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  1. Ed H says:

    lol @ that clairvoyant..all clairvoyants are fake and piss me off. speak in more generalizations if u can. shit can them from the show!

  2. Ed H says:

    He does seem like he's "acting" and poorly at that

  3. Ed H says:

    who's the guy with the 90's goatee? I don't know his name

  4. andy man says:

    can you tell that woman psychic to shut the hell up….that mouth keeps going an going

  5. Terry Melnyk says:

    did u ever think u get asked to leave because of some of ur dumb questions? why is cold in here? are u evil? god sakes she just introduced herself! I wouldn't speak to u or waste any energy on u after that! guys, think of questions before u go. I think u will get better results. Other than that u get some of the BEST evidence I've seen. ur only going to get better!

  6. d sanders says:

    bless you for being a real person. sorry to ask but being a non believer who saw something, who could i write/email to ask about it, or should i leave it as i have for almost 30 yrs?
    thank you and blessings

  7. I shit you not there is a light in my room that has begun flickering as I'm 18:34 minutes in to this. Called the girlfriend in to have a look too. Bit unnerving to say the least…

  8. Skajaquada says:

    have too totally disagree with the bald headed guy that will run to any excuse to say it's wrong. He would try and disprove anything wrong and why ? he never opened up to the facts, take him along t a few things where stuff does happen he might change his mind or leave brown stains. It's all there it can't really be recorded, some history has shown that… sure I could be like the bald headed idiot that can say shit too … everything is fake and reasons why ( you need to back it up with evidence to say how – he can't he was never there at the time) .. he did himself in on it.. he is not a subjective person to use, he had his own agenda to start with and you can't change perceptions of someone so clueless unless they were there to experience it :)

  9. holywine7 says:

    This is what Dark Magicians did back throughout history. At times called The Old Ones the Babylonian Mystery School et al. They knew you could do this stuff.Google John Dee, Allister Crowley (sp).They worked at amplifying the kind of activity they are trying to capture in this video. And they were very good at it. They made it a science with complex magical name and number squares (every possible angle adds up to 15 or the same word) and the Will to talk to what they saw as Interdimensional beings. Crowley called what he called He Who Dwells In The Abyss in the desert and it  was captured by the reporter he had brought along. The reporter was told to stay in the circle he was standing and not to leave it for anything while Crowley Invoked. He suddenly saw a lady he knew and he called to her almost stepping out of the circle before she vanished to be replaced by a foul sulfur stinking monstrosity that terrified him to the point he spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital. The terror is the rush of a roller-coaster drop from a great height but it lasts for hours. To function during this stomach-dropping state is the Magicians discipline. Obviously, it's quite hard to do but Dee and Crowley (and Sr. Francis Bacon) were good at it and quite a lot of sustained interaction between themselves and Demons (their word not mine) were called Workings. See The Babylon Working. It is all the same magic that the Egyptian Magicians used to copy Moses' staff turning into a snake. Remember, they repeated the miracle that God gave to Moses to perform to show them he came from Him. The OTO, the Golden Dawn, The Temple Of Set are modern groups that possess these workings. They are alive and active and will continue to grow into the eventual ruling of our world.1947b Crowley died, we exploded the first Atomic Bomb, and the Roswell crash was staged. The majority of Workings he performed were on a cosmic level and some are active in our reality today. They work to bring about the destruction of God's creation, especially man.

  10. holywine7 says:

    If you're going to call upon Demons to manifest themselves to you, you have to say "Appear to me in {a} pleasing form…" or you are libel to get some awful things…

  11. Robert Fresh says:

    jingle bitch is annoying asf ,that fake ass medium bitch made this hard to watch

  12. jrsir1 says:

    Hey Luke great job on this video much better than the last one BUT… could I just make a little suggestion ?? the background sound track is really annoying at times and sometimes you can't hear what is said, the "drum bang" is great to show that there's something that just happened so keep that for sure but for example Nancy tells you that he said "thank you and you're welcome" you just hear her over the background (noise) music or whatever you call it, all I'm saying is you don't need the annoying ambience sound track, but if you feel that you MUST use it turn it down. Keep up the great job I just subscribe to you channel Thanks for the videos.

