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  1. Virtueman1 says:

    How is this EU or plasma cosmology? How do you define and delimit those theories? I thought this was just a lone guy coming up with these videos on his own.

    Besides, the film makes absolutely no sense (He used the shape for his experimental device off of a random CERN-building? Why? And bowls of magnetic field, what the hell is that?

    If you google the creator of this you may also discover that he sells a device which he claims can cure you of basically all ills, including cancer, by emitting a simple magnetic field. So he seems to be a traditional charlatan.

  2. rewtnode says:

    mysterious "shining" and impressive animations, but where's the math? I'm not just saying that: Where do you get, in some kind of analytical way, those double bowls from? It's a postulate but it got to be better justified.

  3. This is excellent. I would like to see more on it. I wish scientists would take this more seriously instead of trying to only prove the big bang !

  4. Where can we see/buy the full series of this? This is revolutionary.

  5. who is the creator of this?

  6. Silly nonsense. He probably also sees images in his toast :p

    Oh and look, there are dome shaped clouds, and mushrooms too, which look like magnetic fields… lol, what a quack.

  7. Why have you uploaded this with no reference to its creator, and in shit quality? What a loser. You can't even see what's supposed to be happening in the vacuum tube experiments, so what's the point? There is a much better version of this documentary on YouTube – just search "David LaPoint."

  8. I am so amazed. This is exciting. I wish I could speak with this man and pick his brain or just bounce ideas. Fantastic! I am curious how this has been accepted so far.
    Is this just called, "bowl structure theory?"
    My fiance and I were just talking about the ejection fields this evening and trying to understand why they occur. This is awesome.

  9. so we see how the structures are created, but what is responsible for movement?

  10. mrhyde2484 says:

    Tesla knew much of this 100 years ago. The technology has been available for free wireless electric for every home, auto, and everything else since Tesla discovered this fact. It will never be allowed due to the worlds monetary system. If you made trillions of dollars from fossil fuels, would you simply give up your power for the good of the world ?

  11. Drake Kay says:

    Those Rainbow Elecctric discharge colors. Those are the individual atoms being fried and changed.

  12. see the ancient circle in the square of the geometry in that dot,,, Ha h hah haaaa it's all been done before so let's do it again.. ha h haaa

  13. Rick T says:

    David LaPoint is the creator of the videos this person just made poor quality copies of his videos without giving credit..

  14. quantumcake says:

    kill yourselves. this isn't a scientific theory and all of you who appeal to it should consider going back to primary school for some really basic physics. and if you must know why, then you are an insult to all the efforts people put into r&d the past couple decades, efforts that have advanced us technologically, but as it appears people are still ungrateful by choosing to remain ignorant.

  15. this made so much sense i'm blown come this isn't mentioned in all the space documentaries? this would explain the big bang too. we live in a universe inside an expanding magnetic field shaped like this. i want to see more

  16. Warm Fusion says:

    "As each organ in the human body holds its physical relation to the brain by means of nerves and blood-rivers, so these different planets in the physical universe hold a currental, magnetic, and electrical relation to the S-L [heaven], which corresponds to the brain."
    Cosmic jet-streams:
    "But the higher inhabitants .. put themselves in harmony with the currents that sweep through the atmospheric spaces. With the spread of light they ride on those currents millions and trillions of miles.
    Professor Wise speaks positively of the existence of an unvariable current, and thinks that if the venturesome aeronaut could strike it, he would be rapidly and safely carried from west to east. His first experiment… sufficiently illustrates what is the universal method of traveling .. when they depart on their far-away excursions. They gain that particular current which sweeps away through the spaces between the orbits of the planets, and which takes them " with the celerity of thought" to the destination which they desire to reach, however remote it may be from their point of departure.
    ..Just as a message of intelligence can be sent through space by vibrating the telegraphic current over thousands of miles, so the spirit-body and Will can, by the vibration of the celestial rivers which flow between the Summer-Land and the different planets, mount and float and ride upon them with inconceivable speed, and gain any desired destination.”
    Andrew Jackson Davis. 'Death and the Afterlife' 1865

  17. Lets Read! says:

    What an unbelievably informative video! I feel enlightened :)

  18. The Primer Fields IS NOT PART OF THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! Asshat!


  20. Manoo42 says:

    Straight from the Erich von Daniken school of pseudoscience…

  21. Electro-Cute says:

    Stop poluting the internet with this garbage and wrongly calling it "Electric Universe".

  22. its almost logic to me

  23. wtf is this rip off video?

  24. good boy says:

    i think where all standing on light then comes color then objects then so forth i believe everything is speeding at the speed of light and were all in this sands of time so we call i believe that a time travel would not work on schedule time because its an allusion but rather pending events which don't exist because you create them then what is it remember frequency's will um radio waves thru pending magnetic fields really fast. to open a portal remember in california that UFO portal wonder what will happen to a particle in between static and wireless field rotating at the same time on co)7(8)llision thru infinite voids and mirrors. §Г

  25. good boy says:

    crystals are a mirror of our dimension

  26. You do see the Hex pattern like they found on Saturn.
    Very interesting.

  27. Dynen Dyn says:

    You say space, but at e.g 40:43, the stars looks like artwork/ cgi/ drawings!

  28. Nate Doe says:

    I know the magnets are patented. I want to buy a set! Anyone know where?

  29. ageofmaya says:

    This looks so much like Nikola Tesla's experiments. Have you seen his (stolen/hidden) theory of gravitation, which does say that it is basically electromagnetic force?

  30. this is loose rubbish

  31. If you wish to view images of plasma in the natural environment of Antarctica view my YouTube videos Plasma in Antarctica, Plasma in Antarctica 2 and Plasma in Antarctica 3. Images of plasma grids and associated gravity waves can be seen in these videos.For example gravity wave forms lens to focus plasma flow over the ocean at 9 minutes 7 seconds in Plasma in Antarctica 3.These images can be viewed on Google Earth by anyone who knows where to look. I have spend over a 1000 hours finding and compiling these images.

  32. Dear Professor, you dont know how many german and austrian people can understand this english dokumentaries. And You Tube can the download not allow, we had understand the deep trueness.

  33. Es ist eine Schande für den deutschen Sprachraum das diese interessanten Dokumentationen blockiert werden!

  34. sean (c below),I agree.u might ENJOY A SHORT HISTORY OF EVERYTHING-VIDEO book.theres a part in there on Hubble and the redshift.seems like they propagandize Einstein and hubble,while they closet and murder true scientists like Tesla and free energy scientists these days to keep their paradigm in line.never bought that whole b.s.about the whole galaxy flying apart!;)

  35. Polarity is necessitated by rotation… you can't create a positive or negative field. A south pole bowl magnet will generate a north pole field on it's own out of necessity m

  36. Zygote says:

    I stopped watching at "I believe.." 5:22

  37. The Lighting Scarred Planet Mars is one of the most amazing documentaries ever.

  38. Is it possible to make a video like this showing the three dimensional formation of magnetized materials using bowl shaped magnets in a gel or aqueous solution?

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