History Channel – Bunker: World’s Largest and Most Secret – History Documentary Films 2016

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  1. Randy Sharp says:

    If you ever need a bunker life is all over on the main land nobody wins.

  2. Scott-n-AZ says:

    Everyone who lives in the surrounding area of the Greenbrier has always known it (bunker for Congress) is there. I was first told by my 6th grade teacher in 1979. HA!

  3. Randy TheRam says:

    Do you know why the main streets in France have so many trees? Because the Germans enjoy marching in the shade…..Bwahahahahaha

  4. Randy TheRam says:

    If your an antique gun collector, buy a WWII French military rifle. Its never been used, AND ONLY DROPPED ONCE? Bwahahahahahaha

  5. Randy TheRam says:

    Damn, those Americans really saved the UK and Frances ass. Thank a Yank…

  6. short step says:

    Less than two minutes into this,and not hard to see that the secret is out!WTF

  7. PSGhost says:

    Bunkers are useless in the coming nuclear war. No bunker could sustain multiple years worth of provisions, let alone water and air for any number of people. Between nuclear fallout, the following nuclear winter, people would be unable to leave these places for years. They'd all become tombs. Better to die in a blast than to suffocate in a hole. Serve the politicians right, let them all cower underground and when the madness sets in from being confined to a small place where there is no chance ever of seeing the sun again, breath fresh air or hear the simple sounds of birds, they will all go insane eventually and most will have to be executed to maintain some semblance of order. Eventually even the last would kill themselves rather than live in a prison designed to keep them alive to form a new govt. A new govt that would never be formed because the radiation will keep the surface uninhabitable for thousands of years. Bunkers lol. Literal money pits lol.

  8. NORAD; scans the skies for enemy attacks?

  9. R Walker says:

    this is modern marvels and its 20 years old

  10. How would they make any decisions down there with nobody to bribe them?
    That meeting room seems like a waste of space.

  11. steve var says:

    "Hitler took his own life in his bunker"—-Why the fuck in this day and time do we have to hear this shit that's being pushed even in the history books? We all know damn well now that the cowardly little bitch Hitler and his whore wife escaped Germany when his financiers the Rockefellers, helped him and they fled to Austria where he died of old age.

  12. Google Name says:

    Now investigate the one under the Denver Airport. Also figure out where they go now.

  13. anyone else notice that the last name of the historical director for the Nazi u-boat bunker is Fort?

  14. justin case says:

    it's so comforting to know that the mucky mucks of my government, are able to spend my money to save themselves….
    I sleep so much better knowing they are safe………………(and yes, I'm kidding)

  15. the Iranian ballistic missiles are located more than 1600 feets below mountains and rocks

  16. ……great this is how American bunkers look like, I would love to see what European bunkers, precisely Slovakian ones look like…definitely not such a high standard……

  17. Lance Deal says:

    After a nuke ok you can live there for months or years but then what if you go up nuclear radiation will disipate for periods of hundred of years, better to live in non-nuclear country no fighting with nobody just be a witness (southamerica).

  18. Who cares if the government survives if we the people have no bunkers. They will have no people to govern. If they cannot provide us with shelter, let them rot in an open field.

  19. Alpha Six says:

    Not complaining, but how are channels allowed to post History/Discovery Channel content without being subject to copyright infringements? If I post every episode of Modern Marvels and monetize the videos, will they be removed or can I make free money off history channel.. Always wondered how some channels repost and make the same income as others that script, record, edit, post, and maintain original content. Just curious as I have seen some channels change the episodes the slightest to avoid copyright detection. Is this necessary or how does it work?

  20. Steve R says:

    So secret that we can see it on Youtube!

  21. Steve P says:

    Pretty interesting video

  22. Ur Gr8 says:

    bunkers are not for nukes, because nukes are fake(look it up) but they are roads to underground civilizations that are older than our own. aliens are coming from below

  23. DJ Gandy says:

    most secret? hahahaha

  24. help ma boab says:

    lmfao troy isn't legend you fucking retard its now fact they found the high walls and burnt out city !!!!!

  25. 147 million $ base and they couldnt shoot down 1 of the 911 planes hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah mabe there efforts need to be re directed

  26. Guess what? This bunkers are only for the government. Great job! 😄

  27. John Doe says:

    "…Most Secret" Which of course is why it's on YouTube with almost 600k views. Think. Just think is all I ask.

  28. Flimbo nimbo says:

    Congressmen aren't even important. Lmfao…

  29. yea,you don't save children but bunch of old farts..we dont need them if all other ppl are dead

  30. wow this was shite.

  31. Mr. White says:

    If I had my own bunker I would never come out.

  32. 911gpd says:

    The World's Largest and Most Secret Bunker that you (obviously) can see on YouTube

  33. Is this the only video you have up? I'd love to see more

  34. They all will be dead inside the bunker. the door will be lock and will not open after nuk heat.

  35. if it was to come to that i hope i can hold up on a airport on a plane remodeled to a shelter

  36. the amount of bullshit in this video is insane

  37. What about 10 billion population… u fucking dickheads.

  38. gregg4164 says:

    Well the Washington post should have been shut down for exposing the bunker. That is releasing Top secret state secrets. Treason actually.

  39. Ibn Abbi says:

    its not secret anymore its on youtube lol

  40. peter davies says:

    ignore all this crap I have done contract work for theses type of establishments, and they tell you nothing, unless it is 40 year out of date

  41. 2016 my ass. This is at least a decade old.

  42. thieves always thinking of hiding

  43. Barry Kaine says:

    Typical propaganda style "documentary" which completely overlooks the fact that the Russians built large scale fallout bunkers for their general population during the cold war. I saw information at the time (60's-70's), estimating the Russians had enough public shelters for about 70% of their citizenry, whereas, in America, public shelters came to about 15%.
    Part of the reason for the backyard shelter fad, was that, when most people inquired as to where their public shelter was, it was something like the basement at the local school or some such half-assed, underfunded, token attempt at looking responsible. Not to mention, when you might have all of fifteen minutes from notice to bombing, having your shelter at home gave you fast access. I have a feeling that if don the con keeps going like he has been, the home shelter will undergo a resurgence in popularity.

  44. Ian Davidson says:

    Tall Boy was not meant for direct hits, it was designed to cause a earth quake

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