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24 Responses

  1. Sue Harvey says:

    I don't think having sex with your brothers wife is incest…..just immoral.

  2. Sue Harvey says:

    Lilli Palmer……………glorious in La Residencia and everything else.

  3. Is Dracula going to Dracula? How can he Dracula?

  4. I remember watching this and A History of Horror 3 part documentary which he also presented both on BBC4

  5. Thank you for posting, love these Mark Gatiss documentaries, really interesting.

  6. Christopher lee/Peter Cushing are my favourite macabre actors, they have passion and love in there acting abilities, i shall always respect and admire them being dead or alive.

  7. darren4251 says:

    anyone else fancied the eyes without a face elderly actress 🙄

  8. My favourite from Del Toro was The Orphanage… LOL… Julia's Eyes made me never want to go blind!

  9. Mary Adkins says:

    Thank you, You Tube, for introducing me to Mark Gatiss!

  10. chris cross says:

    If you constantly look for metaphores (as Mark Gattis & many other film historians seem to) you can find them everywhere. Groundbreaking films are often imbued with qualities that the film-making didn't intend – but later on gratefully (and pretentiously) accept!
    But, on the other hand, sometimes a banana is just a banana.

  11. Incredibly great documentary!!!

  12. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for uploading so much brilliant old TV stuff to YouTube. We have been enjoying your uploads for several weeks! Quality stuff.

  13. Thanks to watching this , it reignited my passion for the Horror genre …especially the European gothic style of Mario Bava with films like "Black Sunday " love this documentary and Mark Gatiss has great taste in movies AND is and will always be Hillary Briss in League of Gentlemen !!!! :)

  14. The Devil's Backbone , in my opinion , is better than Pan's Labyrinth . Guillermo Del Toro is hit and miss for me . However , his movies are never dull .

  15. drrsc says:

    john karlen (dark shadows: willy) was in 'daughters of darkness' – lol

  16. Fer Robleto says:

    I very much enjoy BBC documentaries.Thanks for the upload!

  17. Andy Mangele says:

    A fine documentary – and Mark Gatiss is just the right host for it!

  18. Malsipots says:

    What makes him think that the French and the Wiemar film-makers were not pumping out propaganda too? Is it only ordinary Germans that produce propaganda? I hate this about British media, they always slip their version of events into so called entertainment shows, everything about the media is totally sickening. If you want a real horror story you need look no further than our own government.

  19. Loulou Ross says:

    Thanks for uploading this! Mark Gatiss is brilliant and so interesting to listen to.

  20. Not sure why Gatiss gives such scant regard to Fulci and Deodato (both of which kickstarted a horror revolution) yet concentrates so much on The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue just to make a political point of getting Spain in his documentary.

  21. A most entertaining documentary, I wish there were more on European Cinema genres like this one ! Last time I looked there was a great HD print of "Eyes Without A Face" on youtube, as Gatiss says, a really atmospheric horror film with some very creepy moments.

  22. Ron Suarez says:

    I enjoyed this very much!

  23. Excellent! As a child in the 1970s, I used to love seeing "Dusk-Till-Dawn" horror movie marathons at the Drive-In. And…they used to show a lot of what is here, and, other movies by many of these directors.

    I wonder why they skipped-over Michael Armstrong's 1970 "Mark of the Devil?" I remember that playing in the US for an entire week or so before it was banned!?!? The same thing happened to this movie (and, part 2) all over the world!?!? They gave you a 'barf-bag' when you bought your ticket. I saw this as a double-feature, along with "Orgy of the Vampires" (also not mentioned), at the Strand Theatre in Westfield, Massachusetts.

    Awesome memories – thank you for posting this! :)

  24. WAS says:

    I got a little choked up when Mark Gatiss went into the Profondo Rosso shop; I was lucky enough to visit the shop a few years ago :)