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  1. Alan Rich says:

    Well I totally believe you dude.  Oh look donuts.

  2. this is awesome,and it's something I never new about😱😵👽

  3. ankhaton says:

    When we see near BB stuff so long ago and light is faster than the whole creation of molecules included sun, earth and us
    how can it be that light is later than ourselves
    so that we can capture that emission-
    If it had been faster we should look the opposite way
    Or are we looking in the wrong direction
    Are we fooled
    Is it all a fake matrix
    But even then, . . certain laws should apply

  4. sOLdaT656 says:

    This guy who speaks, i love him, he makes the film even more spectacular and interesting with his strong voice.

  5. I want to watch this when I have nothing else to do and with no WiFi (mp4)

  6. Sorin Boanca says:

    this its not HD,sorry buddy

  7. meanwhile… 40 trillion miles from earth: "Shit, gotta go back and grab my passport"

  8. 23 Minutes in, the theory that life might have started on Mars and blew to earth from a comet strike. What crack pot thinks this up? Why assume that life started on Mars then magically was lucky enough to hit Earth on a rock through the vast distances between the two planets? Well, I guess some folks just have to vote for Hilary Clinton as well.

  9. what's with all the deadly bad news. if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. don't worry universe, I got your back.

  10. Why does everyone think there is only ONE BIG BANG? Wouldn't it be logical that there is multiple big bangs?
    Oh but we can only hear 1.. Well why would we hear another when we are in one?
    I imagine that if a black hole is big enough.. I mean bigger then 100 known biggest black hole.. There would be a new big bang born..
    And in the outskirts of our own big universe we would be able to see that there are billions of them.

    To think there is only one big bang is like thinking that our planet is the one and only planet that has living organism.

  11. I can not think universe is a such mysterious.

  12. what is the music at 1:10:18, I really want that specific music

  13. Possibly one of my favioute documentaries on space

  14. Ted dibiasi says:

    wrestlemania III is more interesting to watch!

  15. Shawn Dallas says:

    1:23:02 Coming to You n Super Mario Galaxy 3!

  16. Ed Wood says:

    Does direction exist when your in space

  17. manic angel says:

    Every time I watch this iI can't help but think of the movie Equilibrium. (its the same narrator )

  18. Jose Robles says:

    Take some Water Drillers up there and have them find that water since its been BILLIONS YEARS AGO

  19. D.J. Revenge says:

    Earths core is a magnet which pulled matter into it forming itself into what we call home.

  20. MisterMG101 says:

    !:31:00 Well… that all went downhill pretty quick didn't it? I like the musical score though, Especially the planetary nebula theme, and the black hole theme. A pipe organ would have made a great addition to that theme.

  21. "The edge of the universe" ??   Ridiculous,,,,  There are no edge of the universe.

  22. I may look or be stupid to say this but, can someone please tell me why would I believe any of this? If We have traveled millions of light years that sending messages back to home would take billions of years by space crafts how did you know that all of this exists? Please excuse my English. It's not my first language.

  23. wibb says:

    narrated by Sean Pertwee

  24. Majestic, awe inspiring, beautiful and simultaneously uplifting and sad (weird but true). Awareness is not easy, but it's wonderful.

  25. there are loads of black holes in america, its been going on since the slave trade

  26. TyOrca 5 says:

    This is brilliant, I remember watching it when it first aired, and yet it still brings me wonder and astonishment. The music is captivating, and even today the visuals are still impressive.

  27. Foxen Oxen says:

    umm…….. huh? :/

  28. Yaniv Stern says:

    W against T, reference required.

  29. reaktor55 says:

    Who cares about the greek gods? They have no relevance to our scientific understanding. Why bother?

  30. inukiasa says:

    We need a new documentary exactly like this but updated.

  31. Lucas W. says:

    and if the world ends, jeeez what a shame.

    Idiots who believed in God and thieves who killed for the oil will die. That would be such a loss. Fuck you world! And fuck you God

  32. MrTweetyhack says:

    What if we crash Europa into Mars?

  33. Bullshit!!!! Fake videos, it is hollywood LMFAO

  34. why the whispering?? and the music so loud

  35. Gohot229 says:

    Back home we have ….

  36. ty this video just awesome this vid give me hope

  37. nazret net says:

    It will take us one Light Year to find out if universe has edge or not. What about that?

    1 Light year = the distance a light travelles in one year in empty space. If there is such empty space at all.

  38. Snolla 1988 says:

    Is the narrator the guy who plays Alfred in Gotham?

  39. i like this video but i wanted to you make this video in Hindi language

  40. melaku chane says:

    when did? and where did? the big bang occurred….if the whole existence including the dark matter is bound in that very so called big bang …..fools that whole thing the beginning and the end or "alpha" and "omega" is the creator that we are not able to define " " but gave us the ability to look for him in our tiny brain with the capacity of the size of space and time with no limitations either beginning or end. Thanks to GOD who never failed us.!!!!!!!!!…..even though all these imaginary computer graphic images doesn't represent our spiritually intellect imaginations.

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