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  1. As one lucky enought to be born in europe and WHITE… I myself,who would be happy to pay my taxes to at first, at the very least SANATIZE {CLEAN WATER} our world.We can MINE oil uramium plutomion gold silver copper diamonds etc etc but we cant even sanatiZe AFRICA WHY WHY WHY.Who and i WOULD like an answer controls OUR world needs to take a look at themselves not their WEALTH.Maybe its time for each and everyone of us to not act like they dO AND LOOK OUT FOR OUR NEIGHBOURS NOT TO BE BETTER THAN, BUT TO BE HUMAINE.yes we all need energy but none can live without water or food .R EMEMBER when the rain falls IT FALLS ON US ALL..

  2. Jon Harrison says:

    Chancer Camila Batmanghelidjh?? You should have edited out that bit of old waffle.

  3. xcvsdxvsx says:

    The leftie bs starts at about 15 minutes. Greed isnt the problem here folks. Greed is the motivation behind the vast wealth that has been created since the beginning of industrialization. Additionally greed and generosity are not exclusive to each other. I know a lot of wealthy people. They work hard to earn as much money as they can so they can give more of it away. People give vast sums of money to charity every year while simultaneously advocating the sorts of policies that cause the people they are giving to to be poor to begin with. People are complicated and these problems are complicated but greed isn't the problem behind them any more than libito is the problem behind rape.

  4. If you have lots of dollars in your bank take them out and convert to gold so that the Fed cant take the value away from your money…so far during Obama time the Federal Reserves has printed 6 trillion dollars of paper money no gold values,They steal from the people all over the world who have dollars!!This is crazy.The American Dollar is a ponce scheme we are runing out of time it will explode pretty soon.

  5. coming again… this time in europe… stiglitz right EUR is collapsing and keiser argument on deutsche bank tsunami is out of the window..

  6. Woah, how prescient that you included Donald Trump in the collage of leaders at 13:00!

  7. Wow, everyone should watch that! Hey how come the banks weren't made to pay back the bail-out money over time like ordinary citizens would be expected to? (With interest) Did any politician even suggest that?

  8. I guess if the banks had to pay back the bail-out money they'd just print it out over night and hand it to the treasury and exacerbate the inflation problem they've created way more. May as well use Monopoly money!

  9. bi bo says:

    Great,great documentary. I watched it three times. Thanks To Ross Ashcroft and his crew. we need more film makers like him to uplift the human conscientiousness to new levels of understanding of who we are as human beings, our role and responsibilities in a common planet we call home.

  10. Most important film ever!

  11. SweetTea742 says:

    Very good video! Informative and revealing! Also, kudos on the structure, not everyone can write and present a good documentary. Well done to Ross Ashcroft for writing and directing this documentary, to the panellists that took the time to share their opinions on this subject matter and to the entire team that helped to create such a valuable film!

  12. 465marko says:

    Lets make an omellette with the yoke of oppression!@

  13. I was really excited about this, then it turned to a gold standard propaganda film. Some good points but fuck the gold standard, that's really going to save humanity?

  14. Subir Grewal says:

    A few falsehoods here, especially the idea that the market economy is to blame here and not central planning joint-ventures by government and aristocracy. That's not the market economy, folks. Milton Friedman actually espoused a totally different monetary system that didn't include fractional reserve banking so why are they blaming him?? Also false is that idea that FDR somehow threw Wall Street out of the government.

  15. Divine Spein says:

    Just the first quote, all I've seen so far, is enough for me. It's just as I thought and just as my professor had told us, the founding fathers really didn't believe mankind was inherently "good," but oh boy did I not expect it to have been so obvious to a government even then. And who knows, things may have only gotten worse from 200+ years ago…

  16. Religious bullshit…because of you mankind stays dumb as hell.

  17. Jacob Smith says:

    Some will simply say its greed, as the root of the problem.
    But its deeper than that. Those 1% have more than their great grandchildren could ever spend in their lives.
    It may be control. But it cant be because their control could be so much greater than it already is.
    Could it be power? They like to sit on their thrones and laugh as everyone is fighting each other and dying from poverty?
    Well then that's just their ego. Ego is the root cause of 'basically' every human action: what you wear, you drive, the sport teams and games you like, just the general things you like. When you tell yourself you deserve something, that is your ego talking. But this has been going on for literally thousands of year. There has always been a 1%, people have always been enslaved in some form, there has always been a division amongst our species, and there has always been violence.
    It's something spiritual, really. There are many names for Satan or Lucifer throughout the world religions, and I'm not exactly sure which one they choose to believe in, don't really care. We see this evident due to a long history of sacrifice and sacrificial pedophilia, especially pertaining to Judaism. Most of us have been made aware of PizzaGate, the most recent "scandal" to come to light. I've always thought, and still do to some extent, that religion from the beginning was meant as a control mechanism. But what are these evil nasty people, who happen to be part of that 1%, doing with acts of sacrificing and acts of pedophilia and child sacrificing? Its a fact they do it. That literally can not be debated.
    I don't have the answer to these questions. I just know these people are TRULY evil, the literal definition of the spawn of satan. If they are doing this all for some evil spiritual meaning, then our actions need to be for the opposite; some spiritual good, one that serves our universal oneness. Part of me wants to believe these people aren't even human, based on the things they have done throughout history. How is a human being capable of such things?! Maybe we are, but it doesn't matter. One thing I will agree with religion on, Christianity in this case, is that this is 'not a war of flesh and blood, but of spiritual principles of good and evil' (Eph 6:12, I think).

