Faces Of Africa – Haile Selassie: The pillar of Ethiopia, part 1 & 2

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49 Responses

  1. 3Amp says:

    I really like the 'quietness' of this documentary: the narrator has a nice, calm voice and there is no harsh music in the background….better able to absorb the information.

  2. Mauro Zonta says:

    grazie Haile Selassie

  3. NZ Patriot says:

    Another great African leader bought down by jealous animals.

  4. Hailesellassie is the father of Africa ad father of the word…he was a king that was created before his time…The direct decendant of God . choosen by God..most of you believe it ,

  5. Vito Bigup says:

    haters here 👇are not Africans.

  6. Vito Bigup says:

    haters here 👇are not Africans.

  7. MaTTeoNe says:

    Ehi mr. Youtube!! We got the worst subtitles ever here….. "Haile Selassie" = "Hi Listen Lassies"
    Go home YouTube, you'r drunk

  8. colozing other countries isn't bad if the outcomes are positive the world is positive right now.

  9. The indians lived here some wise came and gave his wisdom to the indians the same land is now feeding the whole world I see it.

  10. Imhotep Shai says:

    China you leave Africa soon

  11. Remo Sheth says:


  12. Roberto Day says:

    Communism was a Bad mistake and getting rid of the emperor

  13. Roberto Day says:

    Bastard facist Italy.

  14. ZUENA OMARY says:

    Real Africa is the mother of all continent. We've been taught partialy at school, I got new ting about Haile,Big up youtube.

  15. that is not right he is criminal he was kill us in ERITREA go to hell Haile Selassie

  16. High priest by the treaty in 1933 wen he made the pope bow n discontinued catholcism in Ethiopia…. started his own othodox church as high priest king in 1928 n prophet 2 the world 1st black man 2 obtain equal rites during the heights of colonialism n by himself broke the power of colonialism…..

  17. L Crom says:

    Many say that he was killed by either the United States or Britain because no white nations ever wanted Africa to Unite or become self sufficient. Many say that it was not Ethiopians that killed him. They believe that the division and the movement was provoked by the white man. Then the white man took the opportunity of chaos to murder him in the midst of the uprising so that no one would suspect. But many people suspect that it was done by them. It's always a sad story when African
    's or the descendents of Africa, try to do good for themselves and become independent, That they always end up dead. It's really sad. Then many white people mock black people calling them unproductive or incapable. It seems to be an on going fight in every what nation where blacks reside and African nations. White nations constantly plotting on who would win the prize of Africa. Now we see that all of their dreams will come true Because some believe that the reason Britian wanted to seperate from the EU, is so that their would be no authority coming against their plans to use all of their black and brown colonized nations to get even more powerful economically on the backs of black and brown labor. pretending to be the givers of a new day of prosperity to all of these nations then creating a cheap labor working class just like china did. But this will be brutal. More brutal than it has been already. When will the madness end? Great Documentary. Thanks for the video.

  18. Is this non-biased?

  19. He was a killer .

  20. He never bult a nation but distracted evry thing in Eritrea and Same part of Ethiopia.

  21. Hassan Yusuf says:

    no he was a dog to them he is mother fuck he is in hell now fuck ethiopia

  22. Adam Yusuf says:

    he was the first african leader who rejected pan africanism or african unity and he also claimed that he is great great grandson of king solomon that means he isn't african so african pple don't see him as an african hero like jomo kinyata,patrick lamumba,nelson mandela,thomas sankara' jamal abdinasir ect.

  23. my great uncle was a white south African white who was Selassie body guard during the second world war, Selassie gave my great uncle his personal sword as appreciation for staying by his side with other men when the germans were advancing, the sword is still around. now mengistu who is evil is being looked after by Robert mugabe

  24. Siam says:

    Such a cool guy

  25. ZeraYaqob says:

    there are a few misidentifications in the video especially in the beginning where it shows emperor menelik's photo while saying Ras Mekonnen (Haileselassie's father) and saying Hailesellasie's son yilma while showing the picture of emperor menelik's grandson

  26. Henok Reta says:

    History is history. Haile Selassie I. laid the foundation of this great nation but his successors ruined all what he had aspired and built to put the country first in all the settings at least in the continent. Thank you for all you did in your time King, you were a wise, nationalist, pan-Africanist and visionary king of all time. Sorry for those who have muddled in bloods and backwardness. R.I.P! Thank you CCTV !

