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  1. As a grad student at CI, I spent 6-7 nights a week there working on homework, research projects, or prepping labs. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of nights there watching the sun go down and later come up. I've wandered the campus during the short breaks in my studies, even during breaks when it was empty except for one or two of the campus security people and me. There is absolutely no way this place is haunted. Period. I had only one creepy experience that minutes later became explicable. Three years of all-nighters and not a single inexplicable thing happened.

  2. Wayne, I have yet to see this movie !!

  3. I went to this college, never once saw, heard, or felt anything in the five years attending.

  4. My 5th grade teacher lost a friend in there

  5. sean kenoss says:

    I went there a while back but at the point I went there it was turned into channel island collage

  6. I've heard a lot of times ghosts or spirits who haunt places have unfinished business and/or died a violent or sudden death so they haven't crossed over into the afterlife.

  7. Very active and very creepy! Oh, by the way, many of us are still looking forward to hearing the rest of your Valentino EVP's sometime. Thanks! :)

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