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  3. mal doran says:

    Let's not fuck this up, shall we?

  4. Hat21 says:

    And from this came the abomination that is the EU.

  5. what a devastating result of the world war!

  6. this whole thing could of been avoided, if the powers that was had listened and followed the instructions given concerning collective security, "today it us tomorrow it will be you" sounds prophetic to me. why then don't we listen to the instructions of a prophetic man even today our own faith is not entirely in our own hands,we must seek God who has raised man above the animals and has endowed him with intelligence we must put our trust in him for he will not allow us to destroy mankind which he has created we must not now owe our alligence to nations but to our fellow man in the human community.

  7. Desmondos says:

    We should kick Turkey out of NATO. It is not a free country anymore.

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