How political changes in UK & US might impact Europe in 2017 – BBC News

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  1. Dead Bait says:

    The eu is a crumbling wreck, it's slowly falling apart, won't take much to tip it over the edge, that's fine by me.

  2. The laws in Germany need to be changed, especially the copyright laws and the special cases of the copyright laws in the universities, schools and to help the reviewers with the "fair use" of copyright material.
    I think, that the EU has a future, but it will come at a cost of something else, and it will at least one or two generations to be comfortable with all idea of the union. I think the unification of the Planet we are living on is the future for the survival of the human species(Homo sapiens), i hope to live and see that.

  3. Mad Monk says:

    Angela Merkel has raped every single european citizen and the time has come for her to pay for her sins

  4. cary bary says:

    The BBC have attacked trump this year but where are the attacks against merkel?

  5. Hopefully 2017 will see the BBC shutdown for good

  6. trump is a minority president. he won by the electoral. UK brexit was a majority and the people wanted it. alot of people who tend to vote in middle America didn't. love trump hate.

  7. Might I suggest you deinterlace before uploading?

  8. Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy all have a real chance of electing anti-EU parties, Not to mention the rise of the AfD in Germany…

    Question for the BBC, Will BBC survive 2017.

  9. JIE988 says:

    Fake news Merkel has been the real boss in Europe for years that's why there is a lot of anti Germany in Europe

  10. Dawn Summers says:

    We are sick of immigrants and being called racist if we protest.

  11. Dawn Summers says:

    BBC keeps ramming Islam down our throats. It's a sick ideology.

  12. Dawn Summers says:

    EU is controlled by Germany. Continuing to want to dominate everyone. Germany is wreaking Europe AGAIN!!! Buy importing scum out of guilt.

  13. Dawn Summers says:

    Propaganda from Germany this video.

  14. I used to have a great deal of respect for Germany (say, 10 or 20 or 30 years ago). Today I have nothing but complete and utter CONTEMPT and REPULSION for them.

  15. TheCausation says:

    LOL. Back in the real world, Germany in fact IS sleepwalking, into cultural and demographic suicide, and probably civil war.

  16. BOX 1 says:

    Germany has raped Europe, financially, culturally.

  17. BOX 1 says:

    this BBC report is propaganda, Fake News,
    in support of Brussels and the EU regime.

  18. Phil Dobson says:

    Unemployment has gone down at the same time as the Industries of Eastern Europe cease to exist because so many young people have come to countries such as the UK for jobs.

  19. The german is very tired and the europe is very sad , and the europe is not exists …. there is a coin that it is not love …… The people europe are tired and sad of this situation …… change or stop , the end , game over , finish …..

  20. Kill Merkel and the EUDSSR !
    From Deutschland

  21. Mr Clarkson says:

    Demagraphics lead to a demographic/economic death spiral in Europe starting between 2019 and 2023,this is not a forecast its Math…East Asia shares the same fate….Sadly..

  22. Ninja says:

    germany the new super power

  23. The Castelan says:

    "It was a really thrilling thing to stand here beneath that balcony and watch an entire nation rise up to take back control of it's own destiny".
    Unless that country happens to be Great Britain, in which case The BBC thinks your a bunch of uneducated racist morons who should not have the right to vote against anything The BBC approves of.

  24. John Sedwick says:

    The EU is a fascist organization.

  25. The Castelan says:

    Dear BBC what happened to The 100 Women Uploads?
    I got one for you, Captain Niloofar Rahmani of The Afghan Air Force, she's just asked for asylum in The USA because of all the threats to her life from those mates of yours.

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