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  1. Joey Garcia says:

    Nice story. Whether or not outerspace does exist.

  2. aaaa??sry for correcting ya but for my own research universe is infinite

  3. Sezghin Erd says:

    1. It looks like water on Earth does not come from comets. (proved by Rosetta mission)
    2. Voyager 1 is now in the territory of interstellar space.

  4. James P says:

    lol western heathens believe in this fairy-tail to justify a life of sin. There is nothing outside of the earth but the heavens where Allah reigns, and of course Jahannam/hell. (which is likely the sun) Let it be clear, the Earth is the moral court where Allah's servents are to be judged. Follow the Quran, live a moral life, and everything is just fine :)

  5. Tom Walter says:

    I was going to ask.. is that Alen frickin' Baldwin! Thanks for adding it to the info, it was driving me a little nuts wanting to know!

  6. i think we should take a better look at the present, and the discoveries on the moon and Mars, This vid doesn't give anything beyond the speed of reality.

  7. KEV 天空 says:

    This is the best space documentary of all times.

  8. We humans think we are so big and bad. We are nothing.

  9. OneBaddStudd says:

    narrated by Alec Baldwin

  10. gheu jeo says:

    new home should be haven

  11. Ganesh Metla says:

    this is all the magic of God… creationsim

  12. krishna M says:

    a better documentary than any live planetarium show..

  13. Is this video made with universe sandbox

  14. Go Green says:

    "Enjoy the moment!" That's what I got in the end of my watching.

  15. I would cut off my arm if that meant this video could be 1080p in 60fps

  16. a lot of the ufo sightings are humans trying to planet hop so that they can live on. what they probably do know is that there are many planets forming and the race is on to get there. good luck human race and i really hope you do make it. i hope that made sense as I've just had a cocktail of skunk weed. african bush weed and morrocan hash

  17. re'venus i remember some ufo crackpot saying the little green men came from venus i think NOT lying fools

  18. Stunning………. and yet we still have not found our 2nd safe home after all those billions light year journeys….now we know, ….."we-are-alone"… in this mega galaxy…..

  19. InfoNation says:

    hello excellent vid got a new sub

  20. Rpoman2009 says:

    Thank you for this. This was spectacular.

  21. Kahzu says:

    Mute the video and listen to some Jake Chudnow while watching. You'll thank me later.

  22. I just skip cuz this pretty boring

  23. Zhiar says:

    Humans are so selfish- they always want to survive. But guess what? We won't. We could go extinct at any moment. We have no ultimate meaning in life.

  24. Who the fuck would dislike this?

  25. everytime i have hangover² i start watching this shit on tv

  26. roling around at the speed of light


  28. Paul F says:

    When we return home, we shall find Hillary finally in prison.

  29. First, don't understand all the criticism in the comments….I watched bits and pieces of this NGC documentary about 1&1/2 weeks ago when I was home from school sick and have been trying at least 20 minutes a day now trying to find it so I could watch the whole thing….this is a great video with lots of great information. Definitely watch it and no need for criticism, UNLESS YOU CAN DO BETTER WITH YOUR OWN DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE SAME THING WITH 100% ACCURATE INFORMATION…thanks for uploading.

  30. wael tunis says:

    from 1 star 1 life havent religion and from 1 galaxy 1 plannet have messager and plannet like earth etc

  31. no words to comment this… wondrous..

  32. Ian Fullen says:

    Only thing I could actually say to myself "holy fucking hell this trippy"

  33. And you poor, pitiful souls don't believe in God.

  34. so high off of rosin right now….#thc

  35. Farel Izzadi says:

    This is better than any box office movie.

  36. wonderful documentary

  37. Yasir Khan says:

    the best documnetary ever see… watching 5th time .. it can be use for insomnia also

  38. nathenism says:

    start the prettiest thing by norah jones then click here 6:45

  39. Is this made from real satellite images?

  40. Venuses present state is what earth went thru in its early formation..

  41. Tatsumi Gate says:

    While I didn't learn anything new from this video, I was incredibly entertained by it. a little hung over, but it hit me right in the feels, did anyone else get a sense of feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of things? The announcer was very good at making me feel like David Bowie in his space ship (space oddity) traveling through the cosmos. I like how it ended saying pretty much that but giving you a sense of rejoice by lifting your spirits with its final statements.

  42. Totally beautiful, I appreciate life much more now, and in so in love with space and this is all new to me because I use to not have interest in the knowledge of it. But being 42 it veils like I I have a new outlook. Watching this was a total blessing…

  43. Y did people thumbs down this??? Boohoo to them!

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