[Documentary] China’s Beginning – Xia Dynasty (2070 – 1600 BC) 夏朝

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  1. Asian kids are the cutest on earth….

  2. Not "Sia"! It's pronounced "sha," with a falling tone, like a decisive statement. It is hard to take anything one says seriously, if one has never bothered to learn how to pronounce it properly.

  3. JOOPPOOJ K says:

    Thats before the earth divided into countries or nations

  4. 北洋提督 says:

    I think there's no need to criticize the narrator's pronunciation of "Xia". It's close enough.

  5. 4 Fake says:

    I thought early Xia Dynasty was black???

  6. Why is the Xia dynasty considered mythological by so many scholars? Looking at all the information we have it seems pretty legitimate to me.

  7. 정경천 says:

    <R u all crazy? Those ancient gigantic Pyramids in the
    present northern, western & eastern China had been built by 東夷 or 東胡, meaning Eastern People called by
    old Chinese, who r ancient 朝鮮 or 神市倍達 or 桓國 Korean people when they ruled that part
    of the world!>


    Cuz those Chink government is a liar! They
    know that those ancient pyramids got nothing to do with them but with the
    ancient Korean people who ruled what is considered present Chinese
    main land based on those remnants inside all those pyramids & also
    according to many reliable official Chinese 25 historic chronicles!


    Frankly at then when those ancient Korean
    pyramids were being constructed in what is presently called as North China &
    Western China there were not even any China existed on the earth until very much


    U Chinese government please tell the world
    why u sealed up all those Pyramids as soon as u confirmed the nature of those
    ancient remnants inside of all those gigantic Pyramids all over China, &
    refuse to show them to the world!


    Let me explain u the fact with elegance
    & decency!


    Several decades ago, Chinese archeologists
    dug up & entered inside those pyramids & found many ancient remnants
    inside which r old-Korean type unlike their expectation! Immediately they
    sealed them up completely cuz they were afraid of the truth get revealed
    to the world!


    Then those Chinese government finally came
    out with a scheme called that North-eastern project in order to include any
    & everything they found inside the present Chinese territory r all
    Chinese even by them doing whatever necessary even by building fake Chinese
    walls over old Korean walls etc!


    Those old original pyramids got nothing to
    do with Chinese nor Turkish people unless u decide to claim those Shenbi 鮮卑 people who r old  朝鮮 Korean remnants r Turkish!
    However Shenbi people didn't exist or at least that prominent when those
    pyramids were constructed then but the mighty Josun Korean dynasty which
    existed from BC 7200 to BC 300 years with several different names of the
    dynasty along the way!


    Or perhaps even much longer like
    starting from BC 15,000 to 30, 000 years cuz we r still trying to set the
    distorted Korean history by lying & pillaging ancient Korean chronicles in
    several tens of thousands in number ignorant colonial Japanese savages right
    even by referring to many old historic chronicles around the world! Howsoever
    those remnants found inside those pyramids around Xian r exactly of old Korean


    Anyway those Shenbi people came out from
    the old Josun with several others which is old Korean when that Josun dynasty
    disintegrated around BC 3 century!


    According to many reliable Chinese &
    Korean historic chronicles, that ancient Korean Josun Empire was a federation
    of 12 nations with nine different racial groups!


    Perhaps it might be hard for u to believe
    considering the present divided state of the small weak Korea!


    But then any dynasty has up & down as
    time goes by just like it could be hard to believe in the existence of mighty
    Roman empire or Greek states by just looking at the present state of Italy
    & Greece!


    Korean history had been totally distorted
    by that brutal ignorant Japanese colonial government liar in order for
    them to rule proud Korean people easily in the beginning of the 20 th century
    by inducing maximum inferiority complex among Korean population, like Korean
    were born slaves of Chinese & Japanese from the beginning of their history all
    those Nip Japanese Chimp crap therefore it was proper for Korean to be ruled by
    those hilarious lowlife Nip Japanese crap, to make Japanese colonial government
    easy to rule as they thought! 


