(HD) The Secret of Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit – Forbidden History Documentary

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6 Responses

  1. Dennis Wise says:

    Your previous work on your other channel that I viewed was good, but don't be fooled by this Zionist propaganda.

  2. this EXPLAINS it ALL!!!!!

  3. john grace says:

    Very interesting, I enjoyed it, thanks for the upload

  4. snapattack says:

    Thank god the whole world drinks Coca Cola now, use Aspartam and energy drinks and gobbles up tons of McDonalds made of GMO stuffs. We even brush our teeth with Fluoride. We are so much healthier today.

  5. jena gates says:

    I enjoyed this expose' not only of Hitler but of these two doctors?, the one is rather disgusting and needs something to limit her size.

    If Hitler hadn't committed suicide, He probably wouldn't have lived much longer with all his health problems.

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