Medieval Torture Devices

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  1. mike smith says:

    Gas chamber is also wild

  2. white people are scum

  3. at 21 min into this video when they killed an elephant ,,that was deeply disturbing ,,

  4. SpacemanMoto says:

    Lethal injection is very expensive. Firing squad is much cheaper and instant death

  5. Ryno says:

    0:000:40, song of elune from world of warcraft. copyright? 😅

  6. Absurd to say Texas was the execution capital of the world, ever. Communist China admits to executing 2,000 – 3000 each year , but this is believed to be vastly unseating the actual number. As recently as 10 years ago, 10,000 – 15,000 were executed each year, many for 'offences' as minor as "corruption" and "vagrancy". Of course, during Mao's reign, tens of millions were executed and scores of millions more starved to death during The Great Leap Forward and The Cultural Revolution.

  7. satyagraha a says:

    Humans are without a doubt, the worst kind of evil parasite. Not only to each other, but to the entire natural world.

  8. If execution were a deterrent to crime, Texas would be a crime free state. How long are you barbaric Texans going to continue the practice of execution?

  9. mcpeake69 says:

    Torture Documentaries 2016 Medieval Torture Devices HISTORY CHANNEL
    This is NOT what this video dealth with!

  10. Lynn Mason says:

    Love the intro music

  11. Kyle Kingma says:

    Truthfully I would rather be given a hott shot of (morphine) & OD than any of the ways practice today wouldn't feel anything at least

  12. hell0hkitty says:

    'poor ole del…'

  13. Ben Fried says:

    This is not about torture devices.
    IF the US is going to continue with capital punishment, they should make it cheap. The amount paid for drugs for lethal injection is ridiculous. Why not go back to hanging?
    Better, and cheaper still, a single .38 shot to the base of the skull would likely be more humane than injections. The US and state governments certainly have their heads up their asses. The taxpayer always pays the price for their idiocy.

  14. Miss Vee says:

    I am craving dumplings…anyone else?

  15. Anyone else get pissed off when they killed the poor elephant. Seriously I hate people! Wtf did the poor elephant do? Poor innocent creature!

  16. Why don't we use these today?

  17. NitroLPR9 says:

    misleading title, I came to see the rack. this is about executions, not torture.

  18. Huong Nguyen says:

    In my point of view, the Guillotine and lethal injection methods are quick, easy and is the utmost least pain and suffer than all else is the Guillotine; for lethal injection method way too nice, like putting a convicted murderer to sleep again like he, or she is going to bed in three steps procedure;  I would wanted to recommend the federal government to use  both methods, and procedures for execution the vicious, brutal, and cruel cold-hearted murderers in fifty States, and the condemned murderers can chose which method and procedure to pay for his/her heinous crime committed on their innocence victim/victims; For me, that George Westinghouse, he is an idiot "They could have done a better job with an axe" , it's common sense, you don't have to be an expert or an executioner to know that, because execution with an axe is painful, because the executioner tends to miss, and it is not always smooth as plan, or as practice, no mater how much practice the executioners have with the axe and the sword, thing could go wrong, and he would have missed, "According to Henry the VIII, wife", that the axe will precisely decapitate with exactly one blow to the neck, I believe the axe did not and cannot precisely and instantly decapitated and end the condemned life as fast as the Guillotine, and it goes the same thing with sword; again for me both methods axe and sword are cruel and painful trying to chop and cut the convict head while he, or she is still alive and suffering ; while the Guillotine is the best of all methods and procedures; Guillotine is quick and fast, and over before the condemned killer even feels it, and I personally believe that, and next is lethal injection methods;  The Americans public and of course the Americans media are a bunch of pathetic hypocrite full of deceptions bout the execution of the vicious condemned murderers; those scum of society chose to take innocence victim lives, the State(s) takes his, or her, after the condemned killers were convicted for gruesome murder in the courts, and was sentence to death is just, it called justice; have respect for the innocence victims, and that is the least you can do for the innocence victims, and its families; Again, in my point of view, the two best methods and procedures are the Guillotine and the lethal injection are quick, nice and easy, it should applies to all fifty States, and around the world simply because those methods of execution the condemned murderers are humane execution and acceptable for all vicious murderersTherefore, in my conscious mind, I believe the French Guillotine method and procedure is a quickest, fastest, and it would be over long before the condemned murderer even feels it, he gone; and the American lethal injection is like, when you have blood tests, the phlebotomist use hypodermic needle and syringes, and when you have injection, the nurse uses syringe and hypodermic needle to insert in your vein, or when you have an (iv) intravenous going into your vein; all of this medical works involve needles, syringes and hypodermic-needle, for hypodermic injections; therefore, lethal injections of three drugs is cool and way, too nice and easy way to go, because the actor is in a room, like hospital room, or in a clinic room to get injections, if you likeThere you go, the medical doctor are a bunch of pathetic hypocrite, and many of them are full of shit "The Hippocratic oaths doctors sometimes needed to pronounce the inmate dead" , boloney according to records patients in hospital and in clinic get wrong diagnose and get kill by medical doctor(s), while under their care, it calls malpractice due to guess work, if you will, because many of them think that they're "God", and they never wrong, or make mistake, you watch television and read the news, you will see it, and hear it on the news…

