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  1. bla ba says:

    this guy talks so much about democracy.. where is the democracy in muslim countries? where is the democracy in places like Qatar? Saudi Arabia?
    what came first the egg or the chicken?
    what came first terror or counter terror measurements? (the answer to this one is easy).
    the muslim communities world wide has failed to deal with muslim radicals, as this problem became big enough to harm the west some muslims act surprised as if it was not at their door step for decades, and even nurtured by some muslim nations and communities.

    many muslims that immigrate into western countries try to impose their ideologies on the western world, many muslims refuse to adopt the ways of life that are accustomed in those countries. these ways of life were the reason that these countries became better then the dictatorships the muslims came from in the first place. 

    if u are not happy with what is done in europe or the u.s, feel free to leave it and go back to muslim country u came from. don't try to change the society u immigrated into.

    the western world is better and more advanced from muslim nations for a reason, it is not about money or manpower, muslim nations have plenty of that.
    it is the difference of culture that made europe into and the west into the advanced prospering countries that these are.
    we see a clear trend of immigration from third world counties to the west, but almost none the other way around.
    I only ask..
    when will the muslims be to ones to act against radical islam?

  2. koertje says:

    When will Al Jazeera make a show on Qatar pushing violent islam and terrorism ? 

  3. hackneo64 says:

    The only reason any of these middle eastern countries are relevant is oil. Before that no one paid any attention to muslims or islam and they were a bunch of wandering nomads with no economy, even then they still dont make anything. Once they run out they will return to their nomadic lifestyle and hopefully will piss off.

  4. LA MEUTE says:

    Why whee dont see moderate muslims doing manifestation agains extremist muslims!!!

  5. P0emaa says:

    Democracy is about choosing for your own and not letting ANYONE choose for you!!! If you choose NOT to have democracy, it should be your choise and not of anyone else.

  6. to be fair. ISAF/US had done a great job in Afghanistan.

    Iraq? well… not so much

  7. John Howard says:

    This man is as dangerous as any ISIS operative because he demands that we give in totally to his religion And what if we did ? What would be the next stage ? The demands willl continue to grow and grow and grow. The very tenet of islam is submission to Allah whether as a believer or a non believer He like so many of the smarter terrorists and that is what is He doesn't need to carry a gun he uses the very democracy that he seeks to destroy against us. At no stage during this entire film did he seek to see what islam is doing in OUR societies We can do something about the numbers here and as each outrage perpetuated on us grows in numbers that day is coming I just hope this specimen is one of the first to be annointed

  8. Dogy K says:

    The sad fact, but fact is: less freedom you have, more you will become immune to Islamic terrorism; West must find an appropriate balance between the two. For example, compares to Western democracies, China is relatively if not absolutely immune to Islamic terrorism; and North Korea, as the least free country in the world, is also the only country that is 100% immune to any form of terrorism.
    People have to make a choice between the 'Evil of Terrorism' and the 'Evil of Fascism', if you want a 3rd choice where everybody loves everybody with free hugs around every corner and flowers smiling at every soul, I'm sorry, it may be a beautiful idea but there is no such place, not on earth at least.

  9. David Craig says:


    hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture

    Derived Forms

    Islamophobic, adjective

    [foh-bee-uh]   Spell Syllables 
     Word Origin 

    a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

    there is nothing irrational about fearing islam so u can't link the two words together

  10. David Craig says:

    oh my gawd….if they feel like their freedom is being infringed on in the west let them go to ANY middle eastern country and check it out…lmfao

  11. Rohit C says:

    Muhammad must be so proud!! His youngest bride was 6, his first bride was 45 (when he was in his 20s), he married his daughter in law (by forcing his son to divorce her), he married a total of 13 women – but of course when anyone questioned him he told them "he is commanded by god to do so"! And don't get me started about his violence (including murders), slave-trade & looting…..immoral satanic prophet leads to immoral satanic religion!

  12. alefstein1 says:

    AJ is helping you keeping your head under the sand. same old excuses about western interventions ,never self criticism, never about the ideology, about the religious connection. it's war on Islamic terror not on muslims. there are many good people.

  13. alefstein1 says:

    ohh just one question.. can a Jew immigrate to saudi arabia ? Qatar ? Afghanistan ? Pakistan ?? Somalia ?? Iran ?
    can Christians immigrate to these countries ?? what about spaghetti monster forbid ahamdi muslims ? Hindus ?? Buddhists ??  hmmm ?? haaa ?? naaa !!!

  14. dragracer567 says:

    Speaking of freedom, they won't be speaking their views this openly if it wasn't for western democracy. Try criticising the government's policies in muslim countries. Especially Al-Jazeera's home country Qatar. They are questioning the freedom in the west while enjoying it.

