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  1. Arm Darb says:


  2. azul better says:

    I wish I be there


  4. F. Crazybone says:

    Scientifically proven theories here but there are groups of people who believe this is sill nonsense that scientists just made it up in order to trick people. It's completely fake as will those Creationists call it because it goes against what the Bible teaches – that the earth is only a few thousand years old and people existed with the dinosaurs. They will argue this to the death. I'd love to hear more counter point from those people – they're quite entertaining in what bullshit they have been taught and believe; but they probably would never watch this due to lack of intelligence and inability to learn new things.

  5. louisianahhh says:

    The first sentient humans left Africa to escape their alien slave masters.

  6. I don't know why people are so angry that ancient humans evolved from Africa.
    Back in those days, all continents were one huge form of land and Africa was right in the middle. Through time, they separated into the continents we know now.

    So all you people who believe in the outrageous fallacies of  'culture' 'race' 'socieity' 'religion' 'nationality' 'skin color' are ALL idiots. All of you!

    You idiotic imbeciles are the reason why the Neanderthal should have killed off Homo Sapiens before going extinct. Then humanity would have ceased to exist and the world would be a much better place!

  7. sladelefty says:

    Very well made and informative, Thank You

  8. Damn you white people really mad humanity evolved out of Africa lol

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    Narwhale or Bigfoot…African Narwhale :3

  10. Robin Murray says:

    Great video Darwinian survival of the fittest selected the smart and fleet of foot all others got eaten by the carnivores perfect for growing big brains and exporting the best of Homo Sapiens out of Africa where there was less predation and along the coast lots of seafood. I visited the Galapagos where birds evolved into scuba divers within 2 million years for food the ones who did not did not survive.

  11. 5:10 Crazy WHITE WOMAN trekking through LION inhabited region by yourself… Yes, I believe that asking for some help from the locals and hiring a guide is a wise idea.

  12. Lets get 1 thing straight. Whites are not racist. Its the republican/conservatives that are.

  13. garymarq1 says:

    If we came from monkeys why are there still monkeys?

  14. 195,000 years ago

  15. P E S says:

    Lots of questions here.
    1) All human species of today have origins solely from the people of Ethiopia?
    2) What happened to the theory of Negroid, Caucasoid, Australoid, and Mongoloid anthropology?
    3) Why is Mesopotamia known as 'the cradle of civilization', and not Ethiopia?
    4) Are genetic mutations the only reason for the physical diversity that exists in various ethnical parts of the world today?
    5) Why then were Africans so slow to advance intellectually/technologically comparatively?

  16. 13:04…. Lol, yes. Yes, she looks exactly like you.

  17. 4 Fake says:

    The truth is, we're just bacteria. We populate every corner of the globe. From the perspective of say, an alien, we're destructive and no matter what, we just keep reproducing through fire, snow, sleet etc. if Earth is an organism, Los Angeles is cancer. You see?

  18. Its you think humans came from the homo sapiens…… Its wasting your precious time. GOD IS our only Creator from everything exist.:)

  19. Jammes mark says:

    The reality is, it's hard to say that humanity originated from Africa, especially with all the new discovers. Last year they found human teeth dated 400,000 years ago in Israel, plus there was a skull found in Greece dated 300,000 years ago. The oldest African fragments were 200,000 years ago in north eastern Africa, close to the middle east which has always been believed as the Origin of humanity.

  20. Before the world split Africa was in the center of all continents.

  21. Dave Downer says:

    For me, I believe these "migrants" continued to meet humans that were already there before them. There was much interbreeding from each group thereof. All of the previous "species" changed only minutely through the eons. You seem to be concerned with only Sapens… All did not leave Africa. Many "migrations" went in every direction. Don't forget the rest.

  22. Lordsincere1 says:

    I guess when FACT and truths are discovered,its hard for ppl to discard the misinformation they were taught in the past.

  23. the 9 folks that came off the ark are the proven ancestors of us all.

  24. various species of Homo started in Africa, and then spread out over the world. Modern humans (Homo Sapien Sapiens) are no different. Whether they mixed with older Homo Sapien species are still up for conjecture, but one thing is certain… Humans have always been curious motherfuckers..

  25. Ibbi M says:

    GOD deniers

    Question: where and how we came about?
    Theists : the almighty created us
    Science: ………………………….

    If we reverse time all the way back to the big bang , and beyond
    What do you get ?
    Science: ………….. Oh wait we…… No …… Ah,
    We evolved from monkeys .

    There you go no Adam and eve , no god

    Opinion: science came up with idea of evolution to eliminate adam and eve , please think about itll make sense if you actually try

  26. Ibbi M says:

    Connect the dots

  27. mike askme says:

    What is up with people, how can anyone who watched this video still denny that we all came from Africa and the first people to leave Africa, were dark skinned, ( or for modern term black), i dont get it.Mainly the denniers are white males and Asian males, are your egos so fragile, do you think its important that you be pure white or pure dusky white?

  28. Devin Parris says:

    how could anyone deny evolution this day in age is the biggest question xD

  29. David Schne says:

    How do non-Africans not have major in-breading issues? OR, do we all do? If we were not totally in-bread we would be way more robust?

  30. 15:00 acient ancestor of the first gopro

  31. Kev 2Kold says:

    Stop letting White people into Africa! They can't be trusted

  32. zyl zyl says:

    only if my brethren knew what the evolution religion teaches about them coming from apes …………….. and yes we have here an european female who gets excited and wet when she is next to us black men ……

  33. Study your own people and racism.

  34. Who found this useful?
    if you agree with the details of this documentary then please comment below. if you don't agree please explain why.
    (I need your comments for my history class please.) thanks and have a wonderful day!!😊😄😉

  35. radiatrex17 says:

    white people dont give a damn about the people
    they just want the resources smh

  36. Alice is SO freaking cute.

  37. We Africans have to take pride in the fact that humanity as we know it evolved from Africa yes people have exploited the continent but can we please stop blaming others and focus on bettering ourselves.

  38. Dr Roberts, this is incredible! Thank you!

  39. pelo 7 says:

    I shall run around butt-assed naked for 100,000 years before I decide to plant some cabbage. Makes sense.

  40. So how to explain the RH Negative blood factor?

  41. awesome vacation

  42. RubenJr R says:

    bitches love digging the past.. this bitch even went all the way to Africa