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5 Responses

  1. Dn Enky says:

    2017 ??? GTFO!!

  2. WharfRat0A54 says:

    Click-bait! Not 2017. Fuck this channel.

  3. >>> MEMO <<<

    From: InterGalatic Command Centre, High Command
    To: All Craft Commanders visiting planet Earth

    RE: Leaving glowing trace evidence when emptying on-board septic tanks. Please disengage craft's primary propulsion field before doing so.

    PS– Enough with the "We're not in Kansas anymore" comments. It wasn't funny the first time.

  4. Larry Monske says:

    what evidence 28 countries and 3 million Ufologists all have one thing in common, no evidence; for everyone who believes in UFOs. The reality all stars are too far and deep space radiation kills all earth type life why not aliens. What did they eat for thousands of centuries of space travel and come here why? We are so very far from any star.