  19. World of Warcraft music? Really?

  20. Mark Newman says:

    Seriously? A 48 second shitty intro and then the program is not even the one advertised! What a wanker.

  21. John Coffy says:

    Content is completely different from what title states, also every time when I see advert of subscribing it only pushes me from such idea even further.

  22. Lon W. says:

    6000 -7000 death penalties in China each year. Who knows how many in Iran, PDRK, Sa'udi. Huntsville? pfft.

  23. Dr. Kraddick says:

    Man I love torture! Long drop hanging is the best if you want to kill. But holding someone captive, keeping them alive for your needs means better torture techniques!

  24. The real origination  of old sparky used down at the old Kingston Ontario Canada prison ! nice to know eh !

  25. D90Girl says:

    What this is really about is the introduction of the beloved Guillotine.. ( mark my word, this is coming ) ….it's swift and your " Organs " can then be harvested and sold to the highest bidder ! THATS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT ………..⚠️⚠️⚠️ $$$$$$$$⚠️⚠️⚠️ you can't harvest organs after a LETHAL INJECTION ……but you damn sure can go shopping after just beheading someone ! MARK MY WORD

  26. Bush should be put on this''spike chair'',to say what happened with the American towers,what the fk did Sadam in Irak ,or Kandafi in Lybia had to do with this event.(even Bin Landen didn't knew about this attack)!And Obama and Clinton should be tortured,for all those people been tortured and decapitated,by their''peasefull Syrian Oposition''-ISIS….
    (sorry for the copy paste)-but most torture today are been made by NATO and their''bosses''…Lets dont hide behind our fingers no more….

  27. DwightMS1 says:

    I asked a doctor a morbid question, what he thought would be the most painless way to commit suicide. After thinking about it a moment, he said "an overdose of insulin." He said all that happens is that you fall asleep and don't wake up.

  28. Somewhat of an inaccurate and misleading title, but a very informative/intriguing video nonetheless💁👌👏👏

  29. Beitta Yoldi says:

    this documentary is PURE SHIT. it says torture devices of Middle Ages and, AGAIN, Americans just talk about America and just a few other places but very superfically. Change the title and stop disappointing people

  30. Poppy Farmer says:

    The US is a country run by childbrains. The title of this documentary should be execution from a US point of view or something similar. A country should strive after punishment and security, not revenge or hate. Stop with your disgusting death penalty, its a disgrace.

  31. ladybug Vue says:

    dang I don't believe in all those methods of execution, I can't imagine one of those things and putting a human being to death.
    that's why you should not be coming a criminal those method is scary enough to go straight

  32. ladybug Vue says:

    those method should scared criminals enough to go straight people, scary alright gee

  33. James Kelly says:

    This documentary is propogating the zion lie that nazis used gas to murder. Holohoax propaganda.

  34. the very act of murder destroys our humanity that's why they want it to be as humane as possible. because we become the same once we kill.

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