  15. José Juan says:

    Islamic fundamentalism is a by product of social instability. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire not only decentralize the religion, it torn what would have been an otherwise united culture apart.Split between authoritarian monarchies and puppet regimes, the colonial christian/secularist powers enforces their will on governments throughout the arab world, without respect for national sovereignty or identity, ultimately, religion became the unifying factor and it became a means to which one could protest injustices. Authoritarian regimes backed by the West became the enemy of Islam, the US and Europe became a target because they almost exclusively benefited from the repression. This is a conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors, entering a new phase.  The ultimate goal of the Arab world has always been unity, be it as a secular federation or a Caliphate, Ironically this whole islamic malarkey would probably be render mute had the west foster the idea of an Arab Federation, there wouldn't be a need to reaffirmed united cultural sovereignty through faith.

  16. Boss Kelso says:

    people that fear to love and love to hate is just being lied to

  17. Islam is the worst danger facing the world today . We will never have peace till this cancer is eradicated

  18. Jo white says:

    Im not muslim but ….

    Am i the only one who thinks its insulting to say the war on terror is a war on muslims?…..As if  Muslims (even) identify with ISIL and Alqaeda and other fanatics.

    TBH this convo shouldnt even be happening. i dont think the war on terror has anything do to with islam. i think everyone…EVERYONE can see there is a MASSIVE difference between normal human beings (muslim or not) and A bunch of crazies. stop insulting ppl AJ.

  19. Miss Lau says:

    Bla bla most of western advancement came from the Muslim world, we use their numerical system, surgical instruments were invented by them and are still the same, first man to fly was a Muslim who jumped off a tower, coffee is from the muslims!!!! The list goes on. You are looking from one side and not delving into how and why war is what it is in the Middle East!!!! I feel my freedom in the west has a heavy price on it in many aspects!!!!

  20. This reporter is a liberal prick. I listen to the viewpoint of Al Jazeera, but this guy takes it overboard. 

  21. Luis Sang says:

    this is why al jazeera should be banned from united sates, speacially the host

  22. Luis Sang says:

    when the middle east learn to separate church and state that is when it will peace in the middle east

  23. Manas Surya says:

    even though al jazeera should also report on muslims countries like qatar, they did a good job with this report, and it should be appreciated

  24. Historically, when a nation or an alliance of nations committed itself and its people to the cause of war, more often then not the hostilities often did not last for a reasonably significant period of time. Though wars such as the Hundred Years War lasted for decades; many wars seemed to be fought and won with the time to claim victory in such conflicts measured in years and not decades. War is a waste of men, material and resources; due to the nature of war since it inherently means the death of men and women it seems that those who may be of a ethical persuasion may only support war when unavoidable and would want such conflicts to be short in duration. No one who actually participates in the actual war; yet sometimes those who sit on the sidelines and will never be anywhere near where these wars take place and profit from conflict both in terms of finance and political power. For most war is not in their interest, that is why moral people usually only support war if it is forced on them; but for some war means either vast amounts of profit or the ability to gain political power. Some financial concerns who produce the weaponry of human slaughter accumulate untold wealth during such conflicts, and it seems if this is true then the longer the hostilities continue the more profit such institutions amount; making wealth from the death of men and women. Should not those who see the value in human life want war to be as brief as possible; though it seems in the War on Terror there is no time table as to when conflict will subside. During World War 2 the Allies where able to claim victory in less then ten years, Axis composed of an alliance of three industrial nations; yet to win a war on poorly equipped insurgents and criminal organizations which use a strategy of senseless attacks on civilians which realistically do not compose a significant number of people, a Coalition of the World's most powerful nations as of yet not achieved one decisive victory. In most wars, one can easily identify what assets your opponent needs to project military aggression thus after destroyed will be unable to fight; yet in the War on Terror there is no clear infrastructure which is necessary to continue to wage conflict; in such a war all the West's opponents here need is to inspire men to carry on its destructive cause; perhaps in such a war victory can never be achieved since there will always be those inspired to fight continually or attack people senseless; if this war became indefinite then certain institutions will accumulate vast wealth. Does not profiting from destruction and human death seem to be inherently immoral. Perhaps War is something to be avoided at all costs and when forced on a people, made to be kept as brief as possible.

  25. aatayyab says:

    When the presenter was asked about the solution, he acted dumb. The reason is simple. War is war, another word for deception. The solution is simple. STOP interfering in other nations and acting like GOD or Empire on earth. These continuous wars are stripping these war-mongering nations and their people of their own values, safety and prosperity. The young generation of these western nations are way different than the older ruling class. In a decade or so, you'd no more see war-mongering leaders in these western nations. Let's wait and see! Salam…

  26. let me start by saying that i respect marwan's journalism and usually enjoy his show, but he seems to be a bit confused. on one hand, he opens an important discussion about the growing opacity of government decision making and its chilling effect on democratic participation from the standpoint that democracy is something worth saving. on the other hand, he seems to revel in criticizing liberal democracy and drags out people like this marxist slovene to talk about how terrible it is, and always has been. there is plenty to criticize about liberal democracy, but where is the alternative model being put forward? there is none. it certainly isn't qatar's absolute monarchy or putin's modern despotism.

