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  1. If you do not mind me to say, this country is not called Gambia.  This country is called THE GAMBIA.  This is firmly stated on the country's constitution.  Even the University of The Gambia is also known as UTG.  The word "THE" cannot be missed.  Also, the President of the country repeatedly mentions that the country is named THE GAMBIA on international conferences.  

  2. Famsz says:

    we reeally need our country  back to her origen origins, one gambia one people ,

  3. DemGentleboy says:

    Fucking english people

  4. DemGentleboy says:

    Fucking english people

  5. Royalness19 says:

    Thanks for the was very educating. I am a very proud African, a Liberian to be precise, and studying about Gambia adds more to my African identity and knowledge..those Gambian historians were amazing and vey knowledgeable in making us to understand ideal aspects of their country…

  6. I visited The Gambia in october 2014, most amazing experience of my life

  7. lairen palm says:

    Africa we love u all from the u.s

  8. Johnny Klaus says:

    Who is the guy at 35:00? 

  9. Johnny Klaus says:

    Sry the name was displayed 

  10. Came across this because wanted to know more about The Gambia seeing that the AU is sitting this April. Also it was inspired by the "now termed Afrophobia" attacks happening in South Africa that have left the rest of Africa in shocked and pleading for South African to stop attacking other africans that have seeked refuge and started new lives. # No to Afrophobia

  11. A great video presentation. Very informative, descriptive and shows a positive light on the ecological systems and environment of The Gambia.

  12. tony195869 says:


  13. E McD says:

    I had the pleasure of attending the ROOTS festival last year. It changed my life!

  14. petezefeet says:

    excellent documentary, it's a beautiful country and the Gambian People are the best thing about Gambia!

  15. Epic Stories says:

    Africa….My Africa
    A land full of heritage and diverse culture
    A land flowing with a ripple of hospitality and unity
    A land where great heroes were first raised .
    A tabernacle of harmony and peace.

    If you rape a beautiful you girl,you leave a dent in their hope and ambition..
    That is what 'THEY' did ,They raped Africa.

  16. YiannisPho says:

    The river, the history, the ethnic diversity, the land and the animals, offered great opportunities for a fascinating documentary. But this is not it.

  17. pryncessable says:

    Great video! Land of Kunta Kinte! I enjoyed it! Gambia seems to be a mixed culture is what am getting. I love to visit, as a Jamaican I believe some of my ancestors came from there, or have some connection to the slave triangular trade.

  18. i love you mama gambia sister to mama jermaica

  19. Gambians get love keep the good job black people all over the world especial thanks to my jamaican familys all around the world

  20. As a Gambian, I am glad to hear this history being say now.

  21. Crazy Videos says:

    This is just beautiful

  22. DieterLo1 says:

    Wonderful Video about Gambia!

  23. One Africa, one continent. With love from suid-west of Africa, Namibia

  24. ma main is too far rite naw am just missing gambia

  25. Siyaad Barre says:

    Peace from Somalia

  26. Zinnia Cham says:

    lovely place where me and my family come from

  27. Alpha Jallow says:

    An excellent documentary about Sene – Gambia. The story about the house 43:04 was that it was built for captive slaves waiting to be transported to the coast but according to the guide at 44:19, the house was actually a warehouse owned by CFAO. I can't believe it but it does actually make a lot sense now but i believe people like Mr Hassoum Ceesay can help clarify the mystery of this house.


  29. Vazatany says:

    Kunta Kinte tvshow brought me here. Peace from Madagascar !!!

  30. Pure African says:

    Very nice, peaceful and welcoming people of Gambia

  31. Love my people! Beautiful

  32. Saikou Njie says:

    beautiful place with beautiful people and i enjoyed the video

  33. Neturu Amaru says:

    I know that sooner or later,the faraway children will come back soon

  34. yow banbelong by force.what's goes around comes around

  35. Sam Jawo says:

    What Dat fuck fuck fuck to those white colours fuckkkk

  36. Sam Jawo says:

    😂😂😂 What Dat fuckkkkk fuck fuck to those white colours

  37. As a person, born on a Caribbean island and whose ancestors were captured from Africa and enslaved on this very island, I watch this documentary with rather mixed feelings.

  38. Good documentary love the Gambia

  39. acajudi100 says:

    thank you.
    google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  40. FRED BTN says:

    good documentary…what is name of music played at 5.36.

  41. I recently traced my ancestry back to The Gambia. This documentary was very helpful. I do speak Wolof as I was taught at a young age. Loved it👍🏾

  42. I love my contry Gambia the best contry in the world long life peace smillin coast of west Africa

  43. Lovely Fins says:

    Excellent! Excellent! I hope to visit one day.

  44. Buba Manjang says:

    wonderful video I love the Gambia

  45. schöne Wasser Kajak leider. habe ich noch nichts gesehen

  46. As one of the historians mentioned, slavery continues after 1807 until 1830. However, the British and the American navies were patrolling the seas to arrest illegal slaves traders. When illegal slaves ships 🚢 were arrested by British or American navies instead of taking the slaves back to their native lands like Senegal 🇸🇳 or Gambia 🇬🇲 , slaves were transported to Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 if captured by British or Liberia 🇱🇷 if captured by American. This is one of the reasons the Mandingo or Mandinka tribe is spread out all over West Africa. This is my opinion based on many readings and observations from many documentaries on history on many African countries. I truly enjoyed this documentary and thanks to those who made it possible. Not forget to mention, Sierra Leone was purchased by the British to return free British slaves back to Africa, so as Liberia was purchased by the American to return free American slaves who wanted to return to Africa.

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