Encounters | Paranormal Documentary | Davidstow Airfield | Halloween Special – S01E02

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7 Responses

  1. GPSarwen says:

    I've been watching this video with headphones and noticed a very clear whisper after 7:55 (in the tower as you're putting down the K II . It sounds like "He doesn't have to do that!", male voice. If no one has noticed it before, please check it, it is very clear and I don't think that it sounds like Jason.

  2. 1phatmaximus says:

    what was that voice at 9:49 sounded like the old actress Shirley Tempel??and again at 10:33 laugh and the voice say s that tickles ??

  3. Isnt good doing that alone with out protection, you know what they can do you have a gift so start using it

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  5. I find it was pretty interesting you got responses when you asked for them. As for the boo buddy, I'm not too familiar with that. So I can't really comment one way or the other about that piece of equipment. I'd like to learn more about it though.

  6. Sorry, knocks and growls from off screen aren't very paranormal to me.

  7. If you enjoyed the episode don't forget to give us a thumbs up and leave your thoughts in the comments box about the evidence captured!

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