Hidden History: LOST Advanced Technology From Ancient Time Beyond Modern History

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  1. Mr Beard at the start has that much to say at once, he's actually speaking three languages and reciting the Beatles White album backwards…what a guy!

  2. Flat within two thousands of an inch maybe (0.002")? But not within two ten thousands of an inch (0.0002"). You can't measure that tight out in the field.

  3. I really appreciate this video. Thankyou so much for making all your discoveries and observations regarding these amazing places of such great sacredness and antiquity available through youtube. your sharing of this is a real blessing.

  4. Dan Dano says:

    Plumb and Level.

  5. What in the world did they use to cut granite?

  6. bobby jager says:

    a supernova cant break a planets tilt

  7. Considering the massive statue weighs 1000 tons finished, that then makes a 2,000,000 pound statue. That's not even taking into consideration the excess stone that had to be chiseled away to create the statue's form. So possibly 1200 tons of stone, or 2.4 million pounds that was moved over 500 miles across the desert. Incredible. Perhaps the massive statue was carved at the quarry and then moved in pieces to the current location?

  8. Thom Vogan says:

    Would have not been so annoying to watch if the camera person had of thought to use a simple foam mic cover.

  9. I think that the pyramids might have been a way to send and/or receive signals. To man-made satellites, as possibly a relay or to other solar systems. Even at the speed of light, the signal would take some time to arrive to other stars or galaxies. Of course, those people were much more adanced than us and could have found a way to send signals faster than the speed of light. The pyramids would need a way to send geosynchronous signals probably anywhere accurately, hence the accurate positioning of the structures, and who knows how the signal was created and sent. Just another hypothesis, but who really knows?. There are so many ideas out there (except for the so-called scientific community) why not one more? Also, It came to me that a major reason for the scientific community not accepting  the rational ideas of so many intelligent people on the true past of us humans, could be that the theory of evolution could fall by the wayside if the real history of humans is known. And that is scientists'  bible and they cradle it like a baby– the theory of evolution that is.

  10. Mike Kretmar says:

    you can clearly see these Egyptians had horns devil's horns and the head dresses were to hide there horns.if you put one one it wouldn't sit up high like there's did,on some you can CLEARLY SEE EVIDENCE THAT THESE ,things had horns and they were the 2nd generation of hybrids the ones before had crazy body structure,even old art shows the horns and the Pope and Obama all of our scumbags in office are of the same bloodline and I believe the horned ones are still around giving orders and Google famous all the elite giving devil horns sign and they ALL do it showing allegiance to there true horned satanic Gods

  11. Mike Kretmar says:

    and I'm sure Brian is FULLY aware,that these fucking hybrid Egyptians have horns and not ONCE I heard any of these people talk about there HORNS

  12. If you all like this stuff, check out Mud Fossils channel here on Youtube


  14. dont you know how to cover a microphone from the wind?

  15. brian lindo says:

    i get so sick of people telling lie's like cant make stuff out of granite without modern tools. did romans have modern tools they made granite statues, greece. theres not a time we havent made shit out of granite. cant believe the lies these people use.

  16. ajdogcurr1 says:

    When I was a child in school back in the days when we still has prayer and bible stories read by the teacher. I was led to believe that the Israelite slaves built the pyramids. But then when I began to think and study for my self I found that everything I was taught was a lie. Like man made global warming is a lie meant to control our lives. We don't really know how these magnificent massive structures were built with such accuracy and precision. But I just can not believe they were built with nothing but copper chisels and rock hammers. Using brute force to move them such great distances then putting them in place. One thing is for certain those builders new much more than we have been led to believe by the so called experts. My belief is that the people were much bigger and stronger; "There were Giants on the earth in those days" Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown" Yea a few giants could handle the big slabs of granite easily.

  17. Our great leaders have re-written history to suit their own ideology all the way back through time from the beginning. Most people don't see the videos of Egyptian government puling statues out and bashing the faces off, because its not good for business. Sadly, people who want to know the real past have to wade through pride and prejudice before they can ever even get close to understanding truth.

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