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  1. macsporan says:

    Please note that this is a single documentary mistakenly copied two times. The show is actually only an hour and a half long long. Could the people responsible please fix this?

  2. hugo jenssen says:

    The battle was a german "victory",by numbers of sunken vessels by a competitor with a smaller fleet against the larger british fleet. BUT the overall tactical victory became british,as the Hochseeflotte never deared to risk their combined fleet again in open battle,and the blockade became untouched !

  3. awuma says:

    While the cordite handling argument is compelling, in the end the Battle Cruiser concept must be held up as being faulty. The greatest battle cruiser of all, HMS Hood,  was promptly blown up by the Bismarck in 1941. This was despite some improvement in design after Jutland.

  4. Wolfeson28 says:

    6:45 That is not the Dreadnought being displayed. HMS Dreadnought had 5 main gun turrets, not 4, and the midships "wing" turrets were not staggered as in the graphic. That graphic is of an Invincible-class battlecruiser, which was built on a similar concept, but was a very different ship.

  5. Matthew Rowe says:

    God I hate this kind of revisionist docudrama!  massively overstating it's all 'the biggest'  'the best'  then inventing  a controversy that any one with access to a brain and books could find was uncovered and solved decades ago !

  6. Barbarossa says:

    This is baffling! Please explain.

  7. Thank you for posting! The best book on the theme appears to be  John Campbell´s Jutland (it is once to been in this documentary). Campbell deals in detail with almost any hit on any (major) ship of both sides. What an truely indefatigable if not invincible act of scholarship! Considering the result, of course Jutland was an English victory as the battle kept up the blockade. But, please, you English or American readers, please do consider that due to that blockade we lost about 500.000 people, civilians, to hunger and disease. So, with due respect to the Royal Navy in general and brave men like John Cornwell on board HMS Chester in particular, I am full of sympathy with our soldiers and seamen of  the Hochseeflotte. Had they only had better sight during the later phases of the battle – or the torpedoboats at hand during the night!

  8. magic3400 says:

    It's amazing that the German navy could "explode" 4 British battlecruisers in WWI and then do it again in WWII by destroying the HMS Hood in the very same way.

    The battlecruiser concept has to be one of the worst naval concepts of the 20th century.

  9. ion hamilton says:

    My grandfather who died in the early seventies was a midshipman at Jutland and was sunk twice. He never let on how lucky he was to have survived and we were too young at the time to appreciate the enormity of it all.

  10. talboters44 says:

    My father was a R. marine on a battle ship Scapa Flow in ww1 and as a child he told me that they had a Bear on board as a pet Could that posibly be true , no one seems to be able toclarify. He did also tell me he couldnt drink a Rum because he was only 17yrs old ,but treaded it for chocolate.

  11. MegaRaven100 says:

    My English grand dad survived the sinking of the Royal Oak in Scapa Flow in late 1939 by the best friend of my German grandfather Gunther Prien (who did not survive the war). We found this out when the parents of my parents met for my parents marriage in 1960. Why did,my Grandfather survive? He was not on the ship at the time but in custody on land for drunk and disorderly conduct.
    The sad irony is I never met my English grand dad. The boozing that saved his life in 1939 killed him him through poor health. He died 3 months before my birth. I don't drink except socially and NEVER get drunk. I did twice when 14 and realized it was for losers. Peace!

  12. here we go again….everybodies fucking granddad and his dog was involved………

  13. CNCTEMATIC says:

    Its silly to describe Jutland as a British win. Jellicoe snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Even the British admiral said so. The British retained strategic command of the North Sea despite Jutland, not because of it. Its like saying the Americans won at Kasserine Pass because the Allies went on to defeat the Germans in Tunisia.

  14. naseem ahmed says:

    can any one pls send me link of second part of this video

  15. Doug Smith says: 39:34 the narator refers to the German ships as Hitler's ships???!

  16. JC Denton says:

    Lutzow sorta puts the lie to the myth that battlecruisers were all easily destroyed.

  17. The story of the salvage of the High Seas fleet in Scapa Flow is fascinating.
    Lots of good books on it but i haven't seen many good videos on it.

  18. You can sure tell the commercial breaks, they backtrack and repeat everything from a minute or two back then set up the teaser for the next commercial break.

  19. Justin Lee says:

    This is what happens when people (Beatty) leave magazine doors open. It also doesn't help when the Victorian era navy, and the navy of World War 1 put emphasis on rate of fire rather than accuracy of fire. Most of our shells missed the German fleet. The Germans also learned the lessons of the Falklands the year before where their fleet was mauled by the Royal Navy. They suffered similar losses. Containment is key. When I went through my basic training at HMS Raleigh many years ago I was in Cornwell division, named after Boy Cornwell VC of HMS Chester.There is a lot of repetitive commentary in this documentary. I have an attention span greater than that of a gnat. People who watch these kinds of shows have an attention span greater than that of a gnat. Documentary makers, take note.

