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  1. Mark Sims says:

    Sponsored by Scott, trademark of Monsanto, manufacturers of agent orange. Grass greener, trees taller. Are they taking the fucking piss?

  2. It was a justified war,Communism is a cancer!!

  3. Huong Nguyen says:

    President Richard M. Nixon was absolutely perfectly right about communist expansion however, he was not a real a true communist fighter Nixon and Henry Kissinger back stabbing their allied in the back cold and be friend with the red communist China Mao, Zedong then ultimately betrayed their counterpart South Vietnam.
    Bastard Ho, chi minh was/is a liar, a cheater a deceiver to his followers he had blinded his comrades and the Northern people. Ho, chi minh and his comrades was a bunch of terrorists, murderers, kidnappers, robbers, stealers, a bunch of evil killers and murderers bastard Ho, chi minh was/is no hero he was/is no patriot to country of Vietnam and its people. Ho, chi minh and his ignorant men all were beast pure cold blooded murders, Ho, chi minh was a no body, he was/is nothing but a liar pure an evil men to the Vietnamese people throughout Vietnam. Ho, chi minh and his evil men were/are a disgrace and shamed to the Vietnamese people those men were the aggressors and for the Vietminh those bastards were a bunch of kidnappers and cold blooded murderers throughout Vietnam.
    Emperor Bao Dai was right the Vietminh and Ho, chi minh were a bunch of rebels.
    Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the French nor do I like the French.
    Ho, chi minh was not president of Vietnam maybe in his dreamt and in his ignorant men dreamt too Ho, chi minh was nothing but an opportunist that is all. in facts Ho, chi minh and his evil men were brutally murdered countless Vietnamese people since 1945 through 1975, and have continue after they have robbed South Vietnam and still going on as of today 15 years into the 21st century.
    Don’t you know as of today in the year of 2015, the Vietcong are still lying to the Vietnamese children, kids and students in schools in Vietnam history teaching the students incorrect history about evil Ho, chi minh and incorrect history about President Ngo, dinh diem, Vietcong have been lying to the children of Vietnam for forty years since after they robbed South Vietnam, and Vietcong have been teaching the children untruths about President Ngo, dinh diem since evil Ho, chi minh was still alive he was lying to the Northern people about his opponent President Diem reputations and his works and his policy to keep out the Vietminh and Vietminh rebels the Vietcong rebels.
    The Buddhist monk Thich Quang Du killed himself for nothing he was just a fool therefore he had died in vain for nothing he was just a Vietcong victim that was all he was being used for Vietcong gain it was Vietcong propaganda so he was/is no martyr. Don’t believe his heart story period.

  4. Bruce Sutton says:

    I laughed when I saw the video clip of Nixon saying that the US was the "great peace keeping nation in the world" when the complete opposite is true; US Republicans prefer to live in total ignorance of historical fact, for example Republicans would have you believe Ngô Đình Diệm committed suicide whereas he was assassinated in a CIA-backed coup d'état led by General Dương Văn Minh in November 1963.

  5. Vietnam vs China – Military Compare:
    Việt Nam vs Trung Quốc – Quân sự so sánh
    越南与中国 – 军事比较


  6. #Iraq War was also due to US complex behind losing in #Vietnam ~ blow to myth of US military being invinicible. https://youtu.be/NXq0cgiTWpM    ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan

  7. What we need to know about War and Peace can be learned from the Vietnam War experience. Denial is a demon.

  8. ▶ Vietnam War Documentary – Best Documentaries Ever of War – Full Movie: https://youtu.be/NXq0cgiTWpM   ~Pub Aug 3, 2014 via Best War Documentary
    ▶ Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan

  9. US Vietnam War began in 1955 and ended in 1975 when North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon. US lost around 60,000. Why?
    Vietnam War casualties – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
    United States military casualties of war – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

  10. economics says:

    he Vietnam War was fought for the sole purpose of running up the USA debt to force the USA off the Brenton Woods gold standard. then NYC bankers could print money for themselves and live like kings.  Which they had done.

    McNamara who after his Secretary of Defense stint immediately went to work as president of the   World Bank. McNamara intentionally prolonged the war and made it impossible to win.   Westmoreland exposed this pos in his book "As soldier Reports".  Nixon was forced off the gold standard and the bankers won.

    Vietnam Veterans deserve to know the truth.