    Let me tell u what that among we Korean people
    everyone has family tree & sir name of very long history while most Nips
    & Chinese do not! Mine is at least 2,000 years old! If my ancestors & I
    were born slaves they & accordingly I should have no sir name nor family


    Those Nip Japanese sir names they presently
    have r relatively recently created as no more than just 2 centuries ago cuz at
    then that Nip ruler thought it was really barbaric & shameful then that
    most Nips had no sir name nor family tree against his will of claiming the so
    called nation of the rising sun crap supposedly be the most civilized nation on
    the earth! Hence he ordered all his ignorant Nip subject to invent some kind of
    sir name & family tree created based on their contemporary circumstances then
    thus led to the recent Nip Japanese creation of so called all kinds of Nip ape sir
    names which they consider ‘reel cool’ like ignorants!


    I’m wondering why Nips didn’t come up their
    created sir names like York, Tudor, Hapsburg or Hohenzollen etc instead of all
    those cheap lowlife Nip ape sir name crap! That proves that Nips don’t fit to


    Until then only Nip royalties had sir names
    & those sir names clearly prove that they r of Korean decent!


    That kind of created Nip Japanese sir name crap
    is absolutely flabbergasting to us Korean cuz no one should ever think about creating
    his own sir name nor family tree but get it from ur proud ancestors down as a
    long proud tradition! Only bastards produced from some illegal copulation between
    slaves & noble women or some rape incidents caused by some Nip rat thieves or
    perfect born slaves like those common Nip Japanese subject ever think about
    creating one for themselves in order to change their status like fraudulent criminals!


    In those very strict hierarchic society of ancient
    Korean nations, u r fucking dead if u r ever found of even thinking about doing
    those crap! Besides every Korean subject must carry hopae 號牌 7/24 all the time like present identification certificate made from
    woods or jades depend on ur status given by governing local offices! That hopae
    號牌 generally identifies ur name, ur origin, ur residence, ur parents, ur
    vocation, ur status as aristocrat or commoner or slave etc!


    If u never carry nor had that 號牌 like Nip Japanese means u r fucking lying slaves deserve to die in
    the most horrific way to show example around from the point of proud ancient
    Korean people cuz either u r a lying intruding Nip slave scumbag or criminal
    with bad intention thus destroying the social order by rebelling against the royal


    Hence it’s really hilarious & flabbergasting
    for ordinary Korean people as these lying Nip Japanese scumbags never having had
    any 號牌
    in their lives proving no prominence in their ancestral background
    ever jumping around over here & there creating all kinds of unimaginable lying
    craps against good upright & innocent Korean people with class!!!


    Anyway Recent Chinese government uphold
    those totally distorted & belittled Korean history created by silly
    lying Japanese colonial government cuz it only benefits Chinese government cuz
    the history of east Asia had been struggle between old Korean & Chinese


    They r not same people but people with
    totally different culture, language & origin even though it has been known
    that many Korean people ended up becoming Kings & Emperors of China along
    the history of China for instance like that Qin Xihuangti 秦始皇帝 who unified China & became their first emperor in the Chinese history,
    originated the name of China & built that original Chinese wall just below that
    present Beijing around BC 3 century ( not that Great wall u presently see above
    the present Beijing area which in reality is Ming dynasty Great wall built
    around AD 16th century! That’s why they r relatively square &
    clean!) to protect themselves from periodic attack of nomadic Korean stocks
    including both Huns in the north & Josun people in the east!


    That so called Chinese great wall
    supposedly connecting to the Manchuria & into the North Korea is all fake
    & recent Chinese Communist government creation by constructing over already
    existing ancient Korean walls in Manchuria & northern China in order for
    this lying Chinese government claim of the extremely rich & valuable natural
    resources in the North Korean territory in case anything ever happens to that
    North Korea like the disintegration of the regime! U see, Chinks r ideal brazen
    liars & they don’t deserve to exist on the face of the good earth!!!


    Also that Ming 明 dynasty founder & ruler in AD 14th century after
    expelling those Mongol regime completely out from China was a Korean 高麗 person & former monk! That’s why many of their 明 empresses, generals & officers were Korean people all along the
    way of that dynasty! 


