Ghost Cases – S01E01 – Beechworth Lunatic Asylum Investigation -documentary on the paranormal

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47 Responses

  1. King curg says:

    not very organized or professional

  2. Great Video! I'm thinking of studying about the paranormal and going to places like this when I'm older! :D

  3. GeorgiaJCP says:

    excited to watch this. I grew up in Beechworth and there were always so many stories about the Asylum

  4. easetube says:

    Guys… good first job but you need a lot of work in tuning up your scripts and camera work.

  5. Nice location guys, you do have a lot to learn, maybe a little less chat would be good. Well done anyhow. You really should learn protection as not all spirits are good and the last thing you would want is an attachment.

  6. Rick Autry says:

    This was a pleasant surprise, but please, abandoned buildings are full of dust just dying for it's cinematic debut. I suppose if an 'orb' started following someone around flashing in Morse, I might be persuaded that it has some kind of intelligence to it.

  7. jrsir1 says:

    Ok like I promised I watch your first vid but got a headache after 24: 00 minutes. This one is MUCH better I liked the fan spinning on commend that was awesome, can I make a suggestion though ?? everyone that has watched or investigated or are into the paranormal KNOWS that spirits can drained batteries make your equipment fail Etc… so when that happens just document the proof and move on there's too much talking about the battery draining, it's likes you go around and repeat the story to each one of you 3 times each, and the cameras need more work like being more passive (steady) and not moving around like crazy, the more the person gets excited the worse it gets. Keep up the investigations this one I actually liked. Now on to the next video, if I like that one I will subscribe to your channel thanks guys.

  8. Great job guys. I just subscribed, I hope you'll have time to check out the haunted mirror in our series. Cheers!

  9. Crimsonfxxer says:

    Starting a series with three guys walking down the street, blurred out to look like spirits. Now we all know they have the ability to mess with effects and create spooks, bad decision editing wise.

  10. Do more Ghost hunting videos please

  11. you guys Should investigate my house 😂 you can probably find lots of shit here

  12. Katypie says:

    just subscribed
    lookin forward to watching all your investigations

  13. seems suspiciously close to the ghost adventures show theme…..

  14. Those cells looked like prison cells

  15. I don't believe in ghosts.

  16. really enjoyed your investigation guys
    regards Thorold

  17. DAZZLEMOON1 says:

    subscribed and watched :)

  18. Dont for get they can drain your energy so if you feel weak your know why

  19. I enjoyed it though, my 1st time watching you.

  20. It is great you don't have background music! But your feet are to loud, soft steps

  21. Watching again i here a whistle a voice at 37:46 no idea what is said? i also forgot to mention the door slamming and the orb shooting past it…fantstic capture..thank you

  22. Hi everyone its a great show with some good evidence caught,i can hear a voice at 38:29 of 2 people "come! (then) he's fallen"

  23. Russell Till says:

    At 16-17 mins talking about masterbation how do you know your friend masterbates alot does he tell you or do you like to watch?

  24. Ainsley.M says:

    I've been here and honestly, there is a fair bit of activity but not as much as I was initially hoping though, the cellar was the scariest part

  25. Tyler Hicks says:

    Argh lost again 40 days form history channel :(

  26. i like the way you started the video, to go in day light and get the full history of the places you research, is the way to do it. i am new to your channel but i will give you thumbs up and i will subscribe, good job

  27. Golden says:

    That woman's voice outside it creepy! And the footsteps! It's very cool.

  28. u guys need some better HD video cams

  29. Awesome video. I love the history of places like this. Carry on the great work guys.

  30. GhostCasesTV says:

    Hey guys! Remember if you're new to this channel please show your support by Subscribing!
    We also have our "Adelaide Old Gaol" Investigation, which is probably our overall best!
    Please check that out when you can, you are awesome thanks for stopping by our channel!

  31. Lal Stiles says:

    dude due dude! are you serious dude! You guys need more lines.

  32. Subscribed and liked! Great video! Appreciate the return favor!


  33. leswehman11 says:

    Great job, Guys. It really validated the experience-Shi

  34. Rich Parker says:

    I'm envious of your weather it's beautiful,not your spiders though.Nice to see an Australian paranormal show great stuff.Nice facility what a waste

  35. Great video guys ! Can I suggest that refrain from using profanities when in Asylums. It's quite disrespectful. I have done the Beechworth tour and a guide said the same too us.

  36. TCLucas says:

    Great stuff guys. Definitely a new subscriber here in the US. I've been an investigator for over a decade and I too use provocation towards negative spirits. These people were asses in life and they are asses in the afterlife and I have laid the price for it. I've been punched in the ribs (that left a large fist sized bruise and cracked 2 of my ribs) and been thrown against a wall. Not fun but it made for great evidence. Best of luck in your future investigations!

  37. Went on this ghost tour a few years ago was so scary ahah !

  38. jonny zee says:

    Nice job mates, looks like a great place to investigate!! What was your first impression going in?

  39. Wez Smith says:

    Where are you guys based? I have been very keen to do a hunt in the Wollongong/Illawarra area.I lack in resources but iam a sensitive and keen to stretch my abilities.Please let me know if i can join or help one day!!:-)

  40. txazi 239 says:

    Let's watch a door slam shut over and over but not check and see if it closes easily by itself.

  41. pere ludy says:

    I love paranormal investigation

  42. Not a bad episode. You should watch a few other investigation teams so you can get a few tips from them. It's a little bit amateurish but we all have to start somewhere, you will get more experienced as you do more investigations. But you got several good anomalies, so well done. Happy hunting. 👻 🇦🇺

  43. Hi guys, interesting video here. Please feel free to check out our investigation videos and evidence from here in the UK. keep up the great work

  44. Tyler Howett says:

    ok sounds great let me know when you are posting it I should get the notification but just in case thanks guys looking forward to checking it out

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