    Things are never going to get better, unless the rest of us find the true, proper, and good intentions within our inner selves, our souls, and come together as the one species that we are, and ACT like it, like we were meant to. We weren't meant for all this fighting, war, greed, division, and submission to total slavery we've let ourselves be put in starting thousands of years ago. And we can only do it non-violently, because they only know how to control a violent enemy, that is we can't give them an excuse to use violence, because certainly they will win in that scenario. And besides, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world…. (lost my train of thought)

    Responding with ignorance or hate –(in any situation) will do no good other than to serve the 1%. That's their major tool of controlling us. So just don't do it. Control your ego. And in fact, crucify it. Then come together. With our true selves and each other.

  18. ageofmaya says:

    TRUTH: "Prophecies" are psychotronic weapons of the puppet-masters!
    TRUTH: Trump is obviously installed to push on the neocon agenda, which in its ultimate – has a war on Russia as its goal.
    Before that, they must encircle Russia totally, and the only countries left are Iran and China – exactly what Trump attacks! So, it's clear he's no Russian friend, although probably Russia won't b attacked directl during him in the Whit House. IMPORTANT:
    1. NUCLEAR WEAPONS DO NOT EXIST! THAT IS A HOAX! All atomic theory is wrong, as Nikola Tesla was saying a 100 years
    ago.. Japan was fire-bombed in 1945.
    "Nuclear weapon" scare is sort of modern day "God scare" that people feared of in middle ages.. Now people don't believe in God, so the puppet masters invented nuclear scare to put people in a state of false belief they cannot fight (something). While the truth is, people can actually bring the puppet masters down relatively easily, if they'd just know a-bombs scare is FAKE !

    2. The REAL PROBLEM is TESLA'S POWER LASER WEAPON – they have developed it and USE IT – they are training on how to
    use it for war via NASA and ESA SATELLITES EQUIPPED WITH TESLA LASERS !!!!!!!!!! Those are the ones that make sinkholes all around the Earth, fake meteor showers everywhere recently, and can project anything, such as ghostly "abandoned" cities in China !!!!!!!
    They can be used for sinking whole military facilities down to the ground!!!!! Developing conventional weapons is now of
    no use, because it can all BE SINKED (weaponry, infrastructure, soldiers…) in seconds via lasers from satellites!!!

    Russia just recently helped launch ESA satellite that made a fake meteor in Siberia a day ago, imo.

  19. sonic deejay says:

    3 years after the market is all time high..lolx..load of craps

  20. Divine Spein says:

    it's time we delay our gratification.

  21. If a documentar mentions "people are…" its a shit documentary sharing the views of slacktivist and stoners . Dont even bother.

  22. Pseudo-intellectual nonsense which is perfectly expressed by this meaningless tripe at this part: 07:40 – seriously – it's all nonsense but that bit made me spit my coffee out.

  23. I love that film. One of the only films with Charlie Chapman speaking horseman

  24. Carlos Sosa says:

    "que se rompa, pero que no se doble"

  25. Some good thinking and debate on here. Could it be that the next great philosophical ideology will be forged on a YouTube comment thread? Maybe even this one :-)

  26. Les sous titres fr sont vraiment immondes -_-

  27. chais jo says:


  28. @ 1:21:44 this is what hitler did before ww2 to his people was get rid of there dept .they had nothing after ww2 so how could they pay back

  29. education can be used as mass mind comtrol hmm

  30. Kman Lodi says:

    I thought the internet was created by Al Gore ??? I'm confused….

  31. JoeyFrat says:

    Informative documentary. A must watch.

  32. Just imagine if this doco was watched on mainstream tv. Its rather disappointing that its only (at this point in time) had just over 5 million hits.

  33. Brilliant film! The 4 horsemen show how bankers (like Former NZ Prime Minister John Key) have ruined the world by using fake money to buy the political process and use the
    law to make their fraud legal!

  34. Simply Lucy says:

    Haha they quoted fight club!
    "The things you own end up owning you." -Tyler Durden
    Great documentary though, and great quote. Very eye opening.

  35. this documentary doesnt say anything which I dont know yet and didnt know before by self – NON SI MALE NUNC ET OLIM – all these speakers are old and ugly – eye-wrinkeled – coyotes-howl – and prophets of misery – they just speak for themself – "we are decline" – it means "we have a bad digestion" – etc. etc.

  36. drazen savic says:

    All the bankers on Wallstreet disliked the video.

  37. Fuck you. This doesn't have Hitchens in it.

  38. What do you desire once you have more money than you know what to do with ? You desire POWER ! Watch " The Restless Conscience " . It exposes the resistance to Hitler and how he swiftly eliminated these noble individuals once he was in total POWER. You can think yourself a law-abiding citizen until " they " CHANGE the laws. BE AWARE !!

  39. vege mite says:

    I'm sure bin Ladens family had the building infrastructure contract for Afghanistan.

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