  27. Mark Simons says:

    Can you imagine Judaism or Christianity being pilloried for past or present misdemeanours, real or imagined.  Most definitely yes!  Just look in the newspapers.
    The presenter is proposing Muslim exceptionalism.

    I have watched three episodes of this series and this is by far the weakest.  "I am the one who asks the questions is something of a mantra ignoring the fact that some of his questions are tendentious.  

    This is pretty close to pushing Qatari line rather than the investigative journalism it purports to be.

  28. Jitu Teron says:

    Attack someone, attack the terrorist, call your enemy the terrorist because when they are terrorist u r not obligated to respect your enemy as a legal entity, they are now nobody, they are nothing, they are now beyond humanity. for an ordinary man, it kills the desire to understand that entity altogether

  29. Jitu Teron says:

    From where do Al Qaida and ISIS get its mileage, why are getting the support from the people, because they are playing the same game as US. there has to be an enemy and the enemy is the united states. ISIS are playing the politics of fear the same way US is playing the politics of fear on its people and allies.

  30. Jitu Teron says:

    all the "terrorist" organizations were asking was to pull the troops out of their land. what is so evil about that? its certainly not as evil as putting boots in their land and killing them like dogs in the streets

  31. Falamu445 says:

    Is Islam truly violent or pacifistic? Too many conflicting opinions, I think…

  32. David Kanu says:

    In my opinion, the West are not comfortable of Islam taking the driver's seat as the fastest growing religion in the world, one way to slash it down is to form an organized syndicate groups world wide called Jihadist or extremist fighting for Islam-by so doing the name of Islam will be dragged to the mod and subsequently inherit hatred by the world based on the misinterpreted verses from the Quran. When this goal is achieved then the introduction of the new world order will come to play.  As a concern person who denounce evil acts or hatred to others, the so called world leaders or world power machines should look into an other directions(OF PEACE) if the world is to be a free place to practice any religion.
    The regime change in the middle east is a clear example of not only getting rid of Islam but to gain western interest in the countries that holds the core value of Islamic creed.
    Our only chance now is to embrace GOD'S rule be it Islam, Christianity or any religion that believes in our creature. Until we come under the rule of GOD we will still be planting the seed of disaster upon us – HELP US O' GOD-Amen , Armin

  33. Rc Enhancer says:

    Fu** all these terrorists and politicians. Aliens are trying to colonize this earth and they still want to gain fame and money! Helpless humanity!

  34. DarkShadow64 says:

    Al Jazeera = Zionist owned piece of shit

  35. This is interesting.

  36. Idonigbo Obu says:

    I may not be Muslim however I do understand that one day its Arabs, another day it is Black people or Jews, another day Chinese or Japanese, one day Latinos for that reason we all should be concerned but another concern I have is no matter how much terrorism is perpetrated by Anglo Saxons never are they looked at in such a broad brush manner. The worst part of it is that all the groups I have mentioned will often participate when it is a group other than their own!!!

  37. Crom Bann says:

    The death cult called islam is at war with Humanity, muslims have earned what is coming for them.

  38. I never listened to a word that dude with the lishp said, his lishp made me crack up and how he talks so passionately with a passionate lisp 

  39. Musab Jibril says:

    America fed off the ideology of threat from terrorists and used it to its gain . dont even for one second think America were the heroes in this war . Isis is basically the unplanned baby and its gonna bite them right where it hurts

  40. toemas8 says:

    That dude hatsssh the worst voice. A bunch of guys should sunning themselves in a western democracy. There is no doubt western democracies have developed the most successful societies in history… Sure not perfect but pretty good by any measure.

  41. John Shy says:

    This account still working it's not been active in over a year without any videos

  42. Lol lel says:

    If a christian version of Isil emerges and the whole world blames christianity –
    only then will the western world understand how we feel about being blamed

  43. the real terrorists are the WEST if you think about it! USA is a very greedy & selfesh, there had give birth to terrorism by goin to war with IRAQ just for OIL, everyone knows that and 911 was mastermind by the fukin JEWS! USA doesnt have the balls to go in N.KOREA & CHINA OR RUSSIA. cos china an Korea will GRILL EM A LIVE ! America cant even fix there own problems, the Latinos & Blacks are killing ppl every day. so USA fix ur own problems before invading other countries you greedy twats

  44. HA HA HA ! the USA couldn't even fix AFGHANISTAN. THERE CHICKENED OWT AT THE END! even the Russians couldn't do owt, so how can the Americans.

  45. Henry Jackson Society are a bunch of holier than thou bourgeois white men who pontificate to the world their enlightened messianic vision of the Middle Easter, Im disappointed Marwan didnt go harder on him.

  46. The war on terror = War on overpopulation of the muslim-world. TOTAL CRAZYNESS !!

  47. The Jews simply wage a war on Islam simply because Islam does not believe in having Jewish Central Banking system, thus according to the International Jew they are the enemy of capitalism.