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  1. The work of Zecharia Sitchin was brought to my attention in 2001, shortly after I completed my book, The Facade. As a trained scholar in ancient Semitic languages with a lifelong interest in UFOs and paranormal phenomena, I was naturally enthused about Mr. Sitchin's studies, particularly since I had also heard he was a Sumerian scholar. I thought I had found a kindred spirit. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources. I have yet to find anyone with credentials or demonstrable expertise in Sumerian, Akkadian, or any of the other ancient Semitic languages who has positively assessed Mr. Sitchin's academic work.

    The reader must realize that the substance of my disagreement is not due to "translation philosophy," as though Mr. Sitchin and I merely disagree over possible translations of certain words. When it comes to the Mesopotamian sources, what is at stake is the integrity of the cuneiform tablets themselves, along with the legacy of Sumer and Mesopotamian scribes. Very simply, the ancient Mesopotamians compiled their own dictionaries – we have them and they have been published since the mid-20th century. The words Mr. Sitchin tells us refer to rocket ships have no such meanings according to the ancient Mesopotamians themselves. Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn't a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don't exist in any cuneiform text at all. To persist in embracing Mr. Sitchin's views on this matter (and a host of others) amounts to rejecting the legacy of the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian scribes whose labors have come down to us from the ages. Put bluntly, is it more coherent to believe a Mesopotamian scribe's definition of a word, or Mr. Sitchin's?

    Zecharia Sitchin's work in other texts, such as the Bible, is equally flawed. This site bears witness to the sorts of errors Sitchin makes in language analysis and translation with respect to the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    What I've said here is very straightforward. It would be quite easy to demonstrate that I am wrong. All one needs to do is produce texts that I say don't exist, and produce verification of Sitchin's translations by other experts (that's called peer review). Since I don't believe such evidence will be forthcoming, I wrote what follows as an open letter to Zecharia Sitchin in 2001. With Mr. Sitchin's passing, I now direct the letter (rewritten on Jan 1, 2011) to his followers and other ancient astronaut theorists whose views are, in many ways, based upon Sitchin's original work.

    Dear Ancient Astronaut Enthusiast:

    The intent of this letter is in the interest of research, not confrontation. In no way do I intend to impugn anyone's character. What I ask is that you provide answers and data to support your theories. Here are my questions / requests.

    1. Can you please provide transcripts of Zecharia Sitchin's academic ancient language work? I would like to post this information on my website, and would gladly do so.

    2. Can you explain why Sitchin's work on Genesis 1:26-27 overlooks so many obvious grammatical indications that the word elohim in that passage refers to a single deity (as demonstrated on this website)?

    3. Can you explain why Zecharia Sitchin (or you in turn) have not included the comparative linguistic material from the Amarna texts that shows the Akkadian language also uses the plural word for "gods" to refer to a single deity or person (which of course undermines the argument that elohim must refer to a plurality of gods)?

    4. Can you explain how the interpretation of the word "nephilim" as referring to "people of the fiery rockets" is at all viable in light of the rules of Hebrew morphology? In other words, can you bring forth a single ancient text where naphal has such a meaning?

    5. Can you produce a single text that says the Anunnaki come from the planet Nibiru – or that Nibiru is a planet beyond Pluto? I assert that there are no such texts, and challenge you and your readers to study the occurrences of "Anunnaki" right here on this website. Here is a video where I show readers how to conduct a search online at the Electronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature website. There are 182 occurrences of the divine name Anunnaki. Please show me any evidence from the Sumerian texts themselves that the Anunnaki have any connection to Nibiru or a 12th planet (or any planet).

    6. Can you explain why the alleged sun symbol on cylinder seal VA 243 is not the normal sun symbol or the symbol for the sun god Shamash?

    7. Can you explain why your god = planet equivalencies do not match the listings of such matching in cuneiform astronomical texts? I recently blogged on this issue and provided a recent scholarly article on the planets in Mesopotamian literature by experts in cuneiform as proof that Sitchin erred in this regard.

    8. Can you explain why many of Sitchin's word meanings / translations of Sumerian and Mesopotamian words are not consistent with Mesopotamian cuneiform bilingual dictionaries, produced by Akkadian scribes?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will of course post any responses on this site.


    Michael S. Heiser, Ph.D., Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. Todd P. says:

    This is all very interesting (and I HAVE read The Twelfth Planet and understood it), but what it does NOT answer is – what happens when you die? Do you find yourself before Anu? Enlil? Enki? Marduk? Eloah? or do you meld into Cosmic Consciousness? or are you just DEAD? It's easy to dis religion as superstition, but what is the alternative – other than fatalistic atheism (a "religion" unto of its own).

