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  1. anyone else recognize the narrator is Butch from fallout 3?

  2. mtbluzman says:

    great post! thanks!

  3. Nothing is "forgotten", just hidden. See Breaker Morant Movie

  4. You're really really bad lawyers you not even mention Russian fighters in the World War One Who lost his usual way more people in planes in this war you doesn't even mention them fight germs in this war on freaking believable

  5. Boas Novas says:

    Wright Flyer ! Perfect !

  6. saulpaulus says:

    No Spads or Nieuports. What happened to the French?

  7. Boas Novas says:

    Wright Flyer full grace!

  8. Adam Yang says:

    I hate the sopwith camel because of that rotary engine and the farting noise

  9. what about the tri-plane? you can't talk about WW1 planes without the tri-plane

  10. Awesome video! If your a warbird enthusiast join our online group-

  11. isaac Mcpeek says:

    the outrageous amount of money and compromises Britain made during AND JUST AFTER the First world war, a war it didn't really need to fight, cost it it's empire. It only needed to use its navy to protect its passage to India and it could probably of been a super power for a good bit longer.

  12. Dana Hess says:

    I see a lot of comments about what viewers didn't see in this doc. My thought is this: How often do you see ANYTHING on World War I in the air these days. Thanks to NOVA and the guys in New Zealand who are doing an incredible job of recreating some beautiful warplanes!

  13. Clyde Wary says:

    The Lee-Enfield rifle (in WWI, it was the No. 1 Mark III) had a 10 round magazine.

  14. Ali80076 says:

    planes like these look cheaper to manufacture, why isnt there an industry for affordable planes? if you say it would be too difficult to traffic all the planes if everyone had one, then that was the same problem with cars, but we figured out how to manage ground traffic better, no doubt we can do the same for air traffic . .

  15. K98_Zock_TV says:

    The Commonwealth Bias is stronk in here!
    They compared some Albatros D.II with a SE5?
    Whats about the other Albatros versions, the Fokker DR1 and even the french planes?
    Also, nothing more about other planes, like bombers.
    Still – great work for the historic engineering reenactment of the Kiwi's down there!!
    But the documentary was a little one-sided and didnt covered all, off course in nearly 1 hour not possible, but not a single word about bombers, air-balloon's and so on….

  16. how did they build the engines??

  17. Okay what is the music at 36:27, I've tried looking for it and can never find it!

  18. Broken Heart says:

    How much cost and plane like this to buy . Anyone knows .

  19. MEs61 says:

    Amazing. Awesome.

  20. thanks from me too, the back trolley used on these old planes my grandfather used on his little aluminum dingy in the late sixties , and he was in the aircraft industry as a mechanic in the late twenty's and thirties and was a fighter pilot in ww2 based in Dawin

  21. british propaganda right here

  22. Subscribe to me for movies with this stuff

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