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21 Responses

  1. If this doesn't make your blood boil, Democrat or Republican, there's something wrong with you. For one person to have amassed this much power in service to themselves is criminal. In Illinois, the system is truly "rigged" to keep those at the top in power. Meanwhile the average Joe suffers immensely and the population of Illinois dwindles.

  2. Time to take him OUT of office, he has made himself the King of Illinois, and much of that money goes into his pocket to be given to those company's, large city's, and those that help him hide the real Cash Stash. This is WHY the state of Illinois is broke, as he makes sure the money goes where he wants it. 2 TERMS and OUT, this will in many ways stop this BS of helping only those that support these political Clowns.

  3. bdreed85 says:

    Illinois will only move forward when madigan is gone. There will be no compromise until he is.

  4. bigdogrgr says:

    the bottom line is he is the speaker until he dies. you can't do anything about it. nothing. period.

    if you don't like it leave the state. otherwise just shut up and pay.

  5. Thank you Illinois Policy Institute for funding, helping cultivate, and posting this documentary. While I dislike how your organization can come off as partisan (Republican) and, with it, anti-tax, anti-regulation, and anti-union; This Democrat agrees that Speaker Michael Madigan has too much power – which is hamstringing our state's democracy.

    I know this, as I interned on his staff in 2010.

  6. cdw070 says:

    The next time someone complains about Rauner and his money ask them:

    1. What is the Democrat/Union plan to make stop companies from leaving Illinois to more business friendly states?

    2. What is the Democrat/Union plan to reduce our property taxes which are highest in the country?

    3. What is the Democrat/Union plans to drastically reduce the number of units of local government (almost 7,000 which is about 2,000 than the 2nd highest state)

  7. That is why we need term limits on these crooked politicians. The Illinois voters have done nothing about these politicians and have keep them in office. Nothing will change in this broken down state. Best thing to do is leave this f—- up state. have plans to just do that after living here for 65 years.

  8. This dude has been in power so long and what the fuck has he done this whole time?? Illinois got fucked up on his watch! He needs to go!

  9. rome kuch says:

    How in Gods name can Illinois be so stupid to let this go on his corruption is so wide open NO WAY CAN THIS ASSHOLE KEEP GOING LETS STOP THIS BASTARD NOW

  10. Ken Gage says:

    Like Republicans are above "patronage hiring"! Ha! Welcome to Trump's America!

    Who wants to waste an hour watching this propaganda from a 501(c)3 that was funded to a tune of over half a million dollars by Bruce Rauner personally??? I'm sure it paints Rauner's enemies unfavorably (as intended) and regurgitates the usual Libertarian and conservaNazi bull that capitalists are wise benevolent overlords and that government can't do anything right and only "free" market solutions can solve problems.

    A state or country run for the interests of gazillionaires like Rauner and Trump is a sure fire ticket to abuses of power and tilting the playfield even further in favor to the rich.

  11. Highlander says:

    Madigan is Illlinois' rusty, corrupt anchor that's been dragging in the economic sand for 30 years. He's what's made that state the laughing stock of the US, exacerbated the entrenched corruption and left Chicago debt-ridden, crime-riddled and suffering from a mass exodus of population. World class asshole.

  12. Bob Feyrer says:

    (a) The enacting clause of the laws of this State shall
    be: "Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
    represented in the General Assembly."
    (b) The General Assembly shall enact laws only by bill.
    Bills may originate in either house, but may be amended or
    rejected by the other.
    (c) No bill shall become a law without the concurrence
    of a majority of the members elected to each house. Final
    passage of a bill shall be by record vote. In the Senate at
    the request of two members, and in the House at the request
    of five members, a record vote may be taken on any other
    occasion. A record vote is a vote by yeas and nays entered on
    the journal.
    (d) A bill shall be read by title on three different
    days in each house. A bill and each amendment thereto shall
    be reproduced and placed on the desk of each member before
    final passage.
    Bills, except bills for appropriations and for the
    codification, revision or rearrangement of laws, shall be
    confined to one subject. Appropriation bills shall be limited
    to the subject of appropriations.
    A bill expressly amending a law shall set forth
    completely the sections amended.
    The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the
    President of the Senate shall sign each bill that passes both
    houses to certify that the procedural requirements for
    passage have been met.
    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

  13. Bob Feyrer says:

    Lisa Madigan would Never make a good Governor…God Forbid…she's married to CORRUPTION

  14. Bob Feyrer says:

    Jason Gonzales did pretty good with 27 % of the vote in his District…he should take another shot at it in the 2018 Election Cycle…give this guy some credit…with NOTHING to hide from his criminal past…he's got the BALLS to stand up against the CORRUPT Madigan Machine…that has got to count for something …Go Jason Gonzalez for State Representative in 2018!!!

  15. The Prowlers says:

    The most outrageous part is Madigan's property tax scam at 32:30.  Madigan's crony Joseph Berrios is the Cook County Assessor.  Berrios drastically over-assesses the properties of Madigan's clients (the highest priced properties in the city, such as the Hancock building).  Madigan's law firm makes million$ by representing these high-priced properties in property tax appeals.  This is a disgraceful, corrupt conflict of interest and taxpayers need to be informed about this.

  16. Larry Peiser says:

    It's unfortunate, but basically Rauner has no chance of getting anything done. However, he may perhaps slow down the bleeding a tiny bit.

  17. I say it is time to shut Madigan Down. Illinois need to evolve.

  18. Lisa Madigan, if your people are reading this comment, I like tha end of this video where they talk about voting tampering. When that video of your thugs come out and that 911 tape comes out, your in deep shit lady!