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  1. Gloria Acuna says:

    You guys are SOOOO smart.

  2. Wow, the ads are out of control on this video.

  3. Peter Mullen says:

    It's hard to believe these people are actually out there. What a bunch of pukey nerds. No wonder the world is dying. Where's the Taliban when you need them. "Na" that's to harsh, They're just nerdy pukes, feed them to the bears instead.Please go camp somewhere else.

  4. love the yellow advert marks all over this … can't wait for Amazon to tell me what to buy for a loved one.

  5. Wats Doug says:

    The History channel known for its reruns…

  6. Rook Gordin says:

    63 mins. in, there's a guy filtering through his photos on his camera to find a photo of a cliff shot of his dumb little buddy. What was the point of this video? OBVIOUSLY TO SHOW THAT THE EDITOR TOOK THE DECADE OFF. I' be never seen a documentary about nothing. Thanks.

  7. Rook Gordin says:

    All of the THUMBS UP were History Channel employees with guns to their heads.

  8. Fred Eagle says:

    interesting doc. dumb comments as usual.

  9. Why didn't you mention Copper Canyon in Mexico? It is considerably bigger and more colorful than the Grand Canyon.

  10. bendigger 0 says:

    This is not "Ancient Discoveries" this is "How the Earth was made" and it's old- don't waste your time- just another YouTube douche that's trying to get views be re-titling old shit everyone has already seen. << from Stoney Lonesome

  11. southerneruk says:

    Left out all the Ice Ages that it would of seen, also Garnets can form under deep water. Worlds biggest plateau is in Tibet China and what is still happening here will tell you more of the story in the USA, as the Tibet Plateau is still rising and falling. how this is cause is by under the bed rocks moulton rocks that stick to the bed rock underneath will crack and fall off, this makes the land rise, then as lava sticking it back on sinks the land back down, diffence here is that Tibet Plateau is a lot higher, its the source of the Yellow River

  12. Keith Bandy says:

    bs flood made it

  13. lol! the earth is only 6,000 years old.

  14. i will make program Documentary about wild in my city and post it in youtube this my hope

  15. All the sediment washed out of the Grand Canyon is now in the Salton Sink.

  16. he said a billion tons of earth was removed making it, Where is all the earth . If you follow it right to the ocean at the end should be evidence like you see at the end of the Nile river . but nothing there ? in a few more years they will talk about earth quakes , maybe planetary influence ? or a expanded earth plate ? Its just that very few of us has the time to wait and see.

  17. radioactive decay is a proven unreliable technique of dating , i think it was even in court once in US . They refused it , but the man proved hes point non the less

  18. 44:00 to 55:00 should be chopped off. It's blank.

  19. Fantastic till 44:00. After that there is a gap of 11 mins (waste). Then it's a private video from 55:00.

  20. muffin6369 says:

    God all I ever see in these comments are total negativity and the "know it alls"Here's my comment "how 'bout a cup of shut the fuck up!

  21. whitebird77 says:

    what is a microcrob ?

  22. Screw the ads….and this stoopid upload plays two times….

  23. Pfc Havok says:

    Why the fuck would I want to see your home video? Learn to fucking edit.

  24. Turned this on so I had noise to sleep to lol

  25. Not even the correct documentary.

  26. minggordon says:


  27. what was the outcome of million of tons of debris and rocks that the river dug up?

  28. Subdude says:

    The Little Grand Canyon in the state of Washington formed just like he said at 23:00 only it formed in hours in 1982, didn't take millions of years at all. A big lake behind the grand canyon could have spilt over and carved out the Grand Canyon in weeks.

  29. this video begins with an all inclusive statement. Therefore anything that follows is hogwash.

  30. MegaMissfitz says:

    Just look in the history instead of scrolling 🤓🤓🤓

  31. I Don Tcare says:

    Sorry I refuse to watch anything with over two ads in it.

  32. Love this! The Grand Canyon can hold all the river water on earth and still be half full!

  33. Will Thaxton says:

    was great til the end when all I hear is people buying themselves and attach themselves to Something Beautiful in nature that I wouldn't I really don't understand but hey whatever the first part was great

  34. IN 1869, John Wesley Powell was the first man to traverse the 1,450 mile length of the Colorado river?
    You arrogant pricks!

  35. Julio Cesar says:

    Do no captions? legenda?

  36. The grand canyon was created 5,000 years ago during the Biblical flood, when God opened the great chasms of water underground, water gushed out with such force it carved out what you see today, that's why the southwestern part of the United States looks like a desert as a result of so much water gushing out blanketing the whole area with mud.

  37. Eric haskell says:

    You mean the rocks on the bottom are the oldest? How about spring runoff from the Rocky Mountains over millions of years?

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