  20. Zamolxes77 says:

    "There seem to be something wrong with our bloody ships today" – yeap, 1 ton shells are a matchless weapon 😉

    Do people really have to guess what happened with Queen Mary when you have a photo with a huge mushroom cloud of smoke rising ? Really? Do you really have to guess? Isn't it obvious?

    The captain and the crew went into battle smoking longbottom leaf in their long pipes, they all exhaled at the same time, its very obvious !

  21. the british perspective is always interesting .

  22. this documentary failed to mention that it was actually the Russian navy who captured secret german communication codes, and handed them to the British.

  23. maapata says:

    A far smaller German squadron destroys much more tonnage than the overpowered enemy. I don't understand why it would be considered a defeat. It's actually a superb tactical victory.

  24. i wish the Germans won WW1 …we would inherit better planned infrastructure. Brits were lousy engineers

  25. Fresno Joe says:

    Great Navy, Much Loved Free Peoples

    Go Navy~!

  26. kelloggswag says:

    this guy keeps calling battlecruisers dreadnoughts. There is a huge difference between the two types of ships

  27. deriter64 says:

    I was raised in a Dominion but am sort of indifferent about monarchy. I don't mind them; I wouldn't miss them overly although I enjoy some of the ceremonies. But I've always had a soft spot for the old king because George VI was at Jutland on the battleship HMS Collingwood when he was a prince. I don't know if he received any privileges but they would mean nothing to a 12 inch armor piercing shell come crashing through the armor. The Collingwood was a battleship with more armor than the doomed battlecruisers but it could have been mortally wounded and the future king as dead as any other British or German sailor that day. HMS Collinwood was clipped by German fire but not seriously and the prince made it home.

  28. Bill Sykes says:

    It's foolish and naive to call Jutland a German victory. The history books all concur that Jelicoe and his 16 Brit dreadnoughts and over a hundred other ships steamed the Germans from the north-west, drawing the main body of Scheers navy into their guns.
    The dreadnoughts then launched a vicious massive broadside which caused most of the German 3,000 casualty's. In the last hour of the battle the Germans were taking a 10/10 pasting, and all Scheer saw was the flash of British guns and a sea of fire in a vast arc ahead of him.
    The German's shat themselves and panicked, Scheer ordered a desperate command to retreat dropping a load of ordanance as he went, and they slipped away from the battle, and they dare have the audacity to call it a victory. Pathetic claim.

  29. wayne murphy says:

    Nearly 100 years, rest in peace now.

  30. Jutland was a British victory.

    Germany failed to break out the blockade and as a result Germany started to collapse from within. Hundreds of thousands died as a result.

    Germany assaulted the jailer, yet didn't escape jail !

  31. Strategic British victory, they were still there the next day, the Germans never came to play again

  32. FRAGIORGIO1 says:

    This 31 of May of 2016 is the 100th anniversary. May those who there fought rest in peace.

  33. FRAGIORGIO1 says:

    It is a very good observation that Beatty wasted the advantage of his 13.5 inch guns on his 3 Lion class & Tiger, battlecruisers as well as the 15 inch guns of the Queen Elizabeth class battleships of the 5th Battle Squadron.

  34. Jutland was a big british defeat. They lost more ships and men and fail to achieve their goal to destroy Hippers fleet. That is called a 'failure'. Except if you are a brainwashed brit, that is.

  35. Jutland set a pattern: whenever british ships encountered German ships in this battle and the future, they only had a chance when they outnumbered the Germans horrendously. If the numbers were even remotely equal, the brits would be beaten senseless.

  36. On the 100th anniversary of this battle every single person on both sides should be respected, mistakes were made on both sides . R.I.P all who lost their lives .

  37. NickRatnieks says:

    It's a shame the voice over person does not understand what he is saying. If he did he would not say "high tension steel". He might say "tensile" instead.

  38. Rick Higson says:

    I cannot believe ww1 produced so many inepped British ground commanders and naval officers!

  39. Corristo89 says:

    The British admiralty was mired in hubris, arrogance and ignorance towards the German fleet. They believed that all they had to do was do a little show of force, fire a few rounds and be home for tea and crumpets.
    But Germany had invested quite a lot of money into its own fleet, had many skilled commanders and many motivated sailors. Also the Germans hadn't become the victims of the folley that speed could replace armor. While their shells tore through the British ships, many British shells failed to do any meaningful damage.

    Despite having the smaller fleet, the Germans won the battle in terms of kills and losses. But since the British still had the larger fleet and the Germans had gotten away with a bloody nose, their "victory" didn't mean much in the long run. The German High Seas Fleet would never engange the British fleet again and the final order during late 1918 (one final attack so to go out in a blaze of glory instead of having the hated British claim the fleet without a fight) resulted in a mutiny, which turned into a nationwide revolution.

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