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  1. Slxs says:

    thank god a upload from you!

  2. 2:01 lol, he sounds so pissed, as if he lost everything and it became personal.

  3. Kieron Bevan says:

    I'd rather be a live commie than a dead hero

  4. zeqing zhao says:

    This is a war between Chinese and American basically. The best two army in the world. Both south and North Korean are useless.

  5. Roberto S says:

    imagine if north won the wars…all south korean will be like the north today

  6. gr eightaa says:

    49.18 And americans are so fucking stupid they can not regard the irony in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and a bunch of fucks with guns present arms, what fuckwits, and whats worse, oh that's right, they are, still fucking killing 66 years later and still at it. Give me the money fucking dumb yank and i'l create some happiness with it.

  7. Rajul Saxena says:

    Thanks for upload ,

  8. 수수옥 says:


  9. 46:57 I just seen a body fly out into pieces from that bombed out house!

  10. Lon W. says:

    This movie neglects the Imperial Japanese occupation a bit in its prologue discussion.

  11. Luis V says:

    Too old and corny


  13. Faidz Mohd says:

    fucking loser… long live kim

  14. Never Marxism. Thank you Marines! We won't forget you and we will eliminate ALL Marxists from the world.

  15. another war the bloodthirsty liberals lost.

  16. Paul Campos says:

    Terrific documentary about the Marines who fought at the Chosin Reservoir. Makes me all the prouder of my Dad Cpl Gil Campos a machine gunner with 1/7 & my Uncle Sgt Frank Garcia mortar man in 2/7 who died there.

  17. alterdestiny says:

    Asia is a very screwed up Continent….

  18. MajWMartin says:

    I just hate when they flip the film to keep the copyright people happy. It makes everything backwards like Marines saluting with their left hand.

  19. rickyt43515 says:

    I spent 13 months in Korea in the Army. Loved the people.

  20. where is turkish soldiers in this document saved US army

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