    That’s why Lee sung-kye 李成桂 who set up the late Josun Kingdom in the Korean peninsula rather
    than like the ancient mighty Josun 朝鮮 Empire by even giving up those
    known Korean territory in Manchuria then was willing to become a vassal of that
    Korean Ming 明 dynasty ruler in China who made its capital Beijing
    rather than Xian in the west!


    Until then the capitals of ancient Chinese
    States like Qin 秦, Han 漢, Tang 唐, Sui 隋 etc had always been Xian 西安 or Loyang 洛陽 in Sumsusung 陝西省 in the inner China in the
    west while most Korean stock Barbarians dynasties like Korean Bun-Josun 番朝鮮, Korean Western-Buyeo 西夫餘 or 椽那部 夫餘, Kithay Liao 遼, Jurchen Jin 金, Mongol Wuan 元, Korean Ming 明, Manchu Ching 淸 etc made Beijing near the
    northeastern shore right next to their ancient Korean later homeland of Manchuria
    in the east as their capital in the Chinese history!!


    Even those Mao Che-tung’s 毛澤東 famous parujun 八路軍 army who completely ousted
    out Chang Kai-Shek’s 蔣介石 army from Chinese mainland to Taiwan in 1949 r composed
    mainly of Korean Chinese soldiers from Manchuria!


    Like I said, Chinese government still
    uphold the distorted Korean history even though all of the ancient official
    Chinese chronicles tell u totally different let alone those old Korean
    historic chronicles cuz these Chinese & Japanese historians r lying
    ignorant criminal scumbags!


    Just refer to those official Chinese historic
    chronicles if u want to know the very fact!

  8. aznscyth says:

    Descendants of the Dragon.

  9. forseige says:

    Thank you for posting this! I'm third generation Chinese American, but I have little-to-no resources to learn about Chinese history. There is a sort of language barrier I struggle with (I don't speak Mandarin/Cantonese very well). This is sort of my only way of understanding it.

  10. KK Wong says:

    黄帝-尧-舜-夏-商-周_______why begin 是0夏0?

  11. Five Roses says:




  12. God curse this nation japan for plagiarizing everything they claim to be their "tradition" and "heritage" from China while coming over to torture and massacre the Chinese in the most brutal ways. We never should have taught you the language writing system you now use, and let you borrow our original inventions of chopsticks, soy sauce, rice, tea, porcelain, paper making, noodles, dumplings, tea ceremony, our architectural styles you used in your gardens and shrines, etc. Curse you japan for brutally murdering and gang raping women, slicing open pregnant women's bellies, killing their fetus before thrusting your bayonets up their vaginas (evil perverted nation!), engaging in biological and chemical warfare, performing live human experimentation in Unit 731, having head chopping competitions, massively enslaving Asian women as sex slaves, and practicing cannibalism on captured American and Australian soldiers. Now with the help of the Americans who were bribed after the war with treasures stolen by the japanese from other Asian nations along with medical data gained from live human experimentation, the corrupt U.S. is helping you to paint an image of a "peace-loving" and cultivated nation. Your present prosperity is founded on all the looted treasures from other Asian countries and your present medical advancement is based on using the Chinese as guinea pigs without anesthesia. If it had not been for the U.S. being bribed, hirohito and your top war criminals would have been immediately executed. Now the offspring of these top war criminals spared of their lives are in power in japan changing history textbooks denying and distorting history with you japan continuously denying monetary compensations and sincere apologies to the survivors of sex slavery, biological and chemical warfare despite repeated civil lawsuits, while you annually play the "victim" of commemorating the atomic bombs. If it had not been for those two bombs, such atrocities would have continued.

    If anyone is interested, check out this playlist showing historical footage secretly recorded by foreigners and missionaries staying behind to protect the Chinese along with testimonies of survivors who are continuously denied compensations. If anyone still has any conscience, please boycott japanese products until its government knows how to face history without denying it and properly compensate the survivors whom they wait to die off so they don't have to pay anything.

    Japanese atrocities during WWII which the U.S. helps japan to downplay or even deny with the bribes it has accepted from japan after the war.



