Greeks Romans Vikings The Founders Of Europe – Episode 1: The Greeks – History Documentary HD

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  1. It's kind of crazy today to think that rich people in antiquity would be so generous. When did we go wrong?

  2. A.Nego7 v. says:

    Hoooold it!!!! The Vikings discover America? Yeah and they founded Jurassic Park…

  3. The Olympian gods moral flaws are brought up to differentiate them from the Abrahamic god; a being who kills numerous people out of anger, and even describes himself as a "jealous god" because of his prohibition against what he calls "idol worship"? Yahweh and the Olympians don't seem that different to me.

  4. ioan ioan says:

    Yes but black friends told me that all whites are monkeys and half humans i am white idiot and i trust him now is Greek History a lie .

  5. Spawn says:

    There is a problem in this video. Muslim Civilazation called Al-Andalus in Spain forgotten. Without them there won't be Europe. They brought science and knowledge of middle east.

  6. Vag*Tech says:

    Someone tell me why the greeks are speaking German?

  7. The Pelasgian Cadimeia married Harmonia, daughter of Zeus. and Zeus married Europa sister of Cadimeia then the first europeans were born Illyrians(Albanian's)

  8. did anyone else have to watch this for Cultural connections

  9. Vikings as founders of Europe, Wtf have you guys been smoking? Oh wait this is a german documentary, they had to put something for themselves. Information nowadays…

  10. And of course the aliens…Let's not forget about them.

  11. History making lot of nostalgia …..Thanks

  12. a good ancient free European history book with lot of valuable maps

  13. I know the documentary is focused on Europe, but at 30:00 they could've listed how the greatest birthed Democratic Republic (US) was heavily influenced by Greek culture as well. if it weren't for Greek ideals America would be insanely different, no?

    Anyway, great documentary!!!

  14. Hallo Du says:

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  15. A.Nego7 v. says:

    see the tabasco heads in mejico? Africans discovered America…

  16. Vikings. Awesome as fuck.

  17. 0:46 "and they were the first to discover America." gtfo

  18. Romans was Greeks same gods,architecture,army formation,culture.Proof when the West Roman Empire fall the Greeks continue to rule the East Roman Empire aka Byzantium for 1000yrs more.Rome-Ρώμη(in greek language) means strength.

  19. This is well produced racist bullshit we all helped to build western civilisation from Africa to India to China

  20. We are all one family living on this planet don't look at the part look at the whole

  21. Mizz EU says:

    Modern Greeks are Turks and Albanians

  22. Greece is famous as the cradle of western civilization and greek culture has an enormous impact in your daily life ,we have more than 5000 years proud history! i hope people out there to discover a better image about greece!!

    our legacy includes:

    Democracy, Logic,Western philosophy, Western literature ,christian literature (bible)

    the Olympic Games and athletic spirit

    alphabet (greek latin and cyrilic)

    political science,(individual rights,citizen rights,elections, voting legislation and executive bills,public services civilian control over the military ,seperation between religion and government,constitutional government, equality under the law middle class egalitarianism ,trial by jury,representation by laywer ,free speech.

    major scientific and mathematical principles ,physics geometrical trigonometry(too many to write),

    modern international scientific vocabulary

    The Oxford Dictionary includes 10,500 Greek words, which constitute 21,6% of the dictionary.

    engineering & technology (antikythera mechanism first analog computer,Electricity and magnetism ,alarm clock,water mill,vending machines,odometer,steam engine,steets,Waterscrew,atmospheric devices ,Diving bell,Parchment ,Mechanical organ ,valistic weapons,hydraulic telegraph ,Crossbow ,Spiral Staircase ,Anchor ,cement,Wheelbarrow,bolts and nuts ,Thermometer,Cannon,robot servant,automatic machines,rut way,caliper,crane,clock towers,automatic doors,fire hose, surveying tools-Dioptra ,photography,air and water pumps,Fore-and-aft rig,levers,geers and chain drive,Escapement,lighthouses,canals,tunnels,urban planning,distillation,Pulley ,astrolabe,Roof tiles,Breakwaters Glassblowing ,Sinks and showers…

    economy (worlds first money coins found in ionia-greek lydia and first extensively used in all greek city states),

    architecture(most government buildings,museums ,churches ,theaters,stadiums and universities around the world are of Greek building style).

    arts (Classical art,Panel and wall painting ,mosaics,Ceramics,cosmetics,Glass and glyptic art
    modern sculptures &statues monumentes ,christian art, iconography,greco-buddist art etc

    modern medicine(all doctors around the world give hippocrates oath and 83% of medical terms and 70% surgery tools used by doctors are of greek origin)

    biology zoology,botany,atomic theory

    music (instruments ,poetry,pythagoras tunic ,pentatonic epic music anthems,hymns,Aeolian mode,Octave,Dorian mode,Locrian mode,Mixolydian mode rapsody..),

    worlds first university Plato s Academy & the Imperial University of Constantinople and education tradition

    Worlds first computer antikythera mechanism

    Theater and Western drama including both tragedy and comedy.


  24. discovered america? …so i'm guessing they made it there before the red indians,incas & mayans ? or are those guys just not people to you?

  25. JustADude says:

    Just got back from watching Afrocentric claims that blacks were the first at everything and original everyone. I'm noticing a pattern here. Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism are so similar. Exaggerated claims from both sides that the whole world revolves around them.

  26. JamiePlays ! says:

    When u click the 1k like

  27. Bert Sesame says:

    Public casting founded. Thanks europe!

  28. i love history, and history of greece is one of my favorite,its very interesting,and greece is the very first place i want to go.

  29. Why are all the jelious haters of the Greeks keep saying that they have nothing to do with Ancient Greeks?How the fuck do you know that?


  31. Zach says:

    I think you could compare the oracles message to a fortune cookie ha.

  32. What's up with the German ?

  33. Simone Dylan says:

    who made history in europe are the Greeks and the Italians…..the Vikings too, but they didn't influence europe that much like the Romans did, for example.

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