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34 Responses

  1. Eric S says:

    God bless Mr Paul thank you and your family wish i could have met you

  2. Lawman117 says:

    ROFL!!! All I saw was An asshole and a pair of balls squattin over my foxhole! That's classic. Awesome guy this one.

  3. MrSkypony says:

    Thank you Mr Paul. As a Vietnam combat veteran I hope I remember as much as you when im your age. Flying banana's was funny..thanks again

  4. meditech says:

    I work in the healthcare field. I am 42 years old and get to listen to stories like this all the time. I tell my friends and my children, the best history on earth is in your nursing homes and senior centers. 

  5. This Gentleman has all my respect, Thank you for sharing this with us RSG2033.

  6. T kotan says:

    Thanks for posting this story.

  7. Those men who fought in Korea were real men.

  8. I don't know how dad got his work done…Indeed. =)

  9. That clock ticking in the background. Wow. So perfectly filmed. 

  10. Thanks for posting. 

  11. O.60 says:

    Thanks for sharing. It's wonderful to hear Paul's story. I have such respect for our Korean War vets and I am very proud of my dad who served in Korea 1951-52. U.S. Army 19th Infantry Reg., 24th Div.. RIP Dad.

  12. Mike Smith says:

    Thank all of the Korean war vets.

  13. Three people wish they has real balls….

  14. Hawkin's Dog says:

    America's forgotten war, and forgotten veterans. But not by me, Thanks guys!

  15. Who the heck gives a thumbs down to this guy!

  16. TigerShark says:

    i think my grandpa was at atterbury at pretty much this same time…….shipped out from the northwest, maybe same ship….said he seen civilians hit by napalm and melting faces, and were not allowed to help them, told to keep marching……i have a picture of him at heartbreak ridge

  17. TigerShark says:


  18. J says:

    I know that look in his eyes when he is returning to that God Forsaken place. I'm glad he had the courage to speak about his ordeals in Korea. Its tough to get the older generations of Veterans to speak of their experience. Its an honor to hear this gentleman speak of his time in hell. God bless you sir and thanks for you're service. From one veteran to another.

  19. deadhead686 says:

    Thanks for sharing his story. My grandfather was a .30 caliber machine gunner at pork chop hill in 1953 but he does not talk about it.

  20. Dam what a different world it was. Men were Men and Women were Women.

  21. dan lawton says:

    six n a half dollers every night is a lot of money for every night + feeding ll kids n the 40s yea I don't think this guy was por win he was a kid

  22. Emil Bell says:

    What the hell up with the closed caption? The words are all wrong. Thanks.

  23. Moondie says:

    Hommage à un héros français Louis Misseri.

  24. lee sherman says:

    Hell would have been an improvement! Thank you G.I.s.

  25. Devin Walton says:

    we take for granted the sacrifice people have to go through. I served I'm the Marines for 12 years and I am dam proud to have served my country and I would be glad to do it again

  26. Travis Mayo says:

    Amazing A real man and american bad ass, god bless you.

  27. G37sCoupe says:

    Great story thanks for posting it I wish we interviewed more of these men on camera to hear their stories before its to late, a lot of these stories have been lost to time.

  28. Gary Piont says:

    thank you for being honest and teaching folks what it was like and mentioning the other wars . peace be with you.

  29. Thanks for this story,my uncle was a sergeant in Korea in the Belgian contingent and won a silver star in the battle of the Imjin!

  30. 420glass says:

    Thank you for posting

  31. Rajul Saxena says:

    thanks so much for uploading , really very heart touching

  32. sdlonewolf says:

    Paul Linerode was a Hard core American Army Combat Veteran Hero!! Three of my uncles served in Korea U.S Army, Infantry, Combat Engineer and ADA. They all saw heavy combat against Chinese and North Korean Army. I followed in Their footsteps and served U.S. Army Infantry 1990-1993, in Germany at the end of the Cold War!

  33. Mr Linerode is a cool cat very well done

  34. Thanks for this! Well done! Den