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  1. WOW! Interesting video.

  2. the chinese troops were not tough, we killed them at a rate of 10 to 1

  3. Chapel Tibet says:

    All this carrying on about war between "communism" and "capitalism" while the Rothschild interests and Khazar Mafia was financing both sides.

  4. I hope the North Korean also invade by U.N and U.S. For the penalty of their offense,they're attack just like the japs attack in the pearl harbour

  5. ranloot says:

    "The Cold War, KAL-007 & Communism: Intelligence Secrets Revealed"

  6. I was watching the description of the amphibian invasion of Inchon by Mc Arthur and napalm bombardment of Inchon before the invasion and immediately wondered about inchon civilians, they killed them ?!! So i did some research and sure enough. The Americans napalmed all the civilians in the city with airstrikes days before the shelling and the landing without any second thoughts. But what's more evil is that historical documentaries like this british one don't even mention it, yet i am new to it and wondered while watching the video !! Here it is what i found : "When the napalm hit our village, many people were still sleeping in their homes,” said Lee Beom-ki, 76. “Those who survived the flames ran to the tidal flats. We were trying to show the American pilots that we were civilians. But they strafed us, women and children.” Keep in mind the Chinese had not yet engaged in the korean conflict, this is america invading another country and killing civilians. Hundred of innocent children, men and women civilians from Inchon were burned to death by american napalm.

  7. dunemetal67 says:

    Think we have a Glo. Res. bot here.

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