Latest Discovery of Microscopic Universe Full Documentary 2016 HD 720p

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8 Responses

  1. 12NV16…This is why it so important to DATE THE TIME OF the video production. This was done before the accelerator at CERN.

  2. John Gregory says:

    I was thinking the same thing after reading the title… lol this is like 7-10 years old… Latest my ass.

  3. Everything you see here in earth can see outside the universe

  4. KC SNOTREAL says:

    this is like 10 years old???

  5. coecovideo says:

    O L D V I D E O

  6. onenotused says:

    why do they explain things as if their audience is 3 years old ?

  7. Jiangang Qi says:

    ultimate universe law, relativity assigns meaning to existence.

  8. Joe Chang says:

    The speed of light, gravity and electrostatic force are the same.

    Why? accident?

    Gravity is induced electrostatic force between neutral charged matters. Simple as that.

    Light is vibrating electrostatic force produced by vibrating atoms.