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  1. Ella Grace says:

    What about Canada? Sure they had a small army but they still fought.

  2. the history parts on crash course are the best things to watch high thanks guys for keeping me entertained and educated

  3. Lucy Meehan says:

    Who's binge watching Crash Course for the SAT Wold History Subject Test?😊

  4. It isn,t Austria isn't austria-hungry you only said it like 2 times sry

  5. 1:34 I know what would've happened. Near total Soviet domination in Europe

  6. who else is watching this because of bf1

  7. I know it's not a huge deal but no mention of the naval arms race between Germany and Britain leading up to the war? it wasn't a major cause, but it definitely did sour relations between the two

  8. Jesus Bravo says:

    who else came here because they didn't do their crash course?

  9. “WWI was a war fought for no reason. It was just insane.”
    -Dr. Elizabeth Clement

  10. What's with the robots

  11. gonna take points away from this video because of the Liverpool tee.

  12. Arim M. says:

    This was karma for serbia they started ww1 and then in ww2 hitler killed them…

  13. Money Razor says:

    ya can well tell this dude has a micro penis

  14. Mary Chan says:

    Gavrilo Princip was a member of Young Bosnia not Black Hand.

  15. Diana SR says:

    watching this days before a world history final….. much love for this channel 😂❤💪

  16. albert ma says:

    i thought it was both while being hungry

  17. I love your channel you have changed my life! Thank you so much for making alternative style educational content!!!!!

  18. Couldn't commit to watch this more than 30 seconds, too distracting presentation style

  19. I live in indianapolis like Jhon green

  20. I love everything that this guy does, I love his books, and we use these world history videos in my online class, and his US History videos in my US History class in school

  21. I now want to tell my Bosnian friend her people caused world war 1 but I don't want to get punched

  22. i'm writing an essay about ww1, and the question for the topic is What lead the u.s to ww1? Can anyone give me the three most important reasons that made the u.s enter the war please?

  23. Dina Eddy says:

    I like your lap top computer sign, "this machine kills fascism!"

  24. AK-47 Russia says:

    HIs computer says "This MACHINE KILLS FACISTS

  25. Benz Ziel says:

    one hand typing: you talk way tooooooo fast and its no pleasure to listen to you. your facts go under with your voice.. sorry – get a trained voice and come back

  26. I was hoping that this video would explain how WWI started, a subject whose finer points had long eluded me. Unfortunately, it didn't. It never explains WHY Russia got involved, WHY France, Britain and Germany got involved in it; what the relationship and history was between these countries and their peoples, what the Serbs have to do with it, etc. Fail.

  27. lay off the cocaine…

  28. I can´t see this courses, this guy is so irritating.

  29. Simon Koren says:

    trash talk for 2 min then I

  30. Finn Kennedy says:

    Why on the thumbnail had a picture of the Russian Yeager from pacific rim ?

  31. eye says:

    Hitler was a true national always lie about him

  32. wow is this guy annoying why talk so fast ..?….

  33. Adam Martin says:

    ergh. i hate when France's role in WW1 is under played. the reason why the Alliance was called the Entente, is because France was the ones that named it, because it was their alliance. not to mention France are the ones that paid for most of Russia's military force, so any time you say "Russia" did this or that, it is France.

  34. It would be great if you could do a video about the BalkansBalkans and Caucasus region 🙂 thank u! :)

  35. siu kwan lai says:

    causes : 1)Economic and colonial conflicts
    2)Extreme Nationalism
    3)Armaments race
    4)Alliance System

  36. Romain says:

    "Sorry France, Russia's a big deal and you not"
    Well, it did backfire on Germany as it is the French that won this war with Britain.

  37. Nimbus Vine says:

    Well, Serbia did agree to 9 out of 10 of the demands placed by Austria-Hungary, the only reason they didn't accept the 10th was because it meant they would lose any freedom as a nation.

  38. Why is the video itself (before you click on it) a picture of Cherno Alpha from Pacific rim XD

  39. 3:00 – Jack Whitehall sitting in the front row

  40. Thank you so much Crashcourse for all the help! You were a lifesaver for me during history classes, and I hope that my own learning/help channel can be as helpful and beneficial to students as yours one day.

  41. Sponsored by Ralph Lauren?

  42. 😐😐😐😐🤔🤔🤔🤔 he lost me.

  43. Stop digression.

  44. Sladi says:

    serbia started war

  45. Thiago Silva says:

    Actually, according to TeamFourStar (Hellsing Abridged), Alucard was the one who shot Ferdinand. He just blamed it on some other guy afterwards