Documentary History Ancient Aliens : The Visitors – New Documentary

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  1. Anthony Cato says:

    why in the world do people act like it was impossible for Africans to travel the Nile to communicate with each other, and I'm also disturbed at the repetitive statements " they couldn't have done this before modern science " and why can't ancient people know things that modern man doesn't know, next they claim that the elongated head of Akanatan is uncommon but that skull shape is common in Africa, so what Aliens are they talking about, the Egyptians culture came from the south of Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda etc. that's why these so called scientists keep say that they are connected but they discredited that they are the same group not aliens, sorry but white people feel if they didn't do it or have some involvment, then Aliens did it, this is racist Roderick, that's why they never ask African people about Africa, they have a native Indian explain there history but never Africa they put the words in there mouth,… this was once a ALL black planet, before the ice age, this is why they find pyramids under the water, prior to the ice age, I'm done with these liers… they can't prove there lies so they love say " maybe and what if " how can a person credit so much to aliens and they have no proof of aliens, not to say somewhere out there they don't exist but to take the accomplishments of all the people of the equator to aliens, SMH

  2. zaeleaphoria says:

    thank you for providing these doku

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