History Documentary – World War 2 Normandy Invasion In Colour Best Documentary HD, Full Documentary

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  1. Mr Hot Salsa says:

    I love how the comments have asshole arguing over the biggest dick size

  2. Vikas Yadav says:

    The ferocity of the attack both offensive (allied forces) and defensive (german side) can literally be seen through casuality sustained at dog green sector omaha beach ,charlie sector utah beach and dog white sector pointe du hac beach,

    but allied forces loss here is nothing if compared to iwo jima where it's said that 20000 japanese soldiers lose thier lives and in their desperation they claimed 23000 american lives, before givin' in 8 square miles japanese land they called "iwo jima".
    World war 2 is truly historical.

  3. g36c1 says:

    yanke propaganda garbage

  4. D Ve says:

    Funny how the Amerifats only recognize their own deeds and country. America leads the way, Americans have the biggest influence, Omaha was the reason the Allies won and totally not how the Russians steamrolled Germany.

  5. No rich people were harmed in the making of this war.

  6. I have a question. Does anybody know how many tanks were used for the invasion of Normandy? I know that about 50 000 Sherman tanks were produced, but how many of were used for the D-Day invasion?

  7. Got to admit Germans made some amazing looking weapons.

  8. nazmul hoque says:

    What would be good is if they laid down smoke grenades or some sort and used larger barge with tanks to land instead of deploy at the sea

  9. Not trying to be a smartass but… why not use snipers to kill the german gunners?
    and i still find it hard to believe that the bombers that dropped bombs hours before the invasion didn't hit a single german structure

  10. Pedro Ramos says:

    that was a mess ,I can imagine a WW3 I dont know why people pray for a ww3 is not right.

  11. M3M3L0RD says:

    So… 200,000 people lost on D-Day.

    700 of which were from Omaha.

  12. I downloaded this ….. in order to keep track of what I have downloaded over the years ….

  13. Weird. All of these documentaries on Youtube and apparently Omaha beach is the only beach that existed or mattered in WW2. Might want to rename your documentary from Normandy Invasion to Omaha Beach – Operation Bodyguard

  14. Obviously this information wasn't very accurate.

  15. Dude 313 says:

    Not sure if this happened to anyone else but it froze for like ten minutes then the audio was muted. Really disappointing.

  16. Elr James says:

    Lord Ashcroft: yuck.

  17. For all the people that are complaining about the documentary not mentioning Canada and England: If you don't like that Americans are talking about their beach please go watch it from the perspective of the British please and then tell me how or if they talked about Omaha in their documentary.

  18. Aamir Khan says:

    Video does play from 01:01:09 from 01:10:32. After that it plays but no sound..

  19. Devin Walton says:

    how the fuck can you dislike this. d day is history and the sacrifices the men Indored. have respect assholes.

  20. i don't understand how all you people can leave dumb comments when all I can do is feel gratitude and if you aren't of that persuasion then compassion for these courageous men. I bet most of you men on here leaving stupid and frivolous comments aren't half the men these men were.

  21. History channel's ww2 documentaries = ignorance

  22. Nubian 127 says:

    what the fuck is wrong with all these retards? they're talking about Omaha fucking beach in France and only the Americans fought there so suck up the retardation and shove it up your assess, only Americans fought on Omaha beach.

  23. isn't Pointe Du Hoc is one of the D-day landings?

  24. For some reason I love learning history

  25. America is the best bla bla. I'm sick of that propaganda. History channel sucks pretty much.

  26. Hey what about the British and Canadian beaches. Americans weren't the only ones to fight on D day.

  27. Germany got ganged up in WWII.

  28. noodle says:

    great half way in you loose sound and picture thanks history

  29. I love how the people die

  30. Well you did it Tom Jones, you made everyone think they were on the Green Green Grass of home. You have them all trying to say that this group of soldiers were this and that group were best, when all soldiers have their moments, some are scared shitless and others are just scared. No group; of soldiers are better than others, some are just beetter trained or play better in the wet.

  31. Only we Americans can screw up a historical document with such classless overbearing horrible and distracting music. This is pitiful as it is cast as more of a soap opera than bravery and cleverness and determination. Also, what about the other beach assaults? We could at least acknowledge them.

  32. If only bombers would hit the target… :(

  33. Just to let everyone know this documentary disregards the Canadian and British success on D-day

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