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  1. Janet Wolfe says:

    I would not be able to be inside of that house it was bad enough stopping in front of that house little does any one care to know what ever is in there will follow you home Believe or not

  2. Ilija Gucev says:

    macedonia is wacthing you shou

  3. JDM Horror says:

    Those two or three orbs that split off of each other in the doorway at 2:02:33 were crazy, you even say that you saw them with your eyes, Tim, nice catch! And then there's a white bar of light that comes outta the room through the doorway in the back at 2:12:03 , lots of stuff tonight.

  4. What is the app you use on your phone?

  5. KCmetwo says:

    3:22:09 range when they asked if it just touched Bambi ghost box says "Yes accept it"

  6. ImJohnReiff says:

    I wouldnt even be asking questions after it said "run". Id be home already

  7. Legendary says:

    You people haven't got the wisdom knowledge or understandment of God its an abomination to call out on spirits they are no children spirits or human spirits at all in that house human spirits are with God or on the other side of the gulf it tells us in Hebrews 9-27 what happens after death your talking with demonic spirits playing a sick game with you. Leading you away from God. If you fear those enitity's they will eat you up that fear brings power to them those who are weak in faith they drain you they will devour you up.

  8. misscr33ps says:

    1:18:00 You see the orb going around and the ghost box says "Demon!:
    1:20:00 its like two spirits are talking.
    one says:  "stop him!"
    and the other answers: "I can't

  9. Flashlights (the kind with the switch on the end) have been widely debunked. There are at least a couple vids floating around YouTube describing why…

  10. Kimi Disorda says:

    We just got a I.R. HiDef Video Camcorder & have a Ovilus 3 coming in a few days. We are ready to go on a Ghost hunt. We want to go on some investigations. We need some training & so far no answers back.

  11. Craig Stone says:

    BTW and I'm not sure if this has been realised before or is still worth noting but there is an obvious past connection between Germans and the Jewish faith. It speaks to the idea that it's a human spirit perhaps someone who was involved in WWII, perhaps trying to escape guilt through suicide?.?

  12. Craig Stone says:

    The first ghost box session upstairs sounds like a two way conversation the woman enters as though to investigate then is reporting to the male voice it's as though there's a hierarchy among the six or maybe it the spirits of humans strategising to impersonate demons in the house….

  13. You are all such lovable, familiar people and i have watched everything out there you are in—i feel like ur a part of my extended family–Tim, Bambie, Dave, JJ as well as Scott, Patrick and others..You inspire me and ur work is so important for the spiritual evolution we are undergoing. Blessings and prayers to you all. Stay on God's side. Peace.

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