  13. V Kuchichana says:

    Ghosts won't come I'm afraid: they're pretty upset at the tuneless rendition of 'You are my Sunshine'  It might well hurt their ears! LOL

  14. This show is pretty good and he does a great job putting this together.

  15. Jeff LeFevre says:

    worst. skeptic. ever. it's great to be skeptical, but he clearly has zero understanding of technology. zero.

  16. i watch the first one was very cool now watching second one awesome job luke

  17. DUSK O. says:

    but,,,Luke…I am clairvoyant….I would be happy to work with you and help you out

  18. Just Jill D says:

    +Luke Millett This so called medium or whatever she calls herself is full of crap.She has no idea what she is doing and she is cold reading and just regurgitating the same information over and over.I suggest you don't work with her again because she is fucking up your credibility and takes away the credibility and importance of your evidence and of your investigations.

  19. People so gullible. If there is wondering souls, they probably wandering why you wanna beez dont leave them be. Like fabricated gods people follow like sheep. Spend time to help the living, the dead are gone

  20. I love your videos. just found you today and subscribed right away. The skeptic you have will always refuse to see the truth. I am a sensitive and I try to debunk before I believe. if I can't make sense of it scientifically or logically, then it has to be paranormal. Would love to go on an investigation either you some day. keep up the great work

  21. Who the hell are these two idiots. The one standing reminds me of the professor in Gilligan's Island from tv years ago, what a joke.

  22. Hey Luke I am really enjoying your videos. I hear you're going to be in my neck of the woods soonish to hang out with my buddy @Drumblanket . You should definitely bring your equipment because Indy has alot of undiscovered hot spots for spiritual activity. Then again I don't really know your plans for stopping through but regardless I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy what you are doing with the searching because all the tv crap seems faked and it urks me being someone who has actually had real experiences and watching the junk they try to pass… thank you for being genuine.

  23. I use to do investigations and I got lots of EVPs on my little digital recorder. I use to see ghosts in nearly every place I lived until I was 16 years and I would get strong feelings in places I went to and still get those feels. I know this stuff is real because of personal experiences.. That so called medium was full of crap. WHY is she even there. Paranormal investigators don't need mediums.

  24. 11:11 says:

    Got that right! The ghost I saw was at 4:30 pm.

  25. Ghost selfies even in death we are still vain. Sorry Jim you need to practice a little more I front of the camera and STOP repeating yourself so damn much.

  26. Jen Wren says:

    Very impressed with this video,,unlike those big shows which aren't as personal. I liked how you guys are not viewing these orbs+voices as performers on queue more as acknowledging the lives the once were,,,twas refreshing to see..

  27. tom sinsel says:

    hey luke pull the antenna out on the ghostbox it makes it easier for the spirits to talk.

  28. PATTY PERRY says:

    just so you guys know,i was only 12 minutes into this video and couldnt listen to that women talking any longer,i will not watch the rest of this video because how can i or anyone else even hear what happens with her talking and repeating how angry this ghost is,omg so fake,your better off just doing this by yourselves,even thats hard to watch sometimes,but i get thru and and there are some good stuff on the clips,but the f bombing all the time,thats childish also,do you really need to swear all the time,f this,f that,that was f ing scarey,omg STOP IT sorry

  29. PATTY PERRY says:

    tell the women phycsic @12:35 to shut the hell up,how are you supposed to record anything trying to communicate if she is talking the way she is,she isnt real,you have to know that,get rid of her

  30. dodge dodge says:

    what a load of shit

  31. you guys should continue to make paranormal investigation videos(:
    ive just finished the first one, and now im onto this one and i cant wait to see what you're. up to!😊

  32. i will …kill y..o..u……i….see…you hahahahhaahahahahahahhahaa hahahahahahahahaahahaa

  33. michael cobb says:

    lol uu never been on any investigation. looool too funny

  34. Forrest Gump says:

    Dear lord – that psychic just feels so – cheap and generic.

  35. We can and should protect ourselves when exploring or communicating with elementals, hidden people, gnomes, etc. We can recite this mantra of protection from Tibet 108 times a day: Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha. It is important that we protect ourselves always.

  36. You use incorrect grammar through the whole film! I'd think you'd have written it out and double checked it to be professional? Do you just not know How to speak correctly? A physcic is not defined BY a "person who blah blah blah" it IS that person. And there "is" not tales of blah blah. There ARE tales. It goes on and on. It's annoying. It's terrible. It shouldn't be that way.

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