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  1. Art Last says:

    Is it me or all the voices lower, the sound lower than normal, not talking volume, talking pitch???.

  2. dan joly says:

    we deserve the truth and nothing less then the truth and and a whole lot more respect who ever is calling the shots on what we should or should;n;t beside our God who; are you to take over and decide whats good or bad one thing is for sure were not afraid of the aliens and what ever we are conserned of how the gov is taking advantage of all that is all ours the people that need to know what is what we are a part of this discovery it is our time to find who we are as man kind so please make up your mind and stop wasting our fucccin mind porcupines of some kind

  3. 78starbuck says:

    They didn't panic that there were aliens. They panicked because Mr. Wells said the aliens were on a kill fest through the country mercilessly incinerating any poor sob that they came across and wiping out the military as if they were playing with them. It was the horror of ET coming down and committing genocide. That is way far from There are aliens. WOW. NEXT.

  4. Thus for the avoidance of doubt, no single state on earth, has not found or taken alien and spaceship. British surrendered to investigate this. United States, however, use this in their favor. But they have no definite any evidence. I do not believe on this alien, but I know of the existence of Extraterrestrial

  5. As a young man, I found an interesting all religion, but then 9 years of age, I saw through them. began to study them and that this was all the stories of aliens. And in recent times I have looked around the world what is called wonders of the world, then I realized that humans came nowhere near these sights. human knowledge was unavailable., and later I found myself in the encounters with the alien. And they are no threat to the current humanity, they are only watching us. And they want no interference with us.

  6. Eric Hansen says:

    about 1 hour in on the ohio clip… 270 degrees is West, not South… but great vid.

  7. i don't believe in any of these alien fairy tales, but fuck i love watching these docos, cunts are fucked lol

  8. halburd1 says:

    nonsense the "aliens" are from earth. because they are demons or angels depending on the team they support!. in the pre noah flood they lived openly among humans after god did noahs flood to clean shit up most were captured (fallen angels) the rest wento hiding. but soon the will reveal themselves once again. as in the days of noah so shall it be when the son of man (jesus) returns. whenever they say alien just think fallen angel/demon

  9. Why would they add ancient Sumerian language… because it's the earliest known written language.

  10. why do distant planets shine?

  11. Sara Seager is a Man.

  12. If Alien visit Earth now. They would probably exterminate the White-man first as history proven their destructive behavior on other race, animals, plants and the planet. Also DNA and genetic makeup of White are obsolete.

  13. I'm gonna fill you folks in on what's going on, our shadow government has been working with alien beings since 47 and made a deal with them, that they could experiment on a limited amount of humans and the beings have exceeded the amount of people and our government is now looking for their home so they blow it up and deal with the rest as they present themselves, I know because I worked for them

  14. McRom37 says:

    why the hell you change there voices,oh you where bored and playing with imovie

  15. sign of greeting? when intelligent extraterrestrial life found where is earth that might be doomsday for mankind.

  16. natalie knau says:

    Yes voices are completely jacked up!

  17. runner6500 says:

    We're caught in, and suffer from, the Northern European arrogant perception of human history, which basically goes like this, "Anything before us is myth, and legend. We are the epitome of civilized man." The result of this way of thinking leads us to ignore the ancients, who are clearly answering questions, and passing down knowledge. A great example would be the Dogon. They described the Sirius System to Europeans in the 1850s, and only until recently, was their description proven to be accurate. But because in the 1850s', "the arrogant perception" was at its' zenith, it was called myth and legend, where it still is. In spite of the fact these people knew something that took 130 years and the most powerful telescopes to verify. And they have the same creation story as the Sumerians.

  18. edwin storz says:

    I believe that our Government has made contact and has some kind of deal set up with them to keep the introduction at bay, because most folks live in a fantasy, a fake world and if reality came in the fast, it burst their bubble, sending them into chaos for they look to the Government to hold their hand.

  19. if they wanna get their asses kicked just start up some shit when you get here and youll find out whos killing who hahaha

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