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  1. anyone can pull a trigger

  2. 1:19:38 thats not black smithing thats cheating lol

  3. wtf is up with the bullshit in this "documentary"?

  4. Pirate Bear says:

    Swords weren't held in as high esteem as what comes across here. Archers where much more valuable and even cost more to hire (in Europe). In Japan, the katana didn't get its prestige until after the samurai era was over and the elite began using them as symbols and decoration.

  5. Dreyn Harry says:

    I know the documentary is old, but OH BOY is it again here – this stupid cliche that european swords are heavy…. a typical european LONGSWORD (length between 1200 – 1350 mm) hardly weighs over 1300 – 1500 g and those were the swords used for combats.

    I am not really a katana expert, only handled ~ 20 replicas and 2 originals, but most of them were heavier just because of the immense thick back of the blade.

    Really folks, get rid of this stupid cliche after almost 100 years of teaching nonsens it would finally time to do so.

  6. History channels producers and 'viewers have the mental age of a 12 year old. The number of major factological and technical errors exceed 20.


  8. DarkZtorm says:

    Sigh, History channel why can't you become less MURICA and more serious. They only care about entertainment more than making a serious documentary of some sort. They don't give a shit about being historical correct. The sad thing is, this is probably the most "serious" or "historical correct" documentary made by History channel.

  9. Welsh Guy says:

    Hahaha when he was talking about the Norman conquest they had a knight on horseback wearing the battle flag of Owain Glyndwr!!

  10. 70 kilos is 15lbs how is that quite fat? that's not "fat" in the least

  11. What a dopey sounding narrator.

  12. 漢子 says:

    I learnt that the three most powerful swords made was 1) Japanese sword 2) Damascus sword 3) Kris

  13. Overall a good show, but with some not so good elements. The three that bug me the most are that a European long sword is a clumsy and slow weapon (it's not), that swords were rarely cleaned (it's the single most valuable thing you own but you're never going to take care of it? BS!) and that sabers aren't good for thrusting attacks (they most certainly are!).

  14. 41:25 – LOL. As if the sword would cut all by itself. If the first swordfighter would act like the 2nd he wouldnt be any faster then him.

  15. Adel Ayadi says:

    there is only one sword who dominate the world, it's the Damascus Arabian Sword, the rest are just attempt to copied and to come close to his legacy, today the Arab world can not produce nothing due to years and years of Christian humiliation until the Arab spring been invented and soon it will be the best production of Damascus machine gun to kill all Christian pigs, hehehehehahahaha

  16. John White says:

    I read that iron smithing was discovered at relatively the same time in Britain and the middle east. The middle eastern form spread but the British knowledge remain isolated.

  17. lool the classic roman bread knife xD

  18. There's a lot of misinformation in this

  19. T Koutlosh says:

    Oh my god! Whole this video is completely full of bullshit! I can't recommend it to watch for those, who don't know much about this topic, because there are a lot of wrong informations in it.

  20. Adam Frisk says:

    I kinda burst out laughing at 9:10.

    Boob plate? What will they think of next?

  21. the Celts did not wear fucking furs!! they had proper clothing. why is it every one always likes to portray the Germans and Celts as if they where from the stone age?

  22. TheGooddog3 says:

    "Horses gave swords a place on the battlefield" Lol.

  23. the crusades where done by Catholics not Christians as a historian you need to get it right the pope is not Jesus

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