Expedition African Documentaries – Malaria Claims an Explorer (Ep6)

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4 Responses

  1. saxyvi says:

    why aren't they asking the porters and the Masai for their input? They know about the area and the animals best I would think.

  2. Mr Guapsy says:

    She showed him the tombstone so he'd realise they would leave him to die haha

  3. Jimmy Buzy says:

    lmfao when boiling for 5 or 10 minutes isn't enough for you. boiling for an hour will actually make that water worse for you, if all the water is boiling that means it has reached as high of a temperature as it needs to kill anything, but it will still have toxins in it like mercury from urine or other heavy metals that will only get concentrated from a longer boiling time. putting iodine in it wont help either lol.

  4. never have I met any one like this. if I was Pasqual I would of left them. not even kids act like that. omg, what a load of petty bullshit! Pasqual, line them up and shoot them mate

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