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  1. wayne murphy says:

    What a steaming pile of shit.

  2. Sounds like government propaganda BS to me. I believe some of these shows are fake and designed to misinform the public.

  3. Sa Bach md says:

    The video lost its truthness when they tie 911 to a bunch of cave dwellers, attacking the most guarded place on earth. This program is just like how the Bible was corrupted to aide evil-masters, another stupid try to demonize Islam. If you believe the gov. account of 911, you are a sheep, and a brainwashed slave of our Whore-Media.

  4. Robbie Jena says:

    There are more than Humans on Planet Earth that work on the projects…so, watch what God and Angels and their Workers do…thanks…

  5. Keith C says:

    The oracle of Delphi pretty well summed up predictions of the future when asked about war. Her reply? "If you go to war, a great empire will fall." Mmm yeaahh, that's a pretty safe guess.

  6. Luisa A says:

    how Nostradamus 1999 7 months prediction turns into 9111 September month??? Lol…

  7. Jeanne` Hall says:

    When man knows his fate will he change his destiny or will he continue down the path of destruction

  8. nick f says:

    Very interesting film. Food for thought.

  9. ghanditw says:

    I will be so disappointed if i don't get to see the world burn! I came from a generation that was fed this bullshit unfortunately im one of the few who want to see it happen as a species we have failed.

  10. Jay Me says:

    Does the history Channel have any integrity…

  11. Veikko Saksi says:

    This was an interesting video of Nostradamus and Bueno de Mesquita. But why you completely forgot Stalin who killed, according to professor Joseph Rummel's 30 years examinations, over 30 million of citizens?

    Stalin was also a "good" example to Hitler f. ex. in GULAG concentration camps. Stalin became to power about 10 years before Hitler. In this video Hitler is responsible of all the second world war.

    Hitler was also guilty but Stalin was practically more guilty than Hitler. It also that you believe that 911 action was made by al Qaida. It was not only by that.

    Bet anyway this was a very interesting video.

  12. you don't need a fortune teller to figure out that one day we will destroy the planet ! just switch your tv on and watch the news humanity is incapable of living in peace its just a matter of time until its over ,weapons of evil have been stocked up so much that there is no way of stopping our destruction. The shame of it is everything we know is a Lie we are fighting over fairy tales and greed.

  13. Tiempo Nuevo says:

    I began to look into all of this in the mid 1980's. 1) is this prophesy for the end of times self fulfilling? 2) All wars Americans have been involved in have been supported through False Flags..except I believe the Revolutionary War. These wars were all based upon the love of the GOD MONEY and Concubine Power embolden by the many anti-Christs who run the machine of America and American values from dark corners in the shadows of secrecy. It is not nations that are the problem it is those who have been manipulating nations. We know who the anti Christs are who have work in secret for centuries to have power over life, death, and the universe. We are being intentionally destroyed

  14. the world is lead by leaders & leaders look first of all after their personal interests in a way that their perception gets distorted leading to wrong and deadly decisions.

    next step will probably be computer based decision making which leads to the conclusion that in order for humanity to survive humanity needs to be controlled by machines or we can also exterminate ourselves & apes will rule the earth.

  15. Mirko Franco says:

    said the people will destroy all weapons
    for peace will reign on earth.
    people will wake up spiritually
    will need to more money.
    the food will not need to, we will live by the spiritual food.

  16. nostry was a fuckwit read his history
    complete dickhead

  17. Now i know why South Park made a parody of History channel.

  18. beau ly says:

    "History" channel.

  19. Billy Holmes says:

    don't need to demonize Muslim's they are doing it all by them selves who is doing the attacks ? well it any snoopy it is Muslim's not Buddhist not Catholic it is Muslim people and they don't have to be radicalized they just need to follow there child's rapist Muhammad orders .wake up they hate the west and there ways . I hope one doesn't pick you out of a crowd and try to behead you cuz then it will b to late to belive

  20. Billy Holmes says:

    to put it another way a few years fundamental Christian here in the US were acting all crazy every time one of those nutbags went off ever news station had Christian pastors, priests lining up to get on air so they can tell the masses that the things those nutbags were doing was not true Christian beliefs . can't get a single Muslim imam to do that or if they do it come out they believe in issis or alcada . see the difference .? if not to bad

  21. Wow can someone explain to me why this shit is on youtube? seriously that bearded guy his a fucking dumb ass , propagated the ignorance is lame guys…..

  22. Yo Kel says:

    Then wars will begin again

  23. Truth Seeker says:

    this is absolute bullshit. the Mujahideen did not perpetrate 9/11. the Jewnited States government did

  24. Truth Seeker says:

    amazing that the imbeciles on this program sir there and talk this bullshit with a straight face lmfao

  25. Alex Kay says:

    This is horse shit.

  26. jozefsan says:

    You didn't a count for public yo find out that all your prediction been from white house and all Ben just made up stuff how to destabilising world…….sorry but your whole documentary is just cover up shit

  27. This is entertaining and all, but I would be more impressed if we could have used these alleged "predictions" maybe…oh, say…BEFORE the 911 attacks? Yeah.

  28. Ethan Coster says:

    I just had a thought future war btween us an russia spawned from the middle east could ths b syria!!!

  29. Ginger Moon says:

    Pretty dumb, when it is, common knowledge that the USA is sitting on the greatest wealth of oil, in the world.

  30. My Bapthistphoto Hanged Over The Food Store In Alby Centrum/ Stockholm From 1978 Many Years On.

  31. Bless his heart…this show is pretty much rubbish…lol

  32. Marilyn V says:

    History teaches, if we pay attention. Visions and references of today/ made to fit past predictions or vice versa..common sense and logic in human behavior,subjected prediction. It's a matter of what you believe and how you perceive what you think you know or where you attribute your knowledge came from to ascertain having knowledge of anything in the first place.

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