  11. Any one remember when I stop the war in Nam for at least a couple of weeks if not months or have any news or pics? I was a 10 year old 311 militia doing a tour to visit some space friends but got an attachment into a different company VC wipe us out down to 5 we surrender VC ask each one why are over here each one ah freedom each one me and VC vomit at there answers they ask me said to visit friends from private space outfit been drafted. Then I made a deal I said if you let me go I'll bring the US President strait here to your feet no guard in 78 hours they said OK. So went back to DC rented helicopter March into the White House with my MP 5 with a custom Arabia bayonet attach point it at LBJ said coming with me to do some negations he came along with no problem flew to airport pirated an airliner flew him to Nam radios came in airliner your in a NO fly zone told them my cargo belly landed in rubber trees radio VC I got the president they were scared came in LBJ blew his shit off a huge 15 foot diameter brown widow spider Chuck his hide VC screamed and cried I said President Johnson you have been looking at too many National Graphic magazines your thinking of being naked to meet the native this is Asia their a little more refine they keep their clothes on, will you please put your clothes back on? He did. VC radio US forces saying he brought your President here he has is a large spider! Eerr err well there was a US airliner ahhhh ah spider! I just left both sides talk declared truce!
    But LBJ was a clone also I killed about 50 after sometime they notice it was missing crawled in a new clone began the war agai

  12. Vietnam . History has proven they can handle them self's well in conflict . Good on them .

  13. Neil Bradley says:

    we wont beat isis doing the same tactics now, bomb them just wont work I really think military generals are thick as shit.
    iraq we lost pulled out
    Afghanistan we lost pulled out
    sirya next
    look the past people,

  14. Neil Bradley says:

    you cant beat a un seen enemy

  15. @ 1:31 he tells us what they have "going on" Excellent! rofl

  16. David Tay says:

    didn't know France was so cruel in the past.. should have just gave them the independence.

  17. You can't win a war that you don't understand. Robert E. Lee could never have won the Civil War with either side's army because he didn't understand it. He thought winning battles and taking places could force surrender. Grant understood that as long as a national people were behind a war, armies would be replenished or replaced. Grant won the war Lee could never have won.

    In Vietnam our commanders knew nothing of the place–its history, how its people saw the world differently from us. To us it was a competition with communism. To them, we were just that latest iteration of foreigner fighting to deny them self-determinism. Worse, many of our leaders knew the war was unwinnable in 1964 or 1965, McGeorge Bundy, Robert McNamara and Henry Kissinger. Yet, the kept their informed opinions from the public, even as it supported LBJ and Nixon's failing policy that was killing tens of thousand of American boys.

    And it isn't just history. George W, Bush undertook the discretionary war in Iraq to "plant democracy" down the barrel of a gun, not having the least historical or present understanding of the region where the war was fought. He tore what thin layer of the rule of law that sat atop that godforsaken region and threw the whole region into bloody chaos.

    The primary characteristic of American military and foreign policy has to be adjudged as ignorance armed. We've lost three major wars and tied only one since WWII.

    When will we ever learn.

  18. LUCK LUCK says:

    usa is dead in vietnam and run back to them mother fucker ahahahaha USA LOSE AND LOST NO REASON !!!!!!! fucking rambo. vietnam win !!!!!

  19. Elaine Chung says:

    In retrospect, the Vietnam War should not happen. The US would NEVER win against the Viet gong guerilla NASTY tactics by fighting on land.If the US were to invest a bit in busting out Mao in the Roosevelt regime, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and the Communist regimes in Asia would be abolished. But of course, hind site is 20/20.

  20. Ev Greer says:


  21. Ron Maddox says:

    These cock sucking libtards start off with Nixon as if this was his war. Remember the war started under Kennedy and then escalated under LBJ. This is why nobody believes the main stream media.

  22. Neil Bradley says:

    but just want to say how I have alot of respect to the normal soldiers who served and fell,

  23. The first 5 mins are absolute Bullshit. If Yanks believe that, they really are effed up. If ignorance is bliss, the people who believe the 1st 5 mins of this must be extremely blissful.

  24. Chris Foks says:

    Men in black pajamas fought very well against the great French imperialists and then gave the USA hell especially during the nocturnal hours.

