Frontline 1996 The Gulf War (Complete) – Comprehensive and critical analysis of the 1990-1991 war

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48 Responses

  1. Especially that PBS logo looks good in widescreen! thumbs up

  2. javon nelson says:

    Before or after America gave him 80 billion dollars to destroy Iran who got rid of there Allied placed dictator.

  3. Jack Connors says:

    Everything HW Bush Achieved His Dumb Ass son Screwed up. What a messed up family Thank God Jeb will not be President. War Sucks ( Saddam is our Friend/ Saddam is our Enemy). I think it all boils down to $$$ ( Red China lost its RED When we started trading)?!!

  4. Don Bryant says:

    what a bunch of high command pussy bitches

  5. 91stormvet says:

    Being that I was in khobar Towers, I can tell you Scuds were Intercepted by the Patriot Missiles

  6. ramairgto72 says:

    This should be the definition of "Dam if you do, Dammed if you don't" and or "Dammed if you don't, Dammed if you do"

  7. Thank you for sharing this. Quite helpful 👍

  8. L1ttleT3d says:

    I wonder if that smug little smile kept him warm during his last 10 years spent in Iraqi prison.

  9. Had Saddam been alive and kicking .. There won't be the Isis idiots

  10. AK6 says:

    The U.S. set Saddam up and invaded him.

  11. I think YouTube messes with the playback when they want to shut it down (playback is choppy, for me). Nevertheless, I am very grateful that you made it available, Mike!

  12. DANIEL OMING says:

    some americans wants to be in the military just to get paid but not to go fight. i hate war protesters.

  13. Good show, cheers . what do ppl expect for quality . nice one mike b.

  14. MrPeterbs says:

    History will remember the First G. Bush  as an astonishing moral hypocrite. Egging on the Shia and Kurds to rise up and then just turning his back on them when they did.

  15. Abdi Ali says:

    The part on Iraq troops massed on the Saudi border as shown by American satellites was found to be untrue when Russian journalists acquired similar photos from Russian commercial satellites. This is all documented.

  16. callyharley says:

    04:10 Saddam "You see that sand, that's my sand" Iraqi General "Yes boss"
    Saddam "Next, kill everyone who hasn't a mustache like mine" General "Yes boss, even the women?" Saddam "No, kill all the women with a mustache like mine… That's my sand"

  17. 39:00 oh dick we meet again. This man is devil incarnate.

  18. LuckyLucy says:

    My cousin spent about a month or so over in the Sandbox and he done got combat VA disability when he got home on account of sunburn, jock itch, blisters bcuz the bootys they issue him were too small in the toe box, and a heat rash on his scalp from the helmet.

  19. lajoy howard says:


  20. aaronsdavis says:

    Frontline's not perfect but I love it. Not many shows like it. Thanks!

  21. aaronsdavis says:

    The first gulf war exorcised the ghost of vietnam, and the second gulf war became the new ghost…which will haunt US foreign policy for decades to come.

  22. imnophd says:

    Who the fuck is Uncle Whiskers?

  23. Cheney, Rummy, Powell….hey the whole party is here…not as big as the party of 2003 tho…that was for the ages. What a bunch of piece of shit mother fuckers!

  24. Colin  powell should run for office

  25. Elvis Patrao says:

    where r u all when 26/11 in Mumbai we r killed in India by Pakistanis bastards it would be great if tax payers monies r spend on good causes against terrorism & paradise for terror is Pakistan

  26. Raul Diaz says:

    90's arabs "bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!". After 2 decades "die america die"

  27. Not much has changed since the Bush Sr. era. The government is just as manipulative as ever… Everything they tell us are lies and bullshit propaganda.

  28. Harsh Rana says:

    Fucking idiots iraq ….. they should not fight against us … they lost everything !

  29. Zooumberg says:

    What I remember about the Gulf war. Sitting in a shit hole village for six months, with no supplies and no decent water.

  30. As much respect as I have for Colin Powell, when he said "I told the president I didn't see why we needed to get involved in stopping Saddam Hussein from attacking the Shias", I thought he had probably spent more time listening to the Beatles than studying Middle Eastern history.

  31. jwishartesq says:

    Nice to see Prick Cheney looking so dapper and young, without his pacemaker and out of his undisclosed top-secret bunker..he still rocks the trademark iron-jawed scowl, but nice to see him before he became a cyborg of the military-industrial complex…..and wayyyy before he shot his longtime (still current?) friend in the face with a load of birdshot…hayyhoooo

  32. li l says:

    Saddam knew very well of the zionist/American military power, and he knew better than to go to war against them. However, the treacherous leaders of the gulf sold out to the Americans by lowering the oil prices, bringing Iraqs economic state to utter shit and leaving Saddam no choice but to stand up against their treachery. Mind you, Iraq had just got out of a war which lasted 8 years, a war which both the US and the gulf countries supported Saddam in.

  33. Jackie Oman says:

    Bush Cheny Rumsfield, and Bush need to be in prison !

  34. A Beck says:

    Less than a decade before the gulf war, Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear program with air strikes on their nuclear facilities.

  35. tyco1336 says:

    why is this not on the website?

  36. Panzer Faust says:

    "It's Kinda like those old ww2 movies where they sit in their b29's over dresden"
    That is incorrect sir

  37. Fozz Gate says:

    Plain and simple, Saddam did not know how to fight a real war.

  38. GUSSTASS says:

    Now we see how W C Bush was influenced by the Bullshit Propaganda his father preached just to convince the American nation to justify a non justifyable war which had nothing of middle east interest but to protect the oil fields ownership of the Bush family!!
    Father and son are war criminals camouflaged with the western cloak of justice!!!


  40. Richard "Dick Draft Dodger" Cheney was already there.

  41. MRTOWELRACK says:

    It's jokes how American military efforts inadvertently became about "the liberation of Kuwait", a country that Bush Sr. didn't give a F about and which was historically allied with the Soviet Union. Kuwait subsequently became allied with the US and Russia at the same time, a magical feat. Kuwait's the true winner of the Gulf War.

  42. SE09uk says:

    I remember the start of this

    we had been playing BIP on the amiga most of the night, as we finished we turned it it tv and saw all hell cut lose
    my friend said oh look the real BIP

  43. The beginning of American terrorism in the Middle East

  44. John Doe says:

    This was very informative! As a Gulf War Vet, I had never seen many of these new reports and better understand what I was seeing on the ground.

  45. K Louden says:

    any 82nd troopers out there?!?…would like to know weather conditions, point of departure going over the border and where ya'all arrived first, during the build up…thanks in advance and thanks for your service.

  46. FMHammyJ says:

    Notice the peaceful protests………..concerned citizens voicing their concerns in a peaceful orderly manner…..what a difference a generation makes……

  47. Wow, what a fantastic informative documentary. They don't make 'em like they used to.

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