  27. My respect King of King ; l

  28. Why don't they talk about how it was really a dependency of Portugal.

  29. L Blue says:



    WHITE COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. At 17:54, they didn't translate the part about gifts from China. I wonder why?

  31. Unfortunately he was part of the New World Order movement through the UN (League of Nation). He was Catholic (Jesuit) trained as it was mentioned at the beginning of the video. Which is a BIG NO, NO, and the most important information in my opinion. He was a key to infiltrate and enslave Ethiopians through Jesuit (Catholic) doctrine. They (probably Catholics, Freemasons) killed his brother because they couldn't use him, as he was too close to the Orthodox Church. Education, science, progress and all is good, but the main and the most important thing, is the war between the churches. Specifically to corrupt and destroy Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

  32. they can't find a better person to interview about Ethiopian history and our beloved king.almost most of them they don't speak English well.

  33. who the fuck cares who he is
    we taught them history theyll never forget

  34. he was the queens puppet!!!!! people in that country hate him!!

  35. Haile Selassie would be remembered as one of the Ethiopian Emperors who decided to change society within Ethiopia but problem is that we Ethiopians are too religious and proud. How are we supposed to change people if we don't accept what's real issue within society? Like religious diversity and ethnicity. I see all Ethiopians as Ethiopians. Nothing more.

    Do you actually see Europeans wondering which ethnicity some Europeans have in their country? No. First of all we are Africans and only Africans.

    About religious problem, we have at one side native beliefs and Tewahedo which i prefer because it's our national religion and even shamanism I accept. On the second side you have Islam, religion of arabs, our eternal enemies and only religion that causes problems in Ethiopia.

    Through our history we defended our empire againts Arabs, Turks (I fucking hate turks) and Europeans, but we can't save Ethiopia from ourselfs.

    Ethiopian people needs only one thing, good and wise leader. Emperor who knows what's right and change our people. As we can see we already tried democracy and it's not better. Things are even worst. We were not ready for democracy. How we're supposed to benefit from freedom if we've corrupted government, sucking money from our veins?

  36. The rules of king Haile Selassie? 3:10

  37. simon says:

    ethipoians are always on the white mans dick back then haile selassie was sucking up to them and nowadays their doing the same thing to usa …always wanting backup damm just stand up 4 yourself !!!

  38. this video produced according to poltical issue(CHINA) , so the producers deny the role of english military and sudanese fighters in the independent.

  39. I'm african
    I'm the African Union

  40. revisionism is the word that comes to my mind, whenever "ethiopia" is exaggerated at levels that challenges (the interpretation of its past and present), simply because, "aithiopia" is an artificially glued together "state-nation", with population harvesting (extracts from yemen)…..however, historians are aware of this and do not entertain the notion of "fortifying" a glorious wall for "aithiopia", and today, the un-gluing of that periphery system is on ( without looking for mysterious abstracts or psycho-analyzing dead historians), the internal conditions of today's "ethiopia" is in one major fold – IMPLOSION.

  41. puppie mamo says:

    Ethiopia is in deep tribal war

  42. AURORA08A says:

    A true hero to humanity. an example to all. I am ashamed st walk the same earth as such a man but hope by honest endeavour to be unashamed beforedeath. Not only Africa but the world needs to understand the greatness of this man , which is within us if only a like effort with a like compassion , and a like intelligence is followed to its full potential. God Bless Hailie Selassie and God Bless Ethiopia. If you want to find a more unjustly murdered man you can only find Jesus Christ.

  43. Long live the King of all Kings He Lives Highly Haile Selassie the first Rastafari

  44. The picture at 4.18mn is a Menelik II picture not a Ras Makonnen one.