  25. FullHD says:

    i like is, Thanks

  26. Greyflier says:

    Who was in whose country? The Americans went half way round the world
    to wage war in Vietnam against a people who were no material or physical
    threat to the security of the United States or the American people. The
    Americans were foreign interventionist aggressors in the Vietnam War.
    The Americans stuck their long fucking nose into a civil war between
    Vietnamese belligerents. It was the Americans that kept escalating the
    war from 1965 onwards. It was the Americans that introduced chemical
    incendiary weapons, such as napalm and white phosphorus, on a huge scale
    into the war and expended literally millions of tons of high-explosive
    ordnance in indiscriminate strategic bombing, tactical air strikes, and
    artillery fire missions, all of which killed millions of Vietnamese
    civilians, and on top of all that then sprayed Christ knows how many
    billions of fucking gallons of toxic chemical defoliants which have
    caused hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children to be stillborn or
    born with horrific birth defects. And Americans expect the rest of the
    fucking world to be sympathetic about a piddling 58,200 dead and 300,000
    wounded Americans from the war compared to 3.4 million Vietnamese
    slaughtered, and Christ knows how many wounded and injured, as well as
    the southern half of Vietnam and much of the northern half devastated,
    all because the Americans went to war in Vietnam on a fucking whim and
    grossly underestimated the enemy they had to fight there. If you think
    that anyone outside the U.S. has much sympathy for the Americans killed
    or wounded in the Vietnam War, then you are a complete fucking idiot!
    The U.S. government sent the cunts there and the U.S. government and the
    nation it represents must shoulder the blame for what their forces did
    there. The U.S. deserved to fail in the Vietnam War, and it did! And the
    fact the United States was defeated in Vietnam still sticks in the guts
    of many Americans to this day, 41 years after the fall, or Liberation,
    of Saigon to the North Vietnamese. Many Americans have never got over
    the Vietnam War. Every American Vietnam vet that wipes himself out as an
    alcoholic or a narcotics addict or a shotgun-in-the-mouth suicide is a
    post-war victory for Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. That's fucking

  27. MultiTruther says:

    bfd, we killed a bunch of slopes, get over it.

  28. Jim NORRIS says:

    hay theres Nixon. hillary Clinton's daddy.

  29. Jim NORRIS says:

    I wonder when American has is civil war if south Vietnam will come fight too

  30. Jim NORRIS says:

    the communist didnt take Saigon. Nixon gave it to them

  31. Jim NORRIS says:

    do we complain about the VC.look at what our Ancestor did to the Indians.

  32. Mohd Faidz says:

    the winner is jews corporate .. the loser taxpayer.. vietnamens victim

  33. Great video…. I've always had questions surrounding Vietnam & the heroin trade. Opium base was turned into heroin in France hence the "French connection" & who was the colonial ruler of then Indochina the French. I'm probably sounding all paranoid but I think the CIA has used the illegal drug trade to fund its "projects"

  34. I find it weird that we're currently arming Vietnam, against Chinese aggression.


  35. kentagion says:

    he will destroy many through peace

  36. Ishaaq Ansar says:

    this was a good documentory

  37. Carl Arnelli says:

    The US Army in the Vietnam War 1965-73 (Battle Orders) Paperback – April 22, 2008
    by Gordon L. Rottman (Author)
    This book describes what Date and which Combat unit arrived in Viet Nam and when they left.
    The Viet Nam war was Lyndon Johnsons war. Our first combat unit arrived in Danang March 8, 1965. The 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade…The last Unit to leave was the 7th Cavalry = January 1973.

  38. InfoNation says:

    hi amazing video got a new subscriber

  39. Tony Gambino says:

    Amazing documentary. Are there more parts?

  40. God Bless American Soldiers. I have really deep respect for American Soldier who were shedding their fresh warm blood to fight again communists in Vietnam jungle. I will never forget American Soldiers who died to saving me from communists Vietnam and I will always keeping them closest to my heart.

  41. God Bless American Soldiers. The fresh warm blood of American Soldiers have nurtured those animals in Vietnam Jungle look beautiful as the world seeing them today. Otherwise those communists are still wearing black pajama pants or black boxer briefs and half country of Vietnam already extinct from starvation.

  42. @16:00 French are cunts. Crying about German occupation and then going around the world and behaving like the nazis themselves.

  43. yum yum says:

    US does NOTHING unless money is involved. I know Viet Nam vets, still mucked up from being there. Smells like a rat and all that.

  44. I always knew there was more going on…..

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