  13. Katherine G says:

    Poor narrating. She practically mispronounced every single important name. The presentation is so BS western point of view; consistently presenting everything with a slight negative connotation. "The scientists' mission was clear, to transform the legend into a reality." Why call them scientists when the whole thing was in their opinion, a propaganda. What is that, "Move, move, out of the way! Be careful! Take it easy there! Leave it to me. It's alright, don't worry." That had to be translated? Typical westerners. This would be the same mentality that would try and expand the relevance of Stonehenge like it's the birthplace of God.

  14. the first emperor of China is actually the Yellow Emperor, not Xia.

  15. matthew mann says:

    This Dynastic Period was a great start for 4000 years ahead and the other Dynasties that followed The Shang, Zhou, Tang, Hun, Han, Ming, and more not all I said are in order I know but I was saying the ones I am most familiar with China has a history that started in The Orient and has the most history compared to other parts of The Far East The Emperor's, Empresses, King's, Queen's, Princes, Princesses, and much more types of royalty and nobility to add. The total of Twenty Seven Dynasties I believe Silk, Silk Roads, Rice Patties, Rice Trades, The Yellow River, and much more.

  16. It's pronounced ''Shià" god dammit, but the thing about Chinese is… you got 4 types of tones which can also change the meaning of a word lol.

  17. 정경천 says:

    <1/5 The argument
    involving the origin of the Korean race: who r they based on the ancient
    history and where did they actually come from? N How?>


    There r several theories regarding the origin
    of Korean people based on ancient history & also genes especially in recent
    years. 1) the ancient Central Asian origin theory 2) the historic
    Liaosi-Manchurian (遼西-滿州) origin theory 3) the recent South Asian origin theory based on
    genes appeared among several Korean population claimed by some unknown South
    East Asian person/ but most likely by always belittling very jealous overly
    biased n hopelessly narrow viewed w/o any empathy whatsoever losing Bakka-Nip
    (Bakkayaro Nipponjin) Japanese liar idiot as this writer!


    That’s why it seems somewhat dangerous to
    study any human science in Japan due to the overly biased & narrow viewed
    typical Japanese characteristic: I personally presume such particular Japanese
    characteristic is a result of major Japanese racial complex ridden deep inside
    Japanese people!


    Perhaps that’s why they come out with all
    kinds of hilarious ancient Nip legend fantasy noble created concerning their
    ancient history & origin to camouflage their hidden racial complex while
    whatever the fact Korean people expose to the world concerning themselves &
    their Bakka-Nip distorted history these Bakka-Nip Japanese ignorant never
    hesitate to claim that they r all lies!


    Otherwise these crazy lying Bakka-Nip
    Japanese losers seem to think that they r not patriotic cuz these Bakka-Nip
    Japanese liars curse any good fair Japanese people agreeing to Korean view as 매국노 (賣國奴) which means traitor thus silencing them from agreeing to the truth
    thru inducing fear to them by perfectly imitating after those vile Nazis
    exactly like always imitating apes!


    Anyway howsoever concerning those losing
    Nip Japanese liars, my Western peers used to point out a fact that my nose is
    not Chinese type at all! In fact my nose is very prominent & sharper from
    the frontal view & exactly triangular in side silhouette view, in fact even
    much sharper than most Western people! I don’t know why & it’s not my fault
    cuz I was just born that way!


    Comparing to the perfect triangular type
    side silhouette view of my nose, Japanese type of nose seemed to be hawk beak
    type meaning protrusion in the middle of nose even though not as prominent as
    Semitic Middle Eastern people type nose!


    I’m not saying any of them is better than
    the other but just pointing out how they seemed to be different to each other in
    general, even though not all of them r like that at all cuz there seemed to be
    many exception! 


    Until then I had never paid any particular
    attention on my nose nor even on my appearance until  my Western peers started to point out that
    fact to me cuz I had no awareness in racial difference but let’s go out n have
    fun awareness until then!


