in july 1915 messaged commision in Cairo to Henry and will raise an Arab force against Ottomons in british support in independance but the deal was very ambiguous and wanted econonmic development for the new arab independance. Hussein with there sons Faisal and Abduallah made a army, british wanted to betray them, talking to French about splitting M. EAst. and wanted to give France some land was important. They wanted financial advisor in and control in syria for French and UK wanted Iraq and OIL and Palistine was soppose to be international except for haifer. they had an imperial mindset. in June 1916 the Arab revolt had begun and pushed Ottomons up the hijaz railway and a diversion, Allanbe from Egypt took control of Suez Canal and Levant. They also wanted oil. Arabs consiered themselves to be Allies but not part of their Army. Allanbe reaches Palistine.
    20:00 War in europe was still not going well for brtitain, new PM lord George wanted American support through international jewery banking. Zionism headquarters are in Berlin, it was started by theordor herztle. they werent happy with eastern europe treatment and wanted to colonize teh scriptural promise land Palistine and not be a minority as they were. In 1914 jews were only 8 percent. Zionist leader von heitzman has been lobbying judeo nazi immigration in face of Ottomon defeat. Loyd George thought zionism was influential and should be used. Woodrow wilson is not ready to send troops, the allies on west are being fought off and russia is on teh verge of collapse. Czar was ended, British and French on their own knew w/o US they would lose. Britain got intelligence that jews were invovled in bolshvism/communism which is emerging in Russia. Loyd George though They would take Russia out of wars and then made Balfour declaration written by his writer Balfour to promise a nationoal Jewish home in Palistine and issued in 1917 when british forces occupied Palistine, this was all under british imperialism self interest. only time europe backed Zionism. Hussein would be mad as Arab wanted their own independance and was their deal, Balfour declaration said nothing shall be done to existing civil and religious non jewish presence in Palistine. this is refering to makind Palistine under jewish reference even though there were 700,000 Arabs and only 80.000 jews.
    30:00 Declaration isnt a treaty but a making, the only treaty was with France. bolsheviks took power in russia. Many were anti zionists and thought it was a ploy. They pulled out of the war adn published the secret treaties of the middle east. its an embarassment as Britian said they were democratic and that they were backstabbers ith many secret deals. Arab world became very suspicious, reminds you of 9-11 inside job PNAC, so this was a betrayal. allanbe went to jerusalem and calimed to capture it but the Arab revolt is nowhere to be seen, british again tried to make another promise for independance. Hon veitzman wanted to build a hebrew university and with r rabbi looke dliek it would honor the balfour declaration. Allanbe then entered Damascus. Arab revolt did Aid to victory of Allies. It kept teh central allies busy and stopped teh flanking and only with blessing of Arab force was teh British able to creat a colony. Faisal wanted to rule over syria but Britain gave it over to France, so they wanted to pay him off. Hussein still built a base for independant arab state in Syria. later that month war ended. Peace treaty of Versaile began in january 1919. British had to work out all their contradictory promises with the other Allies. Woodrow Wilson beleived in self determination and was in conflict.
    40:00 Wilson th idiot forgot about self determination in the M. EAst adnd French wanted Damascus. the 4 other victor supported zionist teroroism good or bad right or wrong, so they were racist in their traditions and said it was more importatn than the 700,000 ppl in Palistine. Balfour said : SO FAR AS PASLITINE IS CONCERNED THE POWERS HAVE MADE NO DECLARATION IN POLICY AT LEAST IN LETTER THEY HAVE NOT ALWAYS INTENDED TO VIOLATE. Creation league of nations first global so called league for anglo saxons, they wanted teh defeated ottomon empire and gave it mandates and britain and france said they had right to rule over Arab territories. in Beirut 11/21/19 Picco of teh sax pico agreement and gurro and started french Mandate. Britain handed over power to french after the arabs fought the ottomons. Faisal who has been governor for 16 months and general gurro sent troops and Faisal had been deposed and fled to Palistine. Independant Arab state is a memory for the europeans. the independance and unity was also denied through british and french partition. French made Lebanon and Syria, then was also Transjordan and Palistine and in the east Ottomon lost oil fields and became mandate for Iraq and get oil. British ruel tried to give FAisal kingship of Iraq to ease tentions. hussein stil wanted independance. Abduallah, son of Hussein became king of Jordan. and Saood swept the Hashemites out of Hijaz and conquered whole of Arabian Peninsula. Administration in Jerusalm in 1920, no delving in power, jews and christiant were a minority to Muslims, and balfour opened up teh land to jewish immigration invasion. Zionist nazism and von heizman was a evil advocacy in motion and financed land purchases and political and amred forced and settlements were made. Palistin didn want there country divided to another evils who had nothing to do with middle east but europes, so its absurd they give up there land to a minority. Balfour toured settlement and had backlash. Britain set up the evil for the zionist occupation with land stealing and armed forces and then after ww2 forced more immigration invasion lead to more conflicts. So ww1 plans led to Arab and jewish nationalism and double dealing created this conflict. Was this due to Kawarij?

  3. Keda_P says:

    Palestine was never promised to the Arabs. In fact, all the articles of the Mandate clearly show it. In  fact, there was an agreement between Arabs and Jews on that matter. It is called "Weissmann – Faisal" agreement. So quit bullshitting.

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  6. I don't mind the interruptions, I just dislike the timing of them, because frequently, part of the program is missed at critical times when a spoken sentence of vital importance is only halfway said.

  7. Arab intellectuals ? is this a joke ? it was persians who made the islamic world thrive not the arabs lol

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  12. Arabs are also thinking that they are superior to others, and others doesn't have have a soul, especially in case of Indians.

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    The whole Picture is so clear all those armed groups are been used by the international spy agencies in Middle east . Main game is to put SECRATARIAN VIOLENCE between Sunni and shia dominated countries,and to add fire to the burning middle east Turkish and Kurdish war added to the region. Who profits from this of course Israel.The only country in mid east with no war.

  16. I love how you turned the volume right up and made me stop watching your shit..

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