  3. Bill Fife says:

    1:07:41 "the hominid shape …appears to be a universal shape…"
    Widespread, yes, perehaps. Universal, well…
    "As above so below". Remember that saying? It's from the original Hermetic Principles.
    In biology class they give you a frog to dissect. That's one order of vertebrate that superficially resembles us. But as far as intelligent life goes for diversity you don't have to go star-trekking the galaxy to see how diverse that can be.
    Consider whales and dolphins whose brain-to-body-weight ratio approaches that of ours and even invertebrates like octopus who can solve relatively complex puzzle problems. Some parrots are rated as having the IQ of a five-year-old human child some being taught to read and some crows can even invent tools to get at food. So no. I have read it several places and have come to the conclusion, just for whatever it may be worth, that not all intelligent life in the universe is necessarily humanoid. When we get out there I think we will confirm this.
    However- the reason we seem to be encountering (as far as accounts seem to indicate) ET's / "alien" life forms that resemble us is: like attracts like. In fact we are a social species and are adapted to interacting with our own kind, even if they look a bit strange. I have it on some arguable authority that they came here (the ones described in abduction accounts) because they wanted something vital from us… possibly DNA. If intelligent insects or crab-like beings are out there it seems less likely they would travel light years just to visit us. There has to be a better reason.
    The rest is too long to go into here but our views of the universe just may be a bit skewed by experience. One day things will balance themselves out. No need to jump to conclusions this soon. Let's wait and see.

  4. Bill Fife says:
    Seems astronomers have already found evidence of a large planet in a wide elliptical orbit around our sun. I've seen photos of the one they claim is it. But don't expect it anytime soon. Estimates say it could take from 10,000 to 20,000 earth years to make a single orbit.
    Guess Nibiru is still too far out there for even our best astronomers to find. So far..

  5. elecktrick9s says:

    hmmm he bought a 4000 year old clay tablet on e-bay for a few hundred bucks…ok

  6. Where do the theory of the Annunaki theory meets the Atlantis theory, which hints to alien visitation and dna modification ?

  7. Chryso Kerux says:

    wow, what a load of assumstions

  8. Pa Sander says:

    It seems civilizations around the world were taught to build the huge monolithic structure to brace for a nasty flood, preceded by a tidal wave of extraordinary size.

  9. Joseph Falco says:

    This is very interesting but what's with all the sighing? He sounds bored.

  10. John Kagey says:

    so people really believe that a planet could orbit that far away and life on it? every thing would be frozen solid! no life could exist

  11. It's so great able to know and to read so many concept, theories and point of view over this topic , but who can tell when does our Geometry and precise measurements and difficulty math method beyond it developed since , in which year ? and we failed to analyze that complicated geometrics encoded within ancient structures like Giza PYRAMID as example a 13,000 years old structures that GPS now can tell the exact center of Earth and and the Coordinate to the location on GPS shown 29.9792458 …. hey that is the exact numbers for SPEED OF LIGHT in m/s . This is various Gift developed by the GOD so that we have chance to examine and used it step by steps under it guidance and could lasted over 13,000 years doesn't remove the knowledge hidden within it.

  12. Bluejay says:

    Excellent! Respectfully presented and definitely a lot to think about. Thanks!

  13. We are being watched. But they won't reveal themselves because of one thing. We can't stop killing the earth and one another. Until we prove we can live in peace and stop the killing of each other and this earth. They won't return unless one day they've seen enough and put a end to us. Or we go to far and they need to save us from ourselves.

  14. Vic Vin Rod says:

    That "tooling god" is the same God that gave the jews land?!

  15. Post hoc ancient alien bullshit

  16. chris wilson says:

    Great video for anyone who like me didn't know much of the subject.

  17. When I look at the scripts that this video is showing I get mad because of the crosses all over our old stamps and archaeological findings. And the unrealistic analays about Nibru and this bullshit
    Who put them there? No where in our history there were crosses like the Nazi crosses.
    Stop this bullshit and stop destroying our history. No one from my country need your help nor play with our history. We are a lot more advanced than you think and we managed to live all those wars your world brought to us. leave us alone and stop messing with our history!

  18. Sounds like a greatly articulated bullshit!

  19. What's the name of this man? I can't believe it isn't written in the description. Great video, it doesn't matter if he is right or wrong, the research he has done is absolutely astonishing

  20. any idea when they are coming back we should try and capture a few of them or get something they want like gold to trade for them fixing our fucked dna, i bet theres gold on mars if we had mars we could swap it for a few of their genetisists

  21. Helen Doron says:

    Anunnaki are half Gods half humans .. Need to read more, it's really interesting. I'm from Babylonian origin. The only thing that I know some, is the Black magic and the Jewish magic! People are still practicing it in Babylon, and it's very strong and real!!! I'd like to talk about it but some people don't believe in it, and accusing me being crazy! 🙁 .. There is sooo much very strange thing you even never know or here about Iraq. Iraq is the country of mystery, but now is turned into a country of misery 🙁 ..

  22. Helen Doron says:

    You're wearing on? And you say that you have collections of these things, and have the oldest of 4000 years old???!!! Where did you get that from?! Our history is stolen :/ !!! This thing that you wearing is worth millions or billions of dollars !!!! Just tell me, how did you get them and from where?!