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  1. If Russia never came to the aid of Serbia and just left Austria-hungry and Serbia to battle it out there wouldn't have been a war

  2. AYA ILYAS says:

    oh that's a great video

  3. Battle of Cer was first alies victory je didnt say that Serbia made rlly big move and that why am proubd of my country

  4. Hot Burat says:

    europe likes war

  5. Do a video on the War of 1812, considered by some historians to be the first true world war.

  6. Tbh im here because of battlefield. When im playing i always wonder how the actual battles went. Dice did a good job because battlefield 1 has inspired people to learn about ww1 which is always good


  8. jew bankster world war

  9. Lordp00m says:

    No mention of the belgians flooding what is left of their country to keep the germans at bay for the remainder of the war? Battle of Yser for reference. They reflooded it daily for the remainder of the war to keep the germans from breaking through.. I'd call that a sacrifice worth mentioning don't you? The belgian and french troop fought tooth and nail inflicting heavy casulties and when their lines were finally broken through they flooded the land forcing the germans to retreat and abandon their advance along the coast. It was several days before Battle of Ypres, which was the german counter. The flooded area around the Yser remained an unmoving frontline for the remainder of the war.

  10. Wow, this is truly a world war. Too many casualties but too damn interesting

  11. Dark Dubbs says:

    WWI was such a pointless war. Atleast there were a reason to fight in WWII against Hitler. But WWI was a war made by old men with old ways thinking and so many died from idiotic ideas.

  12. Amit Mota says:

    Where was India in world war 1

  13. this was a really cool video to watch. Im glad my teacher forced me to watch it

  14. mammoth says:

    So who started world war 1

  15. Abhay Mishra says:

    who else is here because of battlefield 1?

  16. So in truth WW1 is really just the Great War of Europe? It wasn't a world war if barely any fighting occurred outside of Europe. So WW2 is actually the real first world war.

  17. Nash Jr. says:

    I'm here becasue of Battlefield 1

  18. Am I the only one who came here not because of battlefield one?

  19. Aguila701 says:

    Is this series going to be released in Russian?

  20. Shynn Ng says:

    best world war 1 documentary, without BS

  21. love it man the way you guys explained it.

  22. TheMaster100 says:

    War was simply ridicoulous, especially with certain factions joining such as Bulgaria, should have just stayed neutral.

  23. HistoryHub says:

    Was it 350 miles or 450 ?

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