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  1. if Politicians and rich people believed in Karma things would be a lot different

  2. Well I didn't use to believe in Reincarnation either, however after 37 yrs of studying metaphysics. I would like to share my favourite Documentary. Google search for
    1981 Documentary film about 4 Australian Women who were hypnotized by Peter Ramster, Priest's, and others, there is no way these 4 Australian Women could have known about any of this info, that is only privy to Historians, that go back 300 yrs before. Not one of these women thought, nor believed in Reincarnation prior to their regression. It says that it is banned but it's not, you will see 1_11 videos clips each one is a compilation of the entire Documentary film by Peter Ramster, it really blew my mind l!Also read Dr Brian Weiss books called Many Lives Many Master's and 6 other's, his 1st being Many Lives Many Master's, his last is about miracles, and people who remember their own past lives. Nor did I know that Reincarnation was removed from the Holy Bible, by Alexander, and Helena, Jerome, and many other people, this was a period in which Christianity was a rapidly growing movement, and they removed it because they thought it would weaken the power of the Church, and peoples sins would be to easily forgiven. >Dr Eben Alexander's books called Proof of Heaven, and Map of Heaven, also led him to Reincarnation and the Monroe Institute, and creating Sacred Acoustics. You'll understand how wonderful this Documentary film is, there is no way these 4 women could have ever been incredibly accurate, and this was long before Internet, it still blows my mind, as does Dr Brian Weiss book, Many Lives Many Master's, and ended up changing the entire world 🌍!

  3. paul hayward says:

    Regression is rubbish…I've tried this it really is baloney.

  4. nicemutant says:

    hmmm brought Spock in eh? I'll watch. ;)

  5. Interesting to view footage ….the begins of a new era …..we think diffrently ….we're open to wider possibilites …. too bad the Young's were not interviewd further to help us understand the root cause, how all parties collaborate to create cause and effect in order to heal. Dr. Helen Wambach book is a in depth read … group hypnosis, types of food compared to archeology and historian records ….wow I was not expecting Hans Holzer to appear in this doc …very cool! Indeed.

  6. PS López says:

    ► ‪LIFE AFTER DEATH | Past Lives and Reincarnation | PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARY ~Pub Aug 16, 2015
    ~via Kelly Wheat
    ► ‪ #‎Connect‬@Peta_de_Aztlan:

  7. My Space says:

    The soul does not die, it just leaves the body. The soul continues to reincarnate itself in a new physical body in each life, till the purification process is complete to enter eternal life. This is what Jesus meant when he said you have to be like children to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

  8. Could the twins case be a case of genetic memories?

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