Donald Trump BBC History Documentaries 2016 | Anonymous Warning Trump’s System Security in Future

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3 Responses

  1. funny how all the protester's look like they're on some sort of drug. Start watching the news and educate your self you dumb ass…..

  2. Meggan Peron says:

    So I'm supposed to give a damn what a bunch of liberal "news" outlets think about Trump?? Get over yourselves. I didn't vote for the guy, don't particularly like him either but if someone put a gun to my head and asked me who I want him or Hillary, I would have to say him….she's a scary evil person. I didn't want Obama either but I dealt with his BS for the last 8 years…and all the crap he's trying to pull in his last days. Trump won, this world is fucked anyway and everyone has their head in the ground..especially you guys; with your BS controlled opposition.

  3. I thought infowars was supposedly all about the truth, they sound as one sided as the news and political parties they fight with and report on.

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