    However the actual fact is that my appearance
    seemed to be pretty prominent from people of the HongKong in Canton (廣東) that they knew
    immediately that I’m a foreigner: the basic difference is that those people in
    the South East Asia n around the region generally seemed to have very slightly larger
    eyes & flatter nose while Korean people seemed have very slightly skinnier
    eyes & sharper nose even though they r not always true cuz, for instance, I
    don’t have skinny eyes!


    If u look into the history, the Canton (廣東) area in the
    old China had been considered as the state of 越, & Vietnam in the South (越南) meaning Southern 越 pronounced as Wienan
    in Chinese while pronounced as Vietam in Vietnamese!


    U have to know a historic fact that these Canton
    area used to be called Jinpyung 晉平郡 in the old time & they were one of 百濟 dynasty colony
    in China including Liaosi (遼西) in the north near present Peijing while Koguryo/ or Gokuryo (高句麗) had territory
    including Liaotung (遼東) area even though in prior their territories used to include 河南 河北 山東 遼東 遼西 while 百濟 had territories in China as 廣東 廣西 絶江 福建 山東 山西 遼西 competing
    against 高句麗/ or 高麗 in short from which Korea is known to the world thru active
    international trade then!


    All these fact r not my imagination but
    according to what is exactly written in many prominent & acknowledged
    Chinese chronicle!


    U might think it strange that just what r
    those ancient Korean people doing in those present Chinese territories! However
    it’s becuz they were just part of their ancestral homeland & they were
    trying their best to recover those homeland of their ancestors!


    At about 3 decades ago a Japanese lawyer
    announced what he discovered which was an ancient Korean historic chronicle
    called 桓檀考記 meaning the old chronicle of Han-Dan Empire cuz he thought the book
    explains about the ancient origin of Japan: generally Japanese people discredit
    almost everything Korean people say cuz they totally destroyed ancient Korean
    chronicles & also distorted ancient Korean history during the Japanese
    colonial era to induce maximum inferiority complex to their proud Korean
    subject otherwise they would get into the serious inferiority complex
    themselves if they find out & learn true mighty ancient Korean history
    & their ancient vast territory!


    Perhaps that’s why Nip Japanese tried to
    conquer all those territories in China & also in South East Asia during the
    Second World War which strangely matched with lost ancient Korean overseas’
    territories of both 百濟 & 高麗 cuz their ancestors of Japan originated from 百濟 Korea & subconsciously
    they thought they had all the right to conquer all those territories as their lost
    ancient territories of their old ancestor who was again 百濟 Korea cuz that
    empire was very prominent both in cavalry tradition as well as very active in maritime


    That 百濟 dynasty conquered the Japanese island & established
    that present Japanese royalty in Japan even though Japanese seemed to deny that
    fact by claiming that they r all Heaven descended legend fantasy crap,
    especially those anti-Korea right wing Japanese Nazi refuse! If u r in doubt about
    what I revealed then just refer the famous 七支刀 seven branched sword national
    treasure & inscription on it in Japan, given by 百濟 皇帝 Backje Emperor to 倭王 Japanese King vassal in
    Japan as a most trusted loyal subject!


    The inscription in that 七支刀 seven branched
    sword orders 展示後世 meaning ‘display this sword for the all Japanese generations to


    If any Japanese, especially well educated
    Japanese lawyer trust the authenticity of that Korean chronicle called 한단고기
    (桓檀考記) meaning
    Han-dan ancient chronicle then u should trust what’s written in it cuz that
    book provides all the valuable information regarding both old Japan as well as
    the much older ancient mighty Korean history nobody ever thought ever even
    existed cuz millions of many valuable ancient Korean chronicles had been
    purposely burnt & destroyed by both Japanese savages during the Nip
    colonial era in the early 20 th century!


