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  1. pspboy7 says:

    The media is so stupid… tell the enemy we are coming, type of plane, type of mission, almost every detail except when it's happening.

  2. menos mal que mandaron esa mierda de vulcan contra nosotros , si iban contra rusia no quedaba ni uno y a sus tripulantes deberian haberlos dotado de calculadora cientifica y un par de huevos ya que acertaron con una sola bomba el 1 de mayo y nunca mas la tocaron quizas porque se encontraron con una defensa antiaerea impenetrable( cañones de 20 y 30 mm y algun que otro misil roland viejo ) jajaja lo que pasa que los brits estan acostumbrados a atacar blancos indefensos si les tiras un par de tiros se asustan y vuelan alto encima le averiamos un vulcan con fuego a/a y tubo que aterrizar de emergencia en brasil , tienen muchos medios belicos solo eso no tienen huevos si eeuu les suelta la mano no existen son solo ladrones en decadencia

  3. cucking funt says:

    We are supposed to be members of this NATO thing right, I'm sure that does not come cheap and means we have to defend assholes like Turkey yes? Then how come when we were attacked by the Argies the USA didn't step in and tell them to stop ?…. My guess is that the war was just a charade, they won't invade again unless invited again.

  4. good job! way to make those pesky south american dictators to STFU xD

  5. England haha… We fuck you in the ass and raping all your family… But we stop at 4, because tea time dude !

  6. pitty they didn't get the pope when he was just a pagan bishop. now he's the Jesuit pope. get ready.

  7. Johnny Cade says:

    28:34 Haven't they heard the slogan,wherever you go in the future,bring duc tape

  8. farea islam says:

    Awesome british 007 Type propaganda shit. It was all a fail mission where one single small hole at the edge of the runway and the whole runway was intact . Like it they said its first and last mission lol. shitest plane on earth

  9. They knew we where coming. They had a week to prepare and find the advantage points. They had state of the art equipment. And then they attacked a British island which is why they lost. We have not been defeated since 1066 and they still decided to attack…. This is why they had no chance of winning.

  10. SLACKER614 says:

    Hail Britain!!!!!

  11. Jethro Pang says:

    Quite ironic that just a few months before the war, the Argentinians tried to buy some Avro Vulcans.

  12. pscans1234 says:

    Shit you brits needed f-111's

  13. Should have bombed mainland Argentina after!

  14. Michael says:

    What an emotional rollercoaster, with chariots of fire at the finale! By "on target" one bomb hit the runway? I wonder if the clockwork bombsights were about 200metres off. The psychological effect though is massive. We took those islands in 1833 fair and square!

  15. FUCKING LEGENDS chariots of fire. ONLY CHARIOTS OF FIRE. what next level heroes putting on chariots of fire. There needs to be a film made about this.

  16. Britain should build more planes! The v bombers were amazing! And the nuclear capable nimrods were great. Dam why don't we build big birds anymore!

  17. Peter Neijs says:

    Best Documentary to date.

  18. Israle the farst one fytres

  19. dimapez says:

    the head of RAF had a Cunning plan? Are you quite sure his name wasn't Bauldrick?

  20. What a good doc. I know they refuelled in mid air but i never realised just how difficult that was. Many thanks for posting here to You tube

  21. WTF xD , started as a secret message and before they leave with few days they are on TV broadcast xD


  23. Raf Zal says:

    Una misión larga y agotadora. La falta de resultados de la misma no desmerece el coraje y sacrificio de la tripulación del Vulcan; mis respetos a ellos.

  24. Alex Kobhan says:

    keep Vulkans Vulkan, viva la Tuvak!

  25. Why didn't they just use cruise missiles from subs?

  26. wow…great flight and story

  27. All this because the Air Force Chiefs wanted their share of the glory.

  28. nasser d says:

    love the British military history. we have overcome amazing odds many times. which comes from having one of the highest trained personnel. but not sure showing Britains weaknesses is a good idea

  29. Polarbear says:

    Fucking love that plane! Ive seen it in the flesh at both Farnborough and Haddington airshows

  30. sparkss4 says:

    Wow so much fuss for what could be accomplished with 1-2 Tomahawks today.

  31. Bob Lewin says:

    Brits and their hyper-inflated opinions of themselves.

  32. Peter Wong says:

    I'm surprised there are no Top Gear fans in the comment section… Strange…

  33. They needed a B-52 & KC-135 and job done!

  34. inetfraud says:

    No one can ever say that the British don't have Godzilla balls.   Amazing feat, tremendous courage.  Spot on boys!  Wonderful documentary.  TY for the upload! Peace.

  35. scarvasa says:

    I'd kick ass in the english, so learn to stay at their home. the MALVINAS are Argentine. the lurid british empire has lost more than half of their colonies and now make immigrants in Europe. kick your ass, from E.U.

  36. scarvasa says:

    shitty video propaganda

  37. TP Power says:

    Why are Latinos (Spanish & Italian people) suck at war?  They act macho but when it comes to real bare-knuckle war, they always get there ass kicked?

  38. You were dealing with a weak adversary, the pasta eating Argentines. You try that shit with Vietnamese, Laotians Filipinos etc. they will FUCK YOU BRITS IN THE ASS.

  39. shaun nazari says:

    long live the QUEEN!!!

  40. This relieved some pressure off the task force but three type 42 were sunk plus a troop carrier and a supply ship.

  41. sagem210x says:

    ouppsss Project Reality sent me here…

  42. 456swagger says:

    Some mission, They never were able to close the Airstrip. It was not the longest mission ever. The longest for the Brits maybe.

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