    And the other one was by those Korean
    military coup revel traitors who established that later 朝鮮 Joseon dynasty
    found in 1392! They totally burned & destroyed all those ancient Korean
    chronicles glorifying the mighty conquest activity of those ancient Korean
    ancestors perhaps due to the hatred against ordinary Korean people for not
    accepting them as their legitimate ruler but also to be commended by those Ming
    Chinese Imperialty for the destruction of any chronicle revealing the old
    ancient glory of those mighty ancient Korean dynasties ruling over Chinese in those
    Chinese mainland for so long in order for them to be legitimized of their un-legitimate
    military Coup government by those Ming Chinese as a last resort cuz they were confronting
    serious hostility from ordinary Korean people in Korea for having overthrown
    prior 高麗 dynasty court & massacred almost all of their Imperialty if not all
    with soldiers the 高麗 emperor trustingly left in charge under him for the order to go
    help & destroy the newly rising Chinese Ming revel against Mongol court
    with Mongols with which in fact this rat turned the other way around to revolt
    against his own trusting 高麗 帝國 Koryo dynasty emperor!


    Since then the Kingdom, yes kingdom instead
    of Empire cuz this lackey of Ming 明 China voluntarily called himself King instead of
    Emperor & his state Kingdom instead of Empire to please Ming Chinese ruler who
    is the only one supporting his rule over that Korean state anyway he could otherwise
    he knew that he could meet serious opposition within & be dead by those
    angry Korean subject!


    Perhaps that un-proud shameful Karma lead
    the fate of that state to an eventual wretched colony to Japan for the first
    time in their most long history: Korean have never been a conquered colonial subject
    to any country in its’ very long history, especially never to Japan to which even
    ordinary Korean had regarded as worthless rat then only knowing how to wield
    sword to rob, steal, plunder, rape & run away like hell like common
    criminal refuse all along the history cuz they thought anyone can do that if
    they have sharp swords & learn how to wield them w/o any regard to their family
    honour & well-being until American Navy under commodore Perry came to Japan
    with his Black ships fleet in the middle of 19th century &
    totally changed the fate of Nip Japanese by forcefully westernizing that feudal

  18. What I like about China is the way they preserve history and culture. Being proud of their culture they keep it. We Europeans import our new culture from America: television, literature, fashion, music, films, etc. An European identity is being lost, because young ones don't really care for the old ways…

  19. 齴虤 says:

    It is Xia, monotone, not Sea-Ah.

  20. 齴虤 says:


  21. The Xia dynasty is not pronounced "See-ya." It's pronounced "Sya." Actually there is a very subtle "h" sound before the "S" sound. So it's more like h-Sya.

  22. Hae Kim says:

    Seeds is pronounced as xi/ see in pure Korean word. It means seeds in an English. It implies they are farming culture .

  23. Levis. H says:

    and shitty God couldn't come to the Chinese that already were full with science, astronomy, medicine and power but came with his BULLSHIT religion to fucking desert Middle East goat fuckers and invented Jews, Christians and Muslims :)))

    also why didn't he gave his stupid religion directly to Greeks, Romans or Egyptians that already were powerful Empires?
    I'm telling you man, the shitty Jewish, Christianity and Islam are made up BULLSHIT.
    shame tbh

  24. Goreuncle says:

    25:54 Such a delicate way of saying "they shoved a cow horn up her cunt".
    Well, at least we know that cruelty and sadism are as old as humanity itself.

  25. CWT91 says:

    I am Singaporean with Chinese descent and I am so keen to explore Chinese history & connect with my Chinese roots.
    The ancient world is such a fascinating world!

    I travelled a lot and explored the Silk Road, travelling to Central Asia and it was inspiring. You can check out my Instagram (travellingchoo) for photos!

  26. Xiao Liu says:

    Before Xia, the legent or history tell it was Yu (虞 )Dynasty. Yu(禹) the Great was made as the leader by the former leader Sun(舜), for he finishing the Flood. The son of Yu(禹) broke the traditions of elections, made the later leader coming from his own family

  27. Emily says:

    Wow this is my last name but I never knew the history behind it. Its interesting to know that it was a dynasty.

  28. I'm not Chinese or any type of Asian but I've always loved their culture, music, food etc.

  29. NORA says:

    I watched a lot of historical Korean dramas…so I'm basically an expert on Chinese history

  30. I'm a muslim and i love chinese history<3

  31. Blaze Lee says:

    The Xia culture more credibility than Ancient Greek culture

  32. Mr. E says:

    The song at 12:05 is amazing, anyone know it?

  33. The cummunist Par&